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Thursday, January 19, 2023

DeokuTeima ~ C52

Chapter 52: A new egg



After Ashihana left.


I decided to train my farming skill to get selective breeding skill......


About two minutes after I started watering, I heard the level-up announcement. Apparently, I had accumulated enough proficiency to level up.


But with this, I got the selective breeding skill!"


"Fufufu. Finally, it's time for.... experiments!"


First, I decided what new crop to target. It's the Cure carrots that I saw in the street market before. I heard that it was made with selective breeding skill. Even if the skill specification has changed, there won't be any major changes in the crops produced. Maybe.


Vegetables with recovery effects are useful for many things, and I really wanted to have them. If I make a salad, maybe I can make an item that restores both HP and MP.


"The ingredients--well, carrot is fixed."


I take out a green carrot. I'm going to add a recovery effect to this. Then maybe medicinal herbs? Both are in stock, so let's give it a try.


"Eeto, the arts certainly have been added. Then -- selective breeding!"


The carrot and medicinal herbs are enveloped in light and merge, creating a whirlpool. Maybe this will be successful?


No, suddenly it doesn't work.


Gradually, the light fades to black. There's a puff of smoke, and all that's left is garbage that looks like black charcoal. A failure. No, there is no way I can succeed right away.


Next would be carrot and potion. But that didn't work either. After that, I tried combining wound potion, wound herb, and any other recovery materials I could think of, but no success.


No choice, maybe I should check the bulletin board..... I'll do some research.


Then I find out my mistake. Apparently, the cure carrot can be created by mixing carrot with Cure Potion, which is sold at the NPC store in the 3rd area.


"Hmm, I can't make it now."


What a waste of material. But it was fun, so that's fine.


Let's give up on the carrot and try some other combinations.


I tried combining some of the nuts and weeds, but no luck. I tried about 30 patterns with no success at all.


But at the last minute, my final attempt to combine was miraculously successful. It was a combination of spinach and weed water.


After the light disappears, a mysterious seed remains. To be honest, it's not a promising combination at all, but it's my first successful selective breeding. I'll take good care of it.


Now that I'm in the mood let's continue the experiment. This time it's a cooking experiment. Well, I'm just going to see what happens to the blue acorns I left in the water yesterday.



I take out the blue acorns that I put in the bucket. The appraisal result shows no change.


I made some cookies from them. As expected, the quality has improved by 1. Tough, to be honest, the taste didn't change much. Or maybe my sense of taste is just too poor. The important thing is that the quality increased after putting them in water.


I think I can try this with other nuts. Should I change the water with purified water?


For now, I'll leave the blue acorns and walnuts in the purified water. I can't wait to see what happens to these nuts tomorrow.


Now that the experiment is over, I have some time left before my login limit. Should I help with the farm work and then go out to explore?


That's what I think as I walk out of the barn, but...


"What is this?"


There is a mysterious object sitting right in front of the barn.


At first glance, the oval shape looks like a rugby ball. It is light green in color and shines brightly.


"Is, is it be an egg?"


The egg's color is much different from the egg that Kumama was born from, but the shape is similar. I quickly appraise it.


Enlist monster's egg: parents: Orto, Sakura


"Ooh! It's Orto and Sakura's egg!"


The birth of the egg is a setting where if two compatible monsters are raised on the same farm or on the same house, their magic powers will mix and very occasionally produce an egg. Maybe they tried to avoid vulgar scenes as much as possible for kids. The fact that there was no reproductive scene was surprisingly impressive.


Orto and Sakura are humanoid, and both are spirit-like species. They certainly seem to be a good match. Also, a monster can only transfer its soul once in its lifetime. So, Orto and Sakura won't be able to transfer their souls again in the future.


That is why it is more effective than Summoner's unique system of monster synthesis....... What kind of child will be born? I'm looking forward to it. If a gnome is born, we can expand the field at once. If it's a tree spirit, my party will become stronger. Either way is fine.


There is a possibility that it will become a new species, but I'm not sure. Though there's a good chance, it will be humanoid.


"I'll leave the farm to you all and go to the Beastmaster Guild.


Because I need to get an incubator.




Today, Barbara is the receptionist. This must be my lucky day. Anyway, there are a lot of people here today. There are 5 other players besides me.


Usually, I'm the only guest. There are 4 women out of the 5, which shows the unique personality of tamers and summoners. Mofumofu is justice.


A player is carrying a basket that looks familiar. Is she a beginner? I'm sure it's a tough job, but good luck picking up the trash.


"What's wrong?"


"Ah, no, nothing is wrong."


"Really? Then what brings you here today?"


"My monster has laid an egg."


"Well, congratulations. So you need an incubator?"


"That's right. Can you show me the personal incubator?"


"Why don't you report on your quest first?"




Barbara-san shows me a list of quests. Then I see that there are 2 quests that I can complete.



Special Quest

Description: Show Barbara an egg produced by your monsters.

Reward: 3000 G

Deadline: None


Special Quest

Description: Show Barbara an egg produced by your unique monster.

Reward30,000 G

Deadline None


Though the reward for the 2nd quest is awesome! I guess that must be quite difficult to complete. It's hard enough to get 2 unique monsters, but now they also produce an egg.


"Wow, this rare egg is really amazing."


Even an egg is an object of love. Monster mania is scary. It's so surreal to see a beautiful girl rubbing her cheeks on a big egg.


Oh, the quest experience has raised Rick and Kumama's levels.


"Now, Yuuto-sama has accumulated the guild contribution required for rank up. Can you accept the quest to upgrade your rank?"


Is this why Barbara-san told me to complete the quest first?


"Excuse me, I need an incubator. Does that have something to do with it?"


"Yes, it does. When your guild rank increases to 5, the number of incubators you can purchase will increase."


"Eh, are you serious?"




Even though I couldn't buy them, I got some information. Apparently, 3 types of incubators can be purchased as the rank rises.


Besides the normal incubator and accelerated growth incubator, players will be able to purchase an ability-enhancing incubator, enhanced battle skill incubator, and enhanced production skill incubator.


"Hmm. They're expensive."


Each of the 3 incubators costs more than twice the growth accelerator incubator. The ability-enhancing incubator costs 15,000 G, while the battle skill-enhancing incubator and the production skill-enhancing incubator cost 20,000 G. However, the effects are extraordinary.


The ability-enhancing incubator will randomly increase the initial status by +8. The battle skill-enhancing incubator will increase the initial status by +3 and add a battle skill. The production skill-enhancing incubator will increase the initial status by +3 and, as the name suggests, add a production skill.


Since it's random, you can't choose the skill, but the monster that will be born won't get a useless skill.


"This is definitely good stuff."


I will keep the egg for a week. During that time, I can raise my rank. The requirement to complete the rank-up quest is to bring 3 monsters of level 10 or higher.


So far, Orto and Sakura are over lvl 10, but Rick is lvl 7 and Kumama is lvl 6.


"All right, let's level up!"



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