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Friday, December 30, 2022

Episode 45: Witch of Regret - part 1


The outside of the Daijukai, in the wilderness that leads south.

The territory occupied by the Demon King Army troops led by Lady Wind one of the Shitennou. A little girl appears there.

The little girl has burn-like scars on one side of her body, and she is dressed as if she purposely wanted to exposed the scar.

Her expression looks depressed but something like a magic square floats in one of her eyes.

Above all, the dense evil aura that she wears clearly tells that she is not ordinary girl.


Although the area was lit by moonlight, it was already midnight.

A little girl suddenly appeared at that place like a ghost. The Shitennou Lady Wind, who were the defending that area, were startled as she saw her terrifying expression.

The Wind Shitennou, Lady Wind.

She is the only woman in the Shitennous, dressed in light green dancer costume and having pale skin. However, of course, she has a intelectuality that sets her apart from ordinary monsters.

Therefore, quickly she instruct her monsters to surround the little girl.


The little girl's name is Cearia Elfur.


"Well well! It's no good young lady! This is the Demon King's defense area,

Did you know that this is place is ruled by the Wind Shitennou, Lady Wind?"


No answer.

No, it seemed like she was speaking to herself, but it was unclear what she was saying because of the distance between them.

While wondering Lady Wind looks at her, then she calmly come in front of Cearia.

The monsters under her control are ready to fight,

Their siege webs didn't even leave room for a mouse to escape.

The demons are an elite group that is summoned to advance their world domination.

In addition, she is one of the Shitennous, Lady Wind.

Her absolute confidence and her sense of superiority as a strong being over other vulnerable creatures had erased any sense of danger or caution from her mind.


"Hmm ... I don't know where you came from, are you from the human city?

Oh, it's so brave of you to come alone."


"Why do the Cearia have to meet this kind of things? Why do all these terrible things happen?"

Why is the world so painful?"


There was no reply, and the words that were muttered instead were regret and hatred.

She don't know what happened in her life. However, Ladywind speculates that they are probably in mourning situation, perhaps because of the sacrifice offered to them.


"What are you talking about? Did someone forcibly bring you here? Oh! Oh! That's a poor young lady! I feel sorry for you, after I bully you then I’ll kill you!"


Did she react to those words, or was she just disturbed by the volume of Lady Wind voice?

The little girl --the Cearia slowly raised her head and stared at Lady Wind's face. The expression on her face as if she was just notice that she is in the middle of the demon king's army.


"You ... you have a very dashing face.A face that is confident in her power.It's the face of a strong being who doesn't doubt herself."


Lady Wind finally realized that her opponent couldn't communicate properly. The only thing that flashed in her eyes was madness.

And, at the same time he had to be very alert when facing his opponent.


"... Be wary. Something is wrong with that little girl."


Lady Wind take out the armed whip and get ready for battle.

At the same time, the demons under her control raise a threatening voice.

It is a fact that they have underestimated this little girl. 

Their opponent is only one little girl. 

What can she do in this place filled with countless monsters?

Lady Wind remembers the uncomfortable feeling she had earlier. She feels irritated, and her facial expression changes.


"It aching. The flaws on my face ... I want to scream to my self that believed that everything will be fine."


The little girl's monologue continues.

However, what is different from the previous one is that she slowly move toward the Lady Wind.

Lady Wind couldn't stand watching her attitude. As if her feelings of fear and tension had disappeared somewhere, she shouted unintentionally.


"You're a noisy child! Could you close your mouth for a second? Kill her!"


At the same time as Lady Wind's command, the monsters overrun Cearia ...

The reason lady wind didn't do anything was because her instinct warn her to stay alert.

The other party strength is still unknown.


In terms of fighting strength she is the lowest in the Shitennous. Therefore this is one her own way to survive.

The demons attacked simultaneously in the number allowed by the system. The shadow of the little girl's body disappeared, covered by monsters.

The next moment, the sound of slamming and broken bones ecchoed ...Lady Wind was sure of victory.


"Oh, mom. I'm sorry mom. Because I was helpless, because I had hope again ..."


But ... the monologue of the crazy little girl was still heard in Lady Wind's ears.


"Wha, what the hell was that ..."


Lady Wind, who saw the scene, unintentionally she leaked a startling voice.

The little girl's body was ... certainly hurt by the attack of the demon.

The gir was attacked…… by their claws, fangs, weapons such as clubs and spears. She is bleeding, red bloods are from all over her body.

But on contrary, the monsters that were attacking her are rotten.

Orcs, goblins, hill giants, even the high rank demons...

Many lumps appeared on their bodies as if they had contracted some kind of terrible plague.

Liquids which were a mixture of mud, blood and pus spilled onto the ground.

Finally, an unpleasant odor can be smelled along with those demons painfull cry.

In the blink of an eye, those poor underlings collapsed and turned into gold coins.


"I knew that if I depend on someone in this world ... Something bad would happen.I knew it wouldn't work if I wish for it.The world doesn't like Cearia.The world hates Cearia..."


