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Thursday, December 15, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C50


Chapter 50: Wish for breed improvement



After setting up the unattended shop, I give Orto the logs and high-grade fertilizer I bought from the Farming Guild. I will use the high-grade fertilizer on the green peaches and walnuts. Though, I don't plan to use it all.


After Orto finishes preparing the mushrooms' logs, I ask him to dig holes to plant the mushrooms. He slaps his chest and nod confidently.




Oh no, you're so dependable. Orto starts digging holes with his hoe and earth magic.




"Do your best."




In the meantime, I will check on the treasure I got from the underground passage. I'll use the table in the barn.


The Red Tengu Mushroom, Cruz Mushroom, and Siiri Mushroom are all materials that can be bought in the beginning town. Although Red Tengu Mushrooms weren't sold at all in the very beginning, they're now easy to find in the market.


Name: Cruz Mushroom

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★1

Effect: Restores the user's fullness by 3%.


Name: Siiri Mushroom

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★1

Effect: Restores the user's fullness by 3%.


Cruz mushrooms. Siiri mushrooms don't have much effect when raw, but they can greatly restore fullness after being cooked.


"Let's try to grill them a bit."


I'll try to grill them in a frying pan.


Name: Grilled Cruz Mushrooms

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★1

Effect: Restores the user's fullness by 8%.


Name: Grilled Siiri Mushroom

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★1

Effect: Restores the user's fullness by 8%.


Just by grilling them, I increased their effectiveness by 5%. The Cruz mushroom tastes like Shimeji mushrooms, and the Shiiri Mushroom tastes like Shiitake Mushrooms. They would taste great in soup.


While chewing on the grilled mushrooms, I put the other materials on the table. I also got some Rock Ant materials. Mostly shells, then jaws, and Formic Acid. Formic Acid was the only rare drop I got.


I thought I had no way to use them, but I heard they can be combined with woodcraft skill. Since they're the most suitable material for armor in the area around the beginning town, I can sell them for a reasonable price.


For now, I'll let Sakura use it for her woodwork. If there's any leftover, I'll sell it.


"Sakura, can you use them?"


"―― ♪."


Looks like she can use them. Sakura examines Rock Ant's jaws from various angles with a curious expression on her face.


Then it is time for the two new items: the white variant of the Red Tengu Mushroom and the light moss. I had no idea when I got it, but I found it in my inventory. Perhaps Rick had collected it for me.


Name: Light moss

Rarity: 1 Quality: ★3

Effect: None. Ornamental.


I wondered what kind of great stuff it is, but it turned out to be a weed. No effect. Well, the light is quite strong, so maybe I can use it as a lamp?


"Then...... maybe a moss ball? It would be beautiful if I made a moss ball from it."




"Sakura, do you think so?"


Sakura nods her head in agreement. Is it possible that her aesthetic sense is similar to humans? Well, I'd like to grow more of these if possible. Once the holes have been dug, I will give Orto these and the white variant.


An hour later, while working in the field, Orto came to me. He says the holes are ready.


When I got there, I found that the holes had been dug deeper than I had imagined. It is quite long to prevent sunlight from entering and looks like an air-raid shelter. As expected of a game, to be able to dig such a hole in an hour.


The logs were installed easily. Furthermore, it seems that growing light moss is not a problem. I convert the plants into seeds and bury them in the holes.


But not everything was good. First of all, it took 9 plot of land (3x3) to dig the hole. However, the area inside the hole is only about 3 plots. Moreover, we couldn't plant crops in the upper part of the hole. 9 plots consumed and only 3 plots available for planting is just too inefficient. I decided not to dig any more holes.


After that, we split up to finish the farm work and harvest. I need more wood for Sakura and more nuts for cookies.


Today I am going to try the southern forest. I heard that it is more difficult than the western forest, but I should gain some experience there. Maybe I can get some new materials too.


"Well, it will be my first time in the southern forest. Let's go."










Orto and Sakura are clenching their fists while the animal group is jumping up and down. They are full of motivation. They look very confident.


With that momentum, we march into the southern forest. The entrance is not so different from the western forest. But suddenly, a wild dog appeared. As expected, the difficulty level is high. We went through a few battles and got some weeds, nuts, and wood.




Oh, it's a notification from the management. Well, if it's coming at noon, it must be the usual notification mail.


Every day, I get some sort of notification, whether it's a skill fix or a system bug fix. I've never read the notices since the updates or fixes rarely concern me. But I think I'd better read them today.


[Changes and corrections to Selective breeding skill.]


Selective breeding is a secondary skill that can be learned by raising your farming skill to level 10. It allows you to combine crops with other crops to create a new crop.


It used to be a secondary skill, but it seems that it will be treated as art related to farming. Furthermore, it seems that there will be some changes to the skill specifications.


Previously, the selective breeding skill was used in this way.


1. Plant the crop and burry items you want to combine next to each other.

2. Use your selective breeding skill on them.

3. Wait for a few days.

4. If you succeed, new crop sprouts will grow. If you fail, the buried items will disappear.


From now on, you will know your success or failure immediately. If it succeeds, it will produce new seeds, and if it fails, it will produce garbage. But the difficulty of growing the new breed has increased too.


It's much easier to use now. The benefits of this modification are very large. One of the biggest advantages is that you don't have to raise your selective breeding skill level. Your farming skill level reflects your selective breeding skill level. And if you use selective breeding all the time, your farming skill will also improve. It's going to be easier to level up your skills.


And since success or failure can be known immediately, it is easier to experiment with selective breeding. I'm sure many farmers will try many different combinations. I can't lose, too!


I haven't acquired it yet, but I should be able to level up soon. Then I can try various combinations.


Well, for now, my priority is to explore the southern forest. I can fight consecutively around the entrance without any difficulty. Once Rick and Kumama's levels rise a bit more, we can go deeper into the forest.


The best part is that I got a lot of nuts and a lot of mushrooms. Mostly thanks to Rick. Before I knew it, he had gathered more than 20 of them for me.


I can't lose too. I keep hitting the logging points I see with my ax. Most of them are small trees, but sometimes I find walnuts. I got some Biggini walnut and Biggini lumber with Blue Acorns growing on it, but the quality was poor. I'd better get a new ax for logging this one. Even if my skill level rises, the quality of the wood I can harvest won't improve if the ax is for beginners.


When I think about this, I hear a cracking sound, like something shattering. What is that?


When I look around, Orto pulls my robe as he sniffs around.


"What's up, Orto?"




Orto is pointing at something in my hand.


"Eh? For real?"


When I look over there, I know exactly what Orto was talking about. The logging ax is cracked, and the blade is broken. When I appraised it, I noticed that the durability value had dropped to zero.


I got carried away. I didn't pay attention to the durability value. Because I didn't do many battles until now, I've never experienced a crisis with my equipment's durability. Also, I've never checked my equipment's durability.


I feel bad for Sawyer-kun, who gave me this. But I'm glad it was just an ax that broke. I'll check my equipment's durability more often from now on.


Now that my logging ax is broken, I must return to town today. I also want to find a new ax.


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