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Friday, December 23, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 – Ep3 Inspecting the Giant tower

“I never thought I'd get an invitation directly from the 'Giant Tower' to visit them. This is really the Goddess' guidance!"


In her room at the royal castle in the Human Kingdom, the First Princess Lilith screams in joy at a letter she received during her tea break.

The sender is the rumored Giant Tower. The letter was sent to Lilith through the Elf Queen Nation, requesting her visit the tower.


The Giant Tower declared absolute human independence.

In line with this declaration, they wish to invite Lilith because she is passionate about humanitarian aid. Lilith can visit and directly check how the freed slaves are being treated, their living conditions, and nutrition.


Of course, Lilith takes the bait.

From her point of view, it's a wish come true.

The Human King can't say no to the request because it's coming from the Elf Queen Nation.


While Lillith is excited, her head maid (Nono) looks worried.


"Princess ...... Are you sure you want to go to the Giant Tower?"


“Nono, are you against it?”


“...... I'm not against it. I just think the story is too good to be true.”


She wants to visit the Giant Tower, but when the people around her are against it, she is offered an opportunity by a party she can't refuse.

Nono continues her words with a worried expression.


" ...... I've heard that the other party is using magic that surpasses the elves who are skilled in magic, and they're controlling many dragons. If the reason for inviting us to the Giant Tower is not to inspect but to brainwash us with sorcery......"


Lilith's facial expression tensed up when she pointed out that...

The other party is the 'Witch of the Giant Tower' who brought down the Elf Queen Nation.

She can't say that Nono's point is definitely wrong.


"We cannot rule out the possibility, but this is a request made through the Elf Queen Nation. We have no right to refuse.

I have no intention of refusing it myself. I'm going to go with the resolution of jumping into the Demon King's mouth... But the maids who will accompany me must be informed of this possibility and willing to volunteer. You must tell them of the worst-case scenario, okay?"


"...... Certainly. Excuse me for my rudeness, but Nono would like to accompany the Princess."


"You don't have to force yourself, you know."


"I've been by your side since you were a child..... Nono can't even think to leave Princess's side..... I'm more worried about what you might do if I let you out of my sight, so I feel safer when I'm around you."


"Geez! Nono always treats me like a child. I'm going to be 15 years old this year!"


"...... For Nono, Princess will always be a cute princess, so please give up trying to convince me."


They are talking gloomy things, but before they know it, they are giggling and laughing.

The two of them confirm their strong bond, but on the Giant Tower side --- Raito and his men are only requesting the inspection to confirm his sister's identity. If her identity is confirmed, they want to bring her back to Naraku. Therefore, their worries are completely unnecessary.


However, there is no way for Lilith and her followers to know that. Later on, a volunteer selection filled with a suicide squad-like atmosphere is carried out.





On the departure day.

Lilith and her followers appear in the Human Kingdom's castle garden.

They had received a notification asking permission for the dragon to come and pick them up. The entire capital city was also informed about it.

Not only Lilith and her followers, but many people gathered in the garden to catch a glimpse of the dragon.


The official announcement was 'To welcome the Giant Tower's messenger'.

The more people there are, the better it is for the country's reputation, so permission was granted.

...... though there seems to be another motive behind it.




Lilith's older brother is also present with his soldiers, but their purpose is not to watch the dragon.

--When the time comes, a black grain appears in the sky.


The grain gradually grows bigger and bigger.

A blue-scaled dragon, about 10 meters tall, flies down toward the Human King's Castle garden.

Usually, this would cause a commotion. Thanks to the advance notification, the crowd is only surprised, excited, and whispering to each other.

The dragon lands safely in the garden.


A maid descended from the dragon's back with gravity-defying movements.

The people who gathered to catch a glimpse of the dragon couldn't help but stare at the maid who descended from the dragon's back.

Her long black hair looked as if it had been cut from the night darkness and tied with a long ribbon into a ponytail. She is tall for a woman, and her face has big eyes, long eyelashes, red rosy lips, and a lovely shaped nose. Everything is perfectly arranged, and her skin is so smooth and white that she looks like a doll created by God.

Her outfit is made of high-quality fabric and a sophisticated design. At first glance, it doesn't look like a maid's outfit.

Men and women of all ages admire the maid's beauty.


