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Friday, January 13, 2023

Aisanai to iwaremashitemo C4: If I work, I'll get bread, so if I get bread, I'll work.

 I spend my days getting three meals a day.

And everything is delicious! Every day is a feast like I've never seen since I became Abigail, let alone when I was the Demon King.


At first, it was bread porridge three days in a row. Soon it changed to pure white bread like a soft pillow, and soup with various ingredients that melted in my mouth. Oh yeah, soup with meat in it! Last night, a stew with root vegetables melted on my tongue.


And finally, this morning, I could enjoy one whole sausage. It was a two-bite size. I also ate bread, soup, and fruit. Just like Tabatha said. Isn't Tabatha amazing? I think she's more amazing than the tutor at the Longhurst family. When I said that, Tabatha smiled happily and said, "Ara ara maa maa."


But today is my lord husband's day off, and he is eating breakfast with me. With a serious expression, he says...


"No, you haven't even eaten a fifth of what I have. You should be able to eat at least half."


"Of course. I will soon be able to eat twice as much as you."


"..... I'm looking forward to it."


On the day of my first encounter with bread porridge, my lord husband apologized to me for some reason. He said, "I'm sorry. I, I shouldn't treat a lady like that." I didn't know what he meant or why he apologized, but when I said that I didn't mind, he looked troubled.


After all, he is the most important person in this mansion. My lord husband is the reason I can eat. What does he have to worry about?

But we are not sleeping together. I still have that big, soft, clean bed all to myself.

Then I have to look for other duties as a wife to keep my lord husband from changing his mind.


"So, Tabatha, I want to do some work too."


"I don't understand what you're talking about. Anyway, this is not the madam's job."


Tabatha took away the mop in my hand.

Then she says, "Come on, come on, let's go for a walk today." And now we are walking out into the garden.


I am leisurely going around the garden with a maid apprentice holding a parasol over my head. This is my third round. The garden is much larger than this, but I mustn't go where I can't see the mansion.


I heard that Tabatha was a head maid, but she was actually a head housekeeper who also served as a head maid. My lord husband previously lived alone here, so there were no lady attendants. I heard that now they are selecting lady attendants for me. Tabatha is busy, so she can't always accompany me. I wish Tabatha was with me, but it can't be helped.


"Hey, what are the jobs of a wife?"


"...... I don't know."


The maid is not very talkative today. We continue our walk in silence. Around the fourth round, the maid opens her mouth. Ah.


"But I think the first step is to be loved by the husband."


"Yup, disqualified."


Rodney appeared, and the maid jumped in surprise. He jumped pretty high, so she must have been shocked.

My lord husband is also here. From the expression on his face, he seems to be in a good mood. The maid was about to say something, but Rodney dragged her back to the mansion. My lord husband takes and holds the umbrella.


"...... So this is what he mean."


"What's wrong? My lord husband?"


"Nothing, I'm just finishing up some work. I'm taking a break."


While staring at his right elbow, he suddenly took my left and led me to walk.


"This is escorting! This is what the tutor said!"


"..... That's right."


For a moment, his face turned away as if he was trying to endure something. But it quickly turned back to its usual, sharp look.

My lord husband is tall. He seems to hide it, but I can see it clearly. His height was almost the same as mine when I was a Demon Lord.


"What were you talking about?"


"What do you mean?"


"With the maid just now."


"Oh, what are the jobs of a wife? Because Tabatha took away the mop."


"First of all, why did you have to mop the floor?"


"If I want to eat, I have to work. In Longhurst, I helped the maids and they gave me bread. That's why I'm so good at cleaning."


But I only received bread when my stepmother and stepsisters were out. They go out often, so I get bread once every two days.


"Yeah. I see. --I see. I guess we'll just have to work out a few things."


"About what?"


"No, nothing. First of all, a maid's job is not a wife's job."


"I see. Tabatha said the same thing - I heard today is my lord husband’s day off, what is my lord husband’s job? I can help to manage lands, but I heard that my lord husband don't own any lands."


Perhaps my lord husband actually owns a territory? If so, maybe I can help? My stepmother never manages lands, so perhaps it is not a wife's job.


"Oh, aside from the military, I'm also in charge of Drewett family's business---. Wait, did you help to manage the lands of Longhurst? I hear it's pretty rich there, and there must be a lot of work there."


"Yes. I can duplicate the Count's signature exactly."


"No, no, no, no, wait, wait, wait."


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