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Thursday, January 5, 2023

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep4 A touching reunion

Im, impossible! Using a long-distance transfer item for transportation? How much money does the Witch of the Giant Tower have in her pocket?)


The scenery instantly changed from the garden of the Human Royal Castle to the whitest hall they had ever seen.

Only long-distance transfer items can do this.


Long-distance transfer item is a magic item rarely found in dungeons and ruins. They are usually kept by the Royal Family, nobles, high-level adventurers, and wealthy merchants to ensure their safety and escape from the place in case of emergency.

It's against common sense to use such a rare item for transportation.


It is normal for the First Prince of the Human Kingdom to be astonished.

On the contrary, Princess Lilith smiles excitedly and says, "The power of the Witch of the Giant Tower is real!"

The two siblings have different expressions on their faces.


Without paying any attention to their reactions, Mei invites them to move forward.


“This is the inside of  the 1st floor of the Giant Tower. The audience room is on the 3rd floor. This way, please."


The 1st floor of the Giant Tower is regularly lined with big pillars that look like 1000-year-old trees.

After the battle with the White Knights, it was decided that the humans would build a living space around the Giant Tower. The interior was remodeled to welcome guests.

Before the battle with the White Knights, all the floors were not physically connected. Now there are stairs to go up and down each floor.


Raito and the others quickly use their transfer cards to get to the 4th floor since it is too much trouble to go up the stairs.


For this day, they had created an audience room and a waiting room for their followers on the third floor.

Since this tower was created using a combination of Elly's magic and the Infinity Gacha card, it wasn't difficult to remodel the interior.


"This is the audience room. Only the First Prince of the Human Kingdom Claw-sama and the First Princess Lilith-sama may enter. The Witch of the Giant Tower, who is also the Master of the Giant Tower, is waiting for you inside. We will show you the way. The knights and attendants will have to wait in another room."


"...... Thank you for your concern. Then, everyone, please wait until we call you."


Claw, who was fascinated by the fairy maids, regained his consciousness when Mei spoke and instructed his men.

Lilith also thanked her, and their minds turned to the Witch of the Giant Tower inside the audience room.


Mei gives a sign to their followers in a natural manner.


"Everyone, please come this way."


The ten followers of the First Prince and the First Princess left them.

They proceed through the corridor, turn a corner and find the waiting rooms for the servants.

There are 2 doors, and 2 beautiful fairy maids are waiting in front of each door.


"This is the waiting room for men. And that is the waiting room for women."


"Wait a minute."


A female knight who came to escort Lilith raises her hand.


"Why separate the men's and women's rooms? I don't think there's any point in separating them.”


"We thought it would be difficult to have a good rest when the opposite sex is around, so we made these arrangements. There is no other reason for this.”


When Mei raises her hand lightly, the fairy maids open the door.


"Please, take a break until the meeting with the Witch of the Giant Tower is over. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to let me know."




This is not the right time to ask for the same waiting room for men and women.

The request could be misinterpreted as, "We don't trust you and are worried about our safety."

There is no way they can win against an opponent who can control a dragon and easily use a long-distance transfer item.

That's why she thinks men and women should stay together.


The male and female knights talk to each other with their eyes and walk into the room.

They are here as the royal family's guards.

They are all skilled and smart.

"If anything happens, let's make a commotion and work together to get out of here," was the message they conveyed to each other.


The women are also invited to the next room.

The female Knight takes the lead to enter the room. Just to be safe, she is on guard against surprise attacks.




There are tables and sofas. There are no windows, but houseplants, paintings, and vases are elegantly arranged. On the table are fruits and sweets arranged like an artwork they have never seen before.

Rather than a waiting room for the servants, it is more like a reception room for the royal family or the nobles.


( Looks like there's no place for people or monsters to hide, and nothing suspicious...... )


The female Knight briefly checked the room.

Selected as Lilith's escort, she is as strong as the male Knight.

Lilith often goes out of the castle to prepare meals for the poor.

As usual, the female Knight leads the way to check if there's any danger.

Considering safety, the female Knight always advises the First Princess not to visit the slums. Still, the female Knight likes Lilith's sense of justice.


Therefore, checking the level of danger in a new place is a familiar task for her.

After confirming that there's no hiding place, she makes a hand sign. The maids walk into the room.


Mei also walks into the room and closes the door.




Just after the door closes, she notices something strange.

Before she knows it, a boy is standing at the back of the room!


(Impossible! It doesn't make sense! There is no place to hide! First of all, it's impossible to miss him when he's standing in such an open place! But how?!)


The female Knight is surprised. She reaches for her sword and takes a position where she can immediately protect the maids.


"Who are you? Identify yourself!"


The boy standing at the back of the room does not react to the female Knight's words.

He has black hair and a beautiful face that can be mistaken as a girl. His outfit is also made of high-quality fabric.

His eyes are not focused on the female knights but on the maids.


To be precise, his eyes are focused on the youngest maid in their group—Yume. The boy's big eyes glazed over, and he let out a husky voice.


"Yume...... You're safe ......."


"Ni ... Ni-chan?"






Yume runs past the female Knight.

The female Knight and the maids are too confused to react.

The black-haired boy also runs to her, tears spilling down his face.


The two hug each other and cry.


“Thank God! Thank God you're safe!


“Nii-chan! Nii-chan! Nii-chan! Yume also miss you so much!”


Suddenly, an emotional reunion began right before their eyes.


However, the female Knight and the maids could not appreciate the emotional scene until the end.


"Uh, this-- !?"




The female Knight looks behind her.

At that moment, the last thing she sees is Mei using 'SR-Sleep'.



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