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Sunday, January 22, 2023

Episode 45: Witch of Regret - part 2


A place of hell where those who belong to the devil are melted without any chances to show their power at all.

Another hell was unfolding at another Demon King's garrison, which is not far from that place.


There is a huge magic square on the ground at that place.

It is red and black, and it was constantly emitting light, and it seemed that magical power was being supplied from the huge crystal-shaped items that were regularly arranged around it.

Is it as big as a city square?

The equipment and technique are completely different from those in this world,

However, it is clear that it is not used for a good purpose because of the rich scent of death that flying around it.


The monsters and demons in that place are stronger than the previous point of defense,

At first glance it seemed that this place was an important facility for the Demon King's army.

The area was in an even stranger situation than the previous defensive area which had been destroyed by the plague.









It was silent.

All kinds of demons and demons were quietly standing on the spot, staring ahead with empty eyes.


"Ahahahahaha !! Ahahaha! Ahahahaha !!!"


A little girl is dancing and running around the monsters.

A dark elf little girl with a mysterious magic circle in one of her eye, Mearia Elfur.

Formerly the little girl's expression showed no emotion so no one could tell what she was thinking, now she is laughing and dancing with madness in her eyes.

In a place where silence dominated, the little girl looked very prominent like a burning light on a dark night, but the demons didn't take any action even if they saw it.


The little girl dances happily as she spins around.

One person turned his eyes to the little girl.

That person is Old Mechanic. The Shitennous of the earth who manipulated numerous Karakuri weapons and responsible for the building construction in the Demon King's army. He is glaring at the little girl with hatred eyes.


= Message =============

Old Mechanic has forgotten how to attack!



He don't even know what happened.

The construction of the magic square was going well.

The facility has already reached 90% completion. Once its completed he can bring it to a standby state by conducting a start-up experiment.


 He was satisfied with the result, but something happen when he gave instructions to the rock knights that work under him.

 The demons that had been working busily a moment ago suddenly stopped moving and stunned, as if they had forgotten their work.


"The world hates us! Because it hate us!"


The little girl appeared from that time.

They understand that she is not one of them.

They understand that she's an existence that needs to be eliminated.

There is no law of war in Demon King Army,

No one will blames them for killing an enemy.

But ... they just couldn't remember how to do it.

(Maybe we are under attack.We needdefense. But ... I can't see the attack form!)


Old Mechanic was one of Shitennou's so naturally he had immunity to various mental spells.

He was not only immune to basic spells like sleep and confusion, but also special spells like illusion and anger.

 But the attack that hit them now is none of them.

 He doesn’t know what the enemy's attacks are.

 But he can't just stand there stunned.

 Because .......


"The world hates us, that's why we need love!


…… The little girl opened her little mouth wide and looked like she was chewing something.

A moment later ... Suddenly the Demon who was near the little girl had it upper body lost as if it was consumed by the void and disappeared.

The demons disappeared as if they were food served into the little girl's stomach.


"We live. Eat, eat, eat, and live with those we love!"


 The number of demons is decreasing rapidly.

Old Mechanic tries to find some way to stop her, but he can't remember how, as if his memory is missing.

 He can't run away, also there is not have enough time to call for help.......

 The demons and demons under his control are unreliable. He have no choice but to do a measureto take care of it. 

But ...... that measure is already taken away.


"I hear! Everyone is whispering to me. the piece of meat! the drop of blood! They all whispering to me to live! There is everyone inside me! Mom also there! I'm not lonely anymore! I'm not scared anymore!"


Nom nom, another demon disappeared into the void.



"Thank you everyone! Thank you mom! I'm happy! I'm very happy!"


Nom nom. As if she was picking a candy, another monster lost only his head.


"The moon is shining! Because the world is so cruel, that's why love exists!"


All emotions arise only by acknowledging their existence.

There is no form, it is a concept that arises when a wise person defines the mind.

But what does the contradiction inside the little girlwho advocates the existence of love but is surrounded by oblivion mean?

Old Mechanic, who has already forgotten his clear thinking ability, has no time to think about it.

All thoughts were about to be lost from him.

However, what if he didn't have to think about getting rid of the enemy? What if that means appear in Old Mechanic mind?


(Emergency situation .-- There is no choice but to switch the Karakuri armor to automatic combat)


A small clicking sound was heard, and something inside the old mechanic is changes.


The Earth Shitennou, Old Mechanic is fusion of a small old man's and a machine that blows steam.

