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Thursday, January 5, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep5 Greeting everyone

"Hii!? Ni, Nii-chan!


"It's okay, it's okay! They're just asleep, and the girls behind you are on my side!"


The fairy maids slowly laid the girls on the floor.

Yume was frightened because her friends had suddenly collapsed, and she clung to me.

I calm her down and tell her that Mei and the others are on my side.

Once again, Mei and the fairy maids kneel down and greet her.


"Yume-sama, please forgive me for my earlier impoliteness. I am one of Raito-sama's retainers, SUR - Mei the Seeker Maid, Level 9999. From now on, I'm at your service."


The fairy maids followed Mei's lead and knelt down and bowed their heads.

The suddenness of the situation makes Yume confused as she hugs me.


"Ni, Nii-chan. Retainer? Sama? What does level 9999 mean? ...... Are? If I look closely, you have not changed either."


Remembering the past, my voice tone downs.

I sense that Yume is confused because I haven't changed in three years and hurriedly put on a smile to calm her down.


"Let's move to a place where we can relax so we can talk in detail."


"But, but Yume come here as the princess's maid, so I can't move around without permission. The head maid will get angry..."


"Don't worry. You don't need to worry about that."


"A lot of things have happened since I left the village... A lot of things."


I take out a card from my pocket.


"Yume, take this."


"Oh, okay."


Yume takes the card from me.


"Can you hold that card and say 'release'?"


"Ri, riri-su?"


In response to her voice sound, the card releases its power.

The next thing she knows, another Yume is standing right in front of her.

When she sees the other Yume, she holds me with a frightened expression.


"Ni, Nii-chan!?"


"Don't worry, that Yume is just another Yume created with a magic item. It's not an enemy."


"Yes, she is another Yume, created by UR- the Second Shadow. Please give her instructions."


UR- the Second Shadow is a body double that appears exactly like the user.

The clothes it wears are reproduced. Its speech, behavior, and habits are indistinguishable from the user's.


Even when I am on the surface world, I still draw cards from Infinite Gacha in Naraku. All thanks to the power of this UR-the Second Shadow.

The Second Shadow not only makes a body double that looks like the user but also mimics the skills, though less powerful.

So when the UR- the Second Shadow came out, I used the card to create another me and kept hitting Infinite Gacha.


"If you leave everything to the Double Yume, who has the same behavior and habits, you won't have to worry about her being caught as an imposter. So, Yume, tell her to 'I'll leave the rest to you.'"


"Oh, okay. I, I'll leave the rest to you."


"Understood. I'll work under them as Yume."


The second shadow (fake Yume) nods in response to Yume's instructions.

I look at Mei and give instructions to her.


"Mei, take care of the rest."




What I mean by 'take care of the rest' is not to dispose of the sleeping maids.

We're just going to manipulate their memories with SR-Hypnosis, just like we did with Miya.

I just want them to forget the scene where I met and reunited with Yume.


I take out the SSR-Transfer card and hold Yume's shoulders.


"Okay, Yume, we're transferring. Stay close to me, okay?


"Oh, okay. I understand."


Despite her confusion, she obediently listens to my words and hugs me tightly.

I use the card as I imagine Naraku.


"SSR-transfer, release."


Our view changes in an instant.

Mei and the others kept their heads down until we disappears.


We safely transferred to Naraku training grounds.

My friends had gathered at the training center to get a glimpse of my sister, Yume.

I felt sorry for those who were a bit too monstrous, but I asked them to refrain from coming along so as not to scare Yume.

Therefore, most of the people gathered at the training center were humanoid races.


Yume froze in surprise at the sight in front of her - the presence of my friends gathered there.

Aoyuki and Nazuna approached her as representatives.




"Welcome home, my Lord! Is that girl my Lord's sister?"


"Yes, that's right. Yume, this nekomimi is Aoyuki, and this silver-haired girl is Nazuna.

They're both my dear friends, so be sure to greet them properly, okay?"


"I, I'm his sister. My name is Yume. Hello."


Yume greeted Aoyuki and Nazuna with a shy smile.


Aoyuki mews and rubs her body against Yume's.


Aoyuki is older than Yume in appearance, but she likes her.


"Wow, you're so cute. You look like a real cat."


When Yume strokes Aoyuki under the chin and cheek, she doesn't resist but leans back.

This is quite a rare sight since she doesn't like it when other people try to touch her.


"If you're my Lord's sister, then you're also my Lord! If you need anything, don't hesitate to order me around!


"Yes, thank you. Nazuna Onee-chan."


"Na, Nazuna Onee-chan... Muuu, Nazuna Onee-chan...!"


Nazuna's chewy cheeks smile as she thinks about Yume's words, 'Nazuna Onee-chan'.

She's older than Yume in appearance, so it's not surprising that Yume calls Nazuna 'Onee-chan'.

Nazuna has never been called 'Onee-chan' before, so she is pleased about it.

She talks to Yume with her big eyes sparkling.


"Imouto-sama (Dear sister)! Don't hesitate to ask me anything! You can ask Nazuna Onee-chan anything you want!"


"Oh, okay."


Yume nodded with a smile while being pressured by the high-spirited Nazuna.

The other fairy maids, Gold, Nemumu, Mera, Suzu, and others, wanted to greet her, but if I let them all greet her, there wouldn't be enough time, and Yume would be exhausted.


I call out to everyone.


"You all can greet her later. First, let Yume rest in her room. Ice heat, show her the way."


"Yes, my Lord. I am UR, Ice Heat the Grappler of Flame Heat and Freeze, Level 7777, my Lord's faithful servant. Imouto-sama, nice to meet you. Please allow me to guide you to your room."


"Ye, yes, thank you."


Yume is not used to being served. She is confused, but she still thanks Ice Heat properly.

I used to be like this. I smile a little, take Yume's hand, and follow Ice Heat's lead.

The destination is the room prepared for Yume.


For the time being, we move here once to calm down and talk about everything.


In this way, I was reunited with Yume and successfully brought her to the safest place in this world (Naraku).


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