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Thursday, December 15, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C41

 Chapter 41: An earnest wish



"I've heard it."


Suddenly, a loud voice echoed through the basement.


Lilith's shoulders tremble, and she spontaneously moves closer to me. I reflexively hug her shoulder and look at the source of the voice.


The voice sounded familiar, so I knew immediately who it was.


I leave the basement together with Lilith.


The Letivia family members were already amazed at the giant shadow in the courtyard.


I raise my head and look up.


That gigantic body landed with a loud sound. It is a giant dragon with pure white scales.


"What a wonderful..."


Clavis-san and Sophinie-san also left their dinner and rushed to the courtyard. Sophinie-san hugs Clavis-san's shoulder and looks at the Dragon in amazement.


At the same time, the guards appear one by one, and they surround the dragon.


The sight of the magnificent White Dragon took everyone's breath away.




Figures appear on White Dragon's back.


They are Fletty-san and Karim-san. And some injured knights.


There is no sign of Richil-san, Mildy-san, and Garner-san.


I don't know what is going on and get worried, but Karim-san explains the circumstances.


"We were the only ones who came back. The rest are still in the mountains. They will probably go down the mountain tomorrow and come back to the mansion. Everyone is safe. There is nothing to worry about."


"Even though the dragon's back is wide, it is not wide enough to carry all the Knights. That is why the dragon carries me, Karim-sama, and the badly injured members to here."


Fletty adds a few words to Karim's explanation.


Even so, there are still many things I don't understand.


In the first place, why did White Dragon allow them to ride on his back?


He is a very picky dragon.


He rarely lets people ride on his back.


Even I've never ridden on his back......


When I am still wondering, White Dragon opens his mouth first.


"There is something I want to confirm. I brought these humans to guide me. I brought the injured soldiers with me, so you can consider it as a service."


"The dragon gave...... a service......."


"The one who cultivated this magic plant, present yourself before me."






All eyes immediately focused on one person.


Those eyes are looking at the golden-haired little girl.


"Oh. Such a little girl grew it?"


"White Dragon, she's ----."


"Luciel, I'm not talking to you right now. I'll take care of you later. .... Come on, little girl. Come closer..."


Maybe being called by a dragon and refusing is also a rare thing.


Lilith turned to me as if asking for my help.


I smile at her anxious face.


"Don't worry. If anything happens, I will protect you."


"Hurry up."


White Dragon urges her to hurry.


I quickly hold Lilith's hand.


Lilith and I slowly walk toward White Dragon with all eyes watching us.


Clavis-san and Sophinie-san looked worried.


I signal to them that it will be okay, and then Clavis-san hugs Sophinie-san's shoulder.


Eventually, we came near White Dragon.


White Dragon glances at me and then asks Lilith.


"Did you grow the Lurara plant?"




"You know that this one is called Phantom Magic Plant?"


"Ye, yes."


"Let me ask you, how did you grow it? 

As I know, there's no fixed way to grow this Lurara plant."


"The water was taken from the ground and boiled once. The soil is from the bottom of the well, dried once in the sun, and changed every five days......"


"Why did you go through all that trouble?"


"I heard the more trouble you went through, the better chance your wish would come true."




"I heard that Lurara plant is a magic plant that grants wishes."


"I see. That's the reason. Hmmm."


White Dragon nodded.


Under the moonlight, White Dragon continues to ask questions.


"What else have you done? For example, singing."


"I heard singing is good for plants, so I sang three times a day in the basement."


"I see. I see. That makes sense."


"What do you mean?"


When I interrupted him, White Dragon only moved his red eyes toward me.


Then Karim answered my question.


"We heard Lilith's song coming from the Lurara plant during the battle."


"My song?"


"Lurara grass is not a magic plant that grants wishes."


"No way......"


Lilith hangs her head.


This is a plant that copies people's will.


"People's will? Like the possession plant used by Luciel-kun......?"


