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Friday, January 13, 2023

Aisanai to iwaremashitemo C1: A kind human being who gave me food

 "I will never love you."


In a room with a bed so large, it makes people wonder what it's used for and a set of furniture that was probably made by famous craftsmen. The man who has become my lord husband today said those words with a serious expression.


I don't really understand, so I wait for his next words.


"Do you understand ......?"


It seems like there are no next words. So I guess I can ask a question.


"What exactly does that mean?"




The man is Gerald Noel Drewette, who has become my lord husband. He lowered his voice and frowned. But this is a matter of life and death for me, so I need to confirm something.


"... I want food."




"Can't I eat?"


Oh my God! It's really a matter of life and death!


"What are you talking about? I have no intention to let you starving."


"You'll give me food."


"Of course."


"Thank you!"


I clenched my fists. Abigail did it. No more sneaking into the kitchen. The chefs at my birthplace (Count Longhurst's Mansion) pretended not to see me, but eating in hiding was uncomfortable.


My stepmother and stepsisters cruelly forced me to live in hunger. Where did they learn that humans would not die even if they did not eat for two days?

But from today, I will part with such a life. Even though I won't be full, I definitely won't starve to the point of feeling nauseous.

It is decided, I must work hard as a wife to ensure he doesn't change his mind. I straighten my back and look straight into my lord husband's eyes. Ah, the blue eyes flickering and changing shades. This is a sign that he has high magical power.


"What should I do?"


"What do you mean?"


"I learned that a wife should let her husband do everything on their wedding night, but I feel bad to let you do everything... Ara."


"Wait, wait, wait, no need to take off your clothes."


The gown top slid open when I untied the ribbon around my thin nightgown's collar. Since the maids dressed me so quickly, I did not notice that it was very easy to take off.


My lord husband looks surprised and covers me with the gown that fell on the sofa.


"Didn't you hear me? I told you I won't love you."


"Eh, does it has something to do with this?"


"... Unbelievable."


The wrinkles between his eyebrows grew deeper, and then he left the room.

……Does that mean I can sleep here?




My lord husband is the second son of Marquis Drewett, and he works in the military. The warm and fluffy futon was very comfortable. When I woke up from sleep, he had already left for work. I think I should have seen him off. Because when I woke up, the head maid was in my room, and her face looked sad..... Maybe I shouldn't have slept in this room? But perhaps I shouldn't say anything that might upset them, so I'll keep quiet.

Because the bed is so warm, comfortable, and clean. If possible, I want to sleep here again.


"...... Milady, does it suit your taste?"


My lord husband is the second son of a marquis. Still, he has also been awarded the title of Viscount for his military service. He’s known as Viscount Noel. I heard he is honored for his achievement in a war years ago. So this mansion belongs to my lord husband, which makes me both the wife and the proprietress. Well, I don't really care about that. I stared at my breakfast plate.



There was something in the fluffy omelet. Cheese and something. Probably chopped vegetables.

The bread was crispy and warm on the surface. The inside was moist and fluffy.

The sausage was soaked in fat from the skin. I can feel the juices flowing out when I bite into the sausage!

Even the soup is golden and clear, with a variety of flavors that are hard to describe.

The sparkling fruits are colorful and look shinier than my stepmother's favorite jewelry. Although I haven't eaten that yet.


I still want to eat. I want to try some fruit. But I can't eat anymore. My stomach is already in pain. I have eaten a bite of everything, but I'm already full. Even though I still want to eat.


"It's very delicious. I'm going to eat the rest for lunch."


The head maid looks sad. I know the leftovers will be given to the servants so they won't be wasted. But that's not what I want. I still want to eat them. It's against my will. My little stomach! This little stomach is so pathetic!


" I am glad you liked it. I’ll save the rest for lunch (Eh!?)."


The head maid blinked once or twice at my muffled voice. The rest for lunch? Can I eat lunch too? Doesn't that mean I won't be hungry? Right?


"Oh dear God... A warm and delicious meal for lunch... I thank you for this blessing......"




The head maid looks like she wants to say something but is afraid to say it. She gives me food, so I think she is a kind person.


In my previous life, before I was born as Abigail Longhurst. When I was a demon king, people who gave me food were also kind to me.


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