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Friday, January 13, 2023

Aisanai to iwaremashitemo C3: Bread porridge is delicious

I've been resurrected.

It was a treat I wasn't used to eating, so my stomach must have been surprised. My stomach hurts so much that I can't help thinking about my days as a demon king, but I'm fine now.

Even though my consciousness is fading, I think the head maid must be nice. No, she's definitely a gentle person because she gave me food. But what made her angry?


"Ma'am? ...... Could it be that you don't like bread porridge?"


I shake my head. There is nothing I don't like.

I stare at the small plate on my bed table. I haven't eaten since I had a stomach ache before noon yesterday and haven't been able to move since then. When I woke up this morning, the head maid... Oh, she told me to call her Tabatha.

Tabatha asked me to stay in bed and set up this bed table. It is amazing.

I can tell just by looking at the steamy, thick porridge. It smells so good and gentle. But...


"This is what babies eat... Tabatha, did I do something bad?"


I remember my days as a demon king from when I was born, so I remember my baby days.

This is baby food.




I don't know why, but Tabatha's hazel eyes are glazed over, and she kneels beside my bed. She gently holds my left hand with both hands.


"It is not only for babies. It's for the sick. It's good for those with weak bodies, because it's easy to digest."


"I'm already healed."


"No, no. Your stomach is still weak. Did you have something you liked from yesterday's breakfast?"


"The sausage was delicious. Also the eggs."


"I see. Well, let's try this bread porridge to calm your stomach and see how it goes slowly. If your tummy doesn't hurt anymore, you can try the sausage. I am sure you will be able to eat a whole sausage soon."


"One whole sausage."


That's three bites. No, it takes four bites to finish it. I could only take one bite of that.

So I can eat four bites of that!


"So first, do your best to eat this bread porridge."




She gently tapped my left hand and let it go. I scooped a spoonful of the bread porridge into my mouth.

It tastes like...... Something other than bread! It tastes like milk and... I don't know, but there's something else! It's kind of mild! This wasn't like the ones I had when I was a baby! That's why it smelled so good!


"Does it taste good?"




"I'm glad you like it."


While I am eating, Tabatha is looking after me with a smile on her face. As I thought, she is very kind.




Wait, wait, wait, wait, what's that. Isn't it just like a child?


"Bochama, peeping is bad."


"You too, stop calling me Bochama."


He can see the interaction between Tabatha and Abigail through the door gap between the couple's master bedroom and my private room. It looks like a young child and her nanny. Abigail's expression is too pale for an infant, but Tabatha still looks like the Tabatha he knew when he was a boy.


He looks through the gap in the door once more. She is still blowing her spoon. Wouldn't it get cold?

Is that the rumored evil woman? Is she really the wanton girl who likes to change partners?


The doctor's examination confirms that she is a virgin. That alone proves that the rumors are exaggerated. No matter how he looks at her, he can't understand how people could consider her an evil woman with that attitude. If the rumor about her lack of wisdom, he still could understand it.


He sighs at his own prejudice and leaves the door.


"Do you want to be her husband now?"


The grinning Rodney made him annoyed. He sighed again as if he was pushing all the air out of his stomach.


"Putting aside husband and wife matter, she must have been treated unfairly. I judged her based on rumors, without looking at her."


To be honest, he still doesn't feel he can love her as a woman, but that's how noble marriages are supposed to be. It's not something he should declare on purpose. He had been foolish to believe the rumors without trying to find the truth.


"It's good that my Lord can reflect on his actions."


"You are really annoying."


Now he understands the reason she took off her nightgown. It was simply because she thought it was the right thing to do.

He assumed that she could do such things without love, but she had been treated so badly by her own family. They didn't even feed her properly, so perhaps she didn't expect any affection from the beginning.


"Hey! Don't squat down there."


"......... You're so noisy. Shut up for a moment."


Rodney pokes him with his knee as he squats down with his hand on his head.


'Well, it's so terrible. Even the servants will look down on her as a woman left alone on her wedding night."




What's that? What kind of logic is that?


"But they wouldn't want to serve a lady who is not accepted by their master, would they? Don’t tell me you think their treatment of her won’t  change no matter what you do?"


"I don't remember hiring those kinds of servants."


"My father and mother also don't remember that. But this is the first time we welcome a lady in this mansion. We, the Kofi family is the only family that came with Bochama from Drewet main house. Starting from the laundry maids to the menial laborers, you can't be sure that no one will misunderstand their first lady of the house."


“If such a thing happens, they will be disposed of.” Rodney lowered his voice and continued in a casual tone.


"But that only after your wife has been hurt, you know? That's what happens when a master neglects his wife. I wonder how a man should treat a woman he doesn't hate."


"Please stop it already..... My stomach is really starting to ache...."


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