The little girl just keep talking about her regret.

It seemed that nothing is reflected in her eyes anymore, but the words seemed to be directed at herself and someone who was not here.

Then she noticed... all the little girl's wounds were closed.


The little girl just keep speaking about her regret.

It seemed that nothing is reflected in her eyes anymore, but the words seemed to be directed at herself and someone who was not here.

Then she noticed... all the little girl's wounds were closed.


(What happened !? The monster was killed !? Damn! Enemy !! But how ... Poisonous magic? No ... I've never heard of such a powerful magic! More than that--Why that little girl is recovering !?)


Involuntarily she take a distance and try to collect information.

She don't know what's going on.

However, she understand that they are exposed to a fatal attack.

In that short moment ... just in that short moment, all of Lady Wind's subordinates were killed.

The attack power is immeasurable.


“You, why you keep looking at Cearia?”


When he came to her senses ... Lady Wind realized that the little girl was looking at her.

The little girl shining eyes made her feel goosebumps even though she is a demon.She felt a terrifying air as if she is a living hell covered with human skin.

Lady Wind did not answer. Instead she took a stance, then tried to whip and attack the little girl.


"You should be blamed too--"




Suddenly her vision is disturbed.


"Giiiiiiiyaaaaaaa! My face is aaaaaaaaa !!"


Lady Wind shouted, without confirming she understood what happened.

Her face is broken. The face she was proud of was injured like the little girl in front of her.

Without a preliminary move or sign of activation an invisible attack suddenly hit her.


"Shit !!!! Blow her away! << Black Curse Wind >> !!"


But Lady Wind is not stupid enough to be beaten like this.

She unleashed a special skill while covering her face with her hands.

This was her special skill, a deathly skill that only belong to her.


Black Curse Wind, this unique dark magic spell is a powerful, ruthless and continuous power reduction magic that reduces by half the opponent's stats in battle.

Because it affects all abilities, it has a semi-foul characteristic that can reduce her opponent's fighting ability exponentially.


However, there was a fatal problem that existed in this technique.

Because of this fatal problem she sit on the weakest position in the Shitennous.

That is ...



The blessing light embraces the hero.

The curse did not work on Cearia.



"... What? impossible!"


It does not work at all for hero who has awakened to her mission.

That is the only and greatest drawback of this magic.


…… Brave Quests hero get a number of blessings after certain events.

That blessing negated all the curses that hit the hero, and negated the bad stats that prevented him from using his powers.

Even if the team members fighting with him are affected by the curse, the Hero's power will not be affected.

The hero is absolute existence.


(It's bad, it's bad, it's bad !!)


When she look around, I can see that all her subordinates who should have been there are falling down.Although the higher the monster level, the slower they fall down, but their final destination is the same.

And the same thing will happen to her as she still doesn't have a clear solution.

At this moment Lady Wind understood that the discomfort he felt is a warning bell that coming from her instinct.

She has no memory of how to repeat the game.

Besides, this was the first time her skills could be canceled.


(What's this! What's this monster! I never heard of this! I never heard this kind a monster is exist!)


Because of that ... what happened was beyond her imagination.

Lady Wind, who proud to be one of the Demon Lord Shitennou, felt a deep depression.




= Message =============

Lady Wind is running away.



Using the magic of the wind with a scream, he takes off desperately.

The steps she took were the stupidest and most inexcuseable act.

But, did she know?

Boss monsters, including the Demon King Shitennou, can never escape due to system restrictions once they take combat action.

Because she had never escaped before, she didn't not know about the restrictions?

Or maybe she knew that ... Was she too frightened that she couldn't even escape from that place?


Either way, the system is ruthless.

It is applied to the world according to the established law.


= Message =============

Boss monsters cannot escape.



= Message =============

Cannot escape from the hero.



= Message =============

Cannot escape from the witch.



= Message =============

Lady Wind's escape has failed!



Her body remains as if bound by an invisible force, loses its ability to fly and falls.

Lady Wind, who was stunned by the incident just now hit the ground. She immediately raised her face with a groan. The little girl looked at her with shining eyes, and their eyes met.

The Wind Shitennou, Lady Wind… While imagining the memories she had never seen somewhere, she felt hopeless as she is facing an existence that she could not understand. An existence that is either light or dark.


"Oh, wait ... Gu, Geho, Ge ..."


Her body is rotting.

The death is approaching quietly one step at a time.

The little girl quietly stares at Lady Wind. Just quietly, with eyes reminiscent of hell.


"He, help ..."


Eventually, after begging for her small life, Lady Wind turned into a gold coins.


= Eterpedia ============

[Witch of Regret Cearia Elfur] Combat Unit


Combat power: 22 Movement power: 2

Predation》《Plague infection

Evil》《Hero (Fake)》《Brave (Fake)》《Fanaticism

* The higher the moon, the more madness and fighting ability.

Its power is maximized on a full moon day.



The moon is shining beautifully.




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