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Thursday, December 15, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep2 Yume's whereabouts

I praised Elly for successfully bringing down the Elf Queen Nation and finding new information when I received an urgent telepathy message from Mei.

She told me that she had found my sister's whereabouts.


In an instant, I forget about the fall of the Elf Queen Nation and the new information about the Master. I am so surprised that I unconsciously speak out my mind.

"Bufu!? You found Yume!?"


Mei hurriedly comes into my office and reports the details to me.


"...... Yume is living in the Human Kingdom?"


"To be precise, she seems to be working as a maid apprentice.”


Hearing Mei's report, Elly gets furious.


"How dare they make the great God Raito's younger sister working as a maid's apprentice! ......! It's so disrespectful! Even though they're human race, they should pay for their sins with their lives.”


“Elly, the report is not over yet. Please be quiet.”


“I, I'm sorry!”


Mei's report is interrupted, and my tone gets harsher in frustration.

Elly, who was letting out murderous intentions, nodded and shut her mouth as I scolded her.

Usually, I would follow up scolding her, but I don't have time for that.I turn my attention to Mei's story.


Mei understands that I want to hear the rest of the report and continue to speak.


“The First Princess of the Human Kingdom, Lilith. She was traveling by carriage through the capital when she found Yume unconscious. Her wounds were so bad that she had to use a recovery potion. The Princess is also known as a person with a strong sense of justice who actively engages in charity activities such as cooking meals for poor people at her own expense. Some people call her the ‘Saint of the Human Race’. The reason why the Princess hired Yume as an apprentice maid is not only to pay for her potions but also to protect her as she has nowhere else to go.”


I had been looking for information about Yume and Nii-chan.

The investigation focused on the orphanage and the slave trade, so the royal maid apprentice was a blind spot.

I ask Mei a question.


“I don't mean to doubt you, but are you sure the girl is really Yume?”


“Yes, the description matches.”


“But the Princess took her under her protection in the Human Kingdom's capital, didn't she? It's very far from my hometown ..... Normally, it would take more than a month by carriage to get there."


“My apologies. I'm not well informed about that."


Mei looked very sorry and apologized.

If Yume is safe and alive, there is no problem, but ...... how did she travel to the Human Kingdom capital?


"How about Nii-chan? He's not with Yume?"


"Your brother has not been found. Only Yume is there."


Maybe the two of them had escaped safely from the attack, but the fact that only Yume alone had been found meant that they had separated or worse. Did he die on the way?

I'll understand more if I could talk to Yume face to face.


“Thanks for the report, Mei. I'm happy to know Yume is safe. For now, we should have someone with high stealth ability to protect her. But if we want to be safe in the future, we should bring her to Naraku as soon as possible. “


“If that's what you want, please leave that task to me!”


Elly raised her hand to volunteer for the job and make amends for her earlier mistake.

Mei gives her opinion.


“Elly will have to stay here to manage the Giant Tower, build a living environment for the humans who have gathered around it, and keep an eye on the Elf Queen Nation.”


"Ngigi-gi-gi. You're right."


Mei's point is correct, and Elly can't argue against it.


Indeed, Elly has a role to play as the "Witch of the Giant Tower”.

Currently, she is freeing the Human slaves from the Elf Queen Nation and building a living space around the Giant Tower.

Even though we have the SSR Transfer, she shouldn't move carelessly.


"I wish you'd send me just to be safe."


"I feel safe if it's Mei. Please... look after Yume."


"I will bet my maid way to bring her to you, Raito-sama!"


Mei and I look at each other.

I feel safe to leave it to her.


"The only problem is how to bring Yume home..."


We can't just break into the castle and forcibly take her here. The other party used a potion, hired, and protected her. I can't pay their kindness with disrespect. I also want to see Yume with my own eyes.


Elly raises her hand again at this thought.


"Then, how about inviting the Human Kingdom to come and inspect the Giant Tower through the Elf Queen Nation?"


We've declared absolute Human independence, and we're actually in the process of freeing the Human slaves, gathering them around the Giant Tower, and preparing their living space. It's not surprising if the Human Kingdom comes to inspect whether we are treating those former human slaves humanely.


Even though they have surrendered to us, the Elf Queen still has authority.

We didn't colonize them to use their authority, so let's have them work for us here. Suppose the Elf Queen Nation asks the First Princess to visit us. In that case, she won't refuse because she is passionate about humanitarian aid.


Suppose we tell them that we will pay for their accommodation, guarantee their safety, and welcome them. In that case, they won't have any reason to refuse.

We can welcome the First Princess, who is eager to help humanity and ask her to bring my sister with her.

That way, we can meet her face to face and take her back to Naraku.


I smile and praise Elly for her brilliant idea.


"As expected of Elly! That's a great idea! Can you do it right away?"


"Yes! Of course! I'll go to the Elf Queen Nation right away and send the request!”


Her body trembles with joy at my praise, and she leaves the office with a smile on her face.

The Witch of the Giant Tower is on her way to the Elf Queen Nation to ask them to send a request for the First Princess of the Human Kingdom to visit.


After Elly leaves, Mei and I continue to discuss the detailed plan.

How to confirm my sister's identity in person? How to take her back to Naraku immediately after her identity is confirmed?


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