"It's different from the possession plant that only transfers memories to the leaf. Lurara plant copies people's soul. Here, little girl. Your soul is inside it. Your pure and unwavering will......"


The wish to save his mother is.......



White Dragon raised his head.


He opens his mouth like a trumpet announcing a blessing.


"I have heard your wish. Your trial ends now."


"End means...... White Dragon!"


Fletty comes closer.


"I meant exactly what I said. Your trials ended. Therefore, I declare it completed."


When White Dragon slowly raises his head, tension rises.


Even though I have a long relationship with White Dragon, I couldn't predict what kind of decision this dragon would make.


"I like people with pure heart because they have the strength to make their wishes come true. That is why I impose trial on human to see if they are trustworthy. Therefore ----."


I gulped.


White Dragon turns his head not to me - but to Lilith, who is standing next to me.


His words are as sharp and stern as usual but slightly calmer.


"...... Little girl, I shall break your mother's curse to honor your soul."


White Dragon spreads its wings widely.


At that moment, the night sky --- No, the night itself became very bright.


It looks like a miracle. A beautiful light fell on the mansion and Lilith, who had cleared the trial.


Lilith and I are overwhelmed by the dazzling sight.


Then, Sophinie-san fell down on her bottom.


Clavis-san hurriedly holds her up.


"Sophinie! Are you okay?!"


"Ye, yeah....... Dear, listen."


"Mm..... What is it?"


"The pressure that's been in my chest all this time, it's gone. I fell down because I was so surprised."


Sophinie-san smiles at the end.


In response to her charming smile, Clavis burst into tears.


"So, so, the curse has been broken?"


"Of course. The woman should be fine now."


White Dragon gave his stamp of approval.


Lilith immediately runs off.


She goes straight to Sophinie-san, who is embraced by Clavis-san.


Tears are flowing from her blue eyes, but Lilith has a big smile on her face.


She jumps onto her mother's chest.


"Mother, Thank God."


She squeezed out her voice and hugged Sophinie-san tightly.


Sophinie-san's voice also trembles.


"Thank you, Lilith. It's because of you. Thank you so much."


"Mother..... Congratulations on your recovery."


Karim-san kneeled down.


And behind him, Fletty-san is also kneeling down.


"Karim, don't be shy, come here."


Clavis-san caught his son, who was shy, and moved away from them. The father and son hugged each other tightly.


Thank God, Sophinie-san's curse has been broken.....


Lilith seems happy too.


I guess that closes the case.


"Hey Luciel."




"The one who made them have that girl Lurara plant is you, right?"


"As expected of White-san. You got it all figured out."


"Hmmm. You're as cunning as ever."


"You've got it all wrong. But ----."


White Dragon has indeed seen Lilith's strength.


More than anyone or anything else, I want to help Sophinie-san. Not just White Dragon, I also wanted Lilith to know the strength of will.


Lilith is definitely not powerless.


White Dragon turned away.


I continue to speak as I look at him.


"I was sure Fletty-san would pass through White-san's trial. But.... I also couldn't ignore the young lady's will. Still, I'm glad it turned out well."


"Hmmm. What would you do if I didn't notice the magic plant?"


"Luciel-kun. What are you doing? Won't you come here?"


"That's right. Luciel, come and celebrate with us."


Suddenly, Clavis-san and Sophinie-san wave to me.


Karim-san's beautiful blonde hair was already a mess. He looks at me with a bitter smile.


"Eh? But ----."


"What are you talking about, Luciel? Aren't we a family already?"


Lilith also spread her hand.


Eeto... What should I do in this situation?


Should I go?


Despite being confused, my legs move naturally.


"Thank you, Luciel. Thanks to you."


"I just helped a little."


"Thank you"


Sophinie-san hugs me too.


There is a faint scent of perfume, hair wash, and a person's ---- smell. No, it's a mother's smell.


Enveloped by soft human skin, I’m surrounded by happiness.



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