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Friday, January 13, 2023

Aisanai to iwaremashitemo C2: I thought it would be nice to be a human being.

I was a Demon King, but that's just because that's what the humans called me.

In my previous life, I woke up in a place with nothing but rocks and dead grass. So eventually, I got hungry. I didn't have hands or feet, so I thought I should crawl somewhere for the time being.

That's what I thought. I'm Abigail now, so I don't remember what I thought when I was a demon king. I just kind of know what happened. I also know what the Demon King did and remembered.


At that time, I was still small, and while wandering around, I was grabbed by a monster flying from above. He was going to take me back to his nest and eat me. I was taken away high into the sky in the blink of an eye. Of course, I struggled. Probably it was instinct.

Then the flying monster suddenly squealed and let me go. I fell into a forest. It was full of monsters.

I was small, so maybe they thought of me as food. They attacked me one after the other, but I fought them back and ate them.

I was very strong. After all, people called me the "Demon King. I can strike with a thunderbolt or breathes fire.

Oh, I only breathed fire once. The trees were burning so hot that I tried extinguishing them, but the fire wouldn't go off. In the end, I made the air harden, dropped it on the trees, and the whole area turned into a wasteland.


That's how I lived.


Sometimes people come because they are lost. At that time, the Demon King was already the size of a human. Maybe because he ate all kinds of monsters, he grew many arms and legs and arms on his body. He also has eyes and a mouth. Ah, but the Demon King only eats those who attack him. I do not know why.

When people saw the demon king, they all ran away in a panic. But on rare occasions, someone would give me food.

Someone left his lunch box and ran away.


And how delicious it tastes?

It doesn't smell like meat or blood, just slightly better. A little bit salty or sweet.

I don't remember what I thought, but I remember the taste.


"......? Milady...... Milady! What's wrong? Milady!"


My stomach hurt, and I hid in the corner of the room, but I heard the head maid shout from afar. I knew it,  this human being is a nice human being.




"Bochama (Young Master), what's going on?"


As soon as he returned, Tabatha (the Head Maid) rushed over to him and pushed Ethan (the butler) out of her way.

In the entrance hall, she was only pressuring him with her gaze. He realized that her eyes said, "Come here," and he wanted to run away, but he couldn't against her. My room door quickly closes, and the interrogation begins.


"...... Bochama, stop."


"What is the meaning of this, Bochama?"


Our faces are so close to each other that our noses almost touch. I naturally avert my gaze, but Tabatha appears in front of my eyes.


"What are you talking about?"


"It's about your wife. Yes, your first night. I am talking about your wife, who was neglected by her husband on their wedding night. I had no idea that you were so immature. What happened to your bedtime education? Ethan? What the hell was going on?"


Ethan is also Tabatha's husband. Although he doesn't appear to be so in her daily work, she seems very upset with him. Ethan cannot be relied on in this situation. She turns her eyes to their son, Rodney. He quickly turns her face away from her. She can't rely on him too.


"You know that this marriage is political, and was forced on me. Even Tabatha didn't like it until the day before yesterday. You've heard the rumors, right?”




"Is it because of those bad rumors? Bochama, do you find out the truth yourself?"


"...... No."


"Hoo! I've heard that you are not only powerful, but also wise. So I suppose you won’t take any rumors just for granted. Am I right?"




Tabatha's hazel eyes are cool and sharp. I'm known for my scary face, but I don't think I can win against her. By the way, Tabatha is also his nanny.


"..... Milady has collapsed after breakfast.”


"Yeah, the messenger has informed me. Did you call the doctor?"


"Judging from your room condition, I don't think that is the case... But there is a possibility that Bochama has been cruel to her."


"Wait a minute. What do you mean, 'cruel to her'?"


"She has been examined and found to be malnourished."


Huh? Malnutrition? Is the lady malnourished?

He freezes at these unexpected words, and then Tabatha comes at me as if she's going to hug me.


"The breakfast was too heavy for her. Maybe she hadn't been eating properly for some time. We don't know her tastes yet, and we thought she might be tired, so we tried to offer a wide variety of food. Seriously, even the little birds eat more. Besides, she said that she would eat the rest for lunch... Didn't her family welcome the second wife right after the first wife died? That is her birthplace, but she have suffered so much there. I feel sorry for her..."


He remembered last night's incident. When she show her naked body with no shame or manner.


"... She was all bones under the clothes."


"Bochama?! Does that mean you looked closely and just left her alone? Why did you do such a cruel thing to this young maiden! How did you grow up to be such an immature man? It's so terrible! It's so shameful!"


It's like an interrogation room. There is no room for argument.

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  1. Refeeding Syndrome happened here. Proper way to feed starving person is give only bone broth. Repeat for few days while increasing the solids.


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