This machine is like an external skeleton. It has a built-in machine that uses magical power, and can automatically attack enemies if it is set.

While focus on support and recovery magic, he can leave the attack to his Karakuri armor. This is Old Mechanic deathly fighting style.

Even if Old Mechanic himself can't move, Karakuri armor will easily eliminate the little girl in front of him with it overflowing strength.

Switching settings is not an attack. No one knows what would happen. A jarring driving sound was heard and the giant arm of Karakuri armor is attacking the little girl.




= Message =============

Karakuri armor forgot how to work



However, Old Mechanic's expectations are crumble.

Karakuri armor fell apart and disappeared as if it had forgotten itself.

For the first time here, Old Mechanic learns that the invisible attack that the little girl unleashed is not only affecting the living beings.


(Maximum risk. Even if I have to sacifice my life, I will stop her here. Demon King, please forgive me--activate the Magic square)




= Message =============

The magic square forgot to operate



He was trying to make the magical power lost control and cause a huge explosion, but even the magic square forgets how to do that.

It ends without any explanation or sign.

All Old Mechanic strategies were incapacitated with just one word from the little girl mouth.

Its just quickly putting end to it.


It is unknown what the magic square was for.

From the beginning the little girl didn't know anything about it, and Old Mechanic has already forgotten it as well.

However, no matter how much he think about it, there is no point.

Because the magic square has already forgotten its role,

Because it has stopped functioning.

His eyes meet the girl eyes.


"You ... Do you believe in love? Love is real."


= Message =============

Old Mechanic has forgotten.



= Message =============

Old Mechanic forgot about speed.



= Message =============

Old Mechanic forgot about courage.



Immediately, a tremendous sense of emptiness strikes Old Mechanic heart.

His spirit is lost as if it is eaten by something.

He has already forgotten to run away or to fight.

Old mechanic can only express the emotions that he is allowed to do.


“Hii, Hiii!.........”


That man is one of the Shitennous and made of machines thathave no emotionlike the Karakuri weapons he had created. The first emotion the man showed was fear.

His knees trembled and a pathetic voice leaked from his mouth.

He no longer looks like a Shitennou who once terrorized the world by destroyed many humans and nations.


The little girl eyes shineswhen seeing his condition.


"Are you scared? Are you scared? Hey, are you scared!? Ahaha! He scared! He scared!"


The little girl runs, grabs his head with both hands and stares at his eyes.

As if she could smells his fear, her appearance was very terrifying.

Finally, Old Mechanic threw away his pride and screamed pathetically.


"Uh, uwaaaa!! Demon King! Please help me Demon King!"


No, his pride was already lost.


"It's okay. If you're scared, you can forget about it."


= Message =============

Old Mechanic has forgotten fear.



= Message =============

Ord Mechanic has forgotten the Demon King existence.



= Message =============

Old Mechanic has forgotten who he was



He was startled and trembled for a moment then the Old Mechanic stood there stunned still.

His eyes resembled those of his underlings who had been halved in number and it seemed that he had completely forgotten about his own existence.

The little girl, Mearia looked at Old Mechanic with pitying eyes.


"Let's forget. Forget everything.The pain, the joy, the world, everything ... I'll erase everything for you."


"Ah, eeto... are? eh?"


"Because by doing that the only thing will left is love."


There is nothing left inside Old Mechanic.

If spirituality shapes a person's identity, then his one are lost.

All that is left there is the shells.


However, his heart was filled with a mysterious warm feeling.

Maybe the only thing he can remember is love.


However, he didn't know...

The Old Mechanic, one of Shitennous, had even forgotten that he is still alive.


= Eterpedia ============


[Witch of Regret, Mearia Elfur] Combat Unit


Combat power: 25 Movement power: 2

Predation》《Idiot infection

Evil》《Hero (Fake)》《Brave (Fake)》《Fanaticism

* The higher the moon, the more madness and fighting ability.

Its power is maximized on a full moon day.


The moon is shining beautifully.


 ◇   ◇  ◇


The Brave Quests monsters have lost their command and are in the midst of destruction.

It was only natural because Shitennou who controlled them and all the high-ranking demons that accompanied them had been destroyed.

All that was left was a group of monsters that would do whatever they wanted if they didn't take any orders.

After this incident, they were no different from wild animals only slightly stronger.


 But of course. There is one last person left.

 It's those little girls goal, the final destination they have reached after emotionally killing everything in their way.


 Under the moon in the night sky, the two will soon face it.

 The moon is shining beautifully.


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