She bows politely and speaks in a voice that sounds like a tinkling bell.


“My name is Mei, and I was chosen as the messenger. Thank you for responding to our request for an inspection.”


"It is my honor to be able to inspect the famous Giant Tower!"


Lilith quickly responds to the words of the woman who introduced herself as Mei, and they exchange greetings.

If it is between countries, she would have to hold a more formal welcome ceremony, but it's unclear whether the giant tower is a country or not. She honestly has no idea how to answer that question.

So, she doesn't know what kind of welcoming ceremony she should hold because such a thing has never happened before......

If she recklessly held a more formal welcome ceremony, other countries would suspect them of having a very close relationship with the giant tower.


If the Giant Tower gets into a conflict with another country, the unrelated Human kingdom could get dragged into it.

Therefore, they can't do it too flashy.


In the end, they decided to hold a welcome ceremony with a home-party atmosphere, assuming that it should be enough to welcome a royal family member.


The Giant Tower side also only sent one maid. The maid is so beautiful that anyone would suspect that she is a goddess of beauty.

They maintained a perfect balance so that other countries would not suspect them of being on good terms.


"Now, if you don't mind, can we proceed to The Giant Tower?"


"Excuse me, I have a request......."


Lilith turns her eyes to her brother.

He is still amazed by Mei's beauty.

Lillith could not stand seeing his brother like this, so she poked him to wake him up.

His older brother's cheeks turn red as he speaks his request.


“Excuse me. I'm Claw, the First Prince of the Human Kingdom. I'm here to greet you on behalf of our King, who has fallen ill.”


After a brief greeting, Claw conveys his request.


“I would like to accompany my sister Lilith on this visit. If that is possible?”




Standing beside her brother, Lilith inwardly suppressed her emotion.

Lilith was the only one invited to the inspection, and her brother Claw was not invited. Claw is in charge of keeping an eye on Lilith to make sure she doesn't step into the Giant Tower politically.

The King's sickness is actually a play to make this proposal.

In fact, the King is not ill. It is just a trick for Claw to raise the subject and get permission.


Lilith wants to interrupt, but her brother won't let her. She can only feel annoyed inwardly.


(The dragon's back is not that wide, so maybe the messenger can refuse......)


But contrary to Lilith's expectation, Mei gladly replied.


“Of course, that's fine. There's plenty of room for more people-- so we also have a few requests.”


Her big eyes turn to a young girl in a maid's uniform among the servants who have come to watch the dragon.


"There are many little girls living around the Giant Tower. We are planning to interact with them during this visit, and it would be great if a girl of her age could accompany us. Of course, I will guarantee her safety. You don't have to worry about expenses, clothes, food, and room. So I hope you can accept our request."


Mei's request made Lilith and Claw hesitate a little.

If they're asked whether there's any merit in having a little girl of the same age accompany them to interact with the little girls...... There may be merits, but not much.

However, Claw's request would be accepted just by letting Yume accompany them. There is no reason to refuse.

Claw smiles and accepts the request.


“Of course, no problem. Right, Lilith?"


“...... Yes, as you said, older brother. Yume, come here.”


“Ye, yes.”




The girl called  ‘Yume’ sounds nervous when Lilith calls her to come.

When her name is called, Mei shows a slight hint of excitement.

Luckily, her excitement is not noticed by the people in this place.


5 male knights.

3 maids + 1 additional maid.

1 female knight.

Including the First Prince and First Princess, 12 people are going to inspect the Giant Tower.


The dragon is about 10 meters tall..... They wonder if all of them can really ride the dragon?

It's not just the number of people.

Their luggage is also quite heavy and large.


Without paying attention to the atmosphere, Mei speaks to the dragon.


 “We’ll go back to the Giant Tower now. You should fly and follow us back, "





The dragon nods.

After listening to his reply, Mei takes out a card.


"Now, I will take you to the Giant Tower. The journey will only take a moment, and there will be no danger at all. So please don't worry. Now, if you'll excuse me. Transfer, release."


Once she chants, the card begins to show its power.




As Mei said, the scenery instantly changed from the garden of the Human Royal Castle to the whitest hall they've ever seen.


Mei bows again to Lilith and her group, who are speechless and amazed.


“Welcome to the Giant Tower. We sincerely appreciate your visit."

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