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Friday, December 23, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C51

Chapter 51: The Value of Luxury Item



Once I reached the town, I immediately went to Ruin's store to replace my broken logging ax.


However, Ruin's store didn't have a logging ax that I could use. He did have a logging ax, but it was too heavy for me to use.


"Maybe I should just buy a new beginner's ax."


The beginner equipment has no particular restrictions, so anyone can use it. But the performance isn't good.


"I could also make a new one. I can make it less heavy by sacrificing some of its attack power and other special effects."


"I see. ....... But it's expensive, aren't they?"


"...... I am not the one who will buy it."


"You're a bad comedian."


"Hmm. If it's an ax you can equip, I don't need much material and not that expensive. I'm sure you've been out gathering a bit, right? If you bring in some material that could be used, then you can get a discount."


Materials I could use. I searched through my inventory and decided to give Ruin some of my materials. Water ore, copper ore, Rock Ant shells, and jaws. Other than that, he could use the green peach wood.


I was going to give him the iron ingot, but he said the rank was too high, and I might not be able to use it. No choice, I'll leave it for now.


After I order the ax, I'm going to focus on farming. I'll get the selective breeding by the end of the day.


That's what I was thinking, but...


"Ah, there you are! Yuuto-san! Yuuto-san!"




Ashihana is standing outside my field. Oioi, is she here to buy herbal tea?


"So early."


"Of course, it's for the herbal tea!"


There is no addictive ingredient in the herbs, right? I'm fine, so I think it should be fine.


I'm glad you like it, but please leave some for Sawyer-kun. I'm glad you like it, but make sure you save some for Sawyer, OK?


"No problem, but... What's with this price?"


"Eh? Is it too expensive?"


"It's just dried weeds. Is 100 G too expensive?"


I thought so, but apparently, that's not what Ashihana was trying to say.


"It's too cheap!"


"What? But it's made from weeds. And it has no effect."


"Still, 100 Gs is way too cheap."


"Hmm? Then I'll make it 150 G."




Apparently, it is still too cheap. Even though it is an item that is not necessary for the game, it is a luxury item, if I may say so.


There may be people who want it, like Ashihana and Sawyer-kun, but can I sell it at such a high price?


When I said that, Ashihana came at me with a scary face.


"It'll sell! Absolutely.""


"I, I get it. Too close, you're too close!"


"In the meantime, you should set the highest price. Also, if you can set the limit purchases, you should limit 3 or 5 units per person.

Otherwise, they'll be sold out in no time."


"What? That's impossible, right? In the first place, I can't imagine that many players would come to such a deserted place."


"Don't underestimate the players' information network."


Hmm. Then, I'll do as she suggested. The main reason why I chose to sell herbal tea was because Ashihana asked me to.


After adjusting the settings of the unattended shop, I managed to put some limitations on purchases. The player's data will be scanned at the time of purchase, so the same person can't buy more than once a day.


Every additional type of herb in the mix would increase the price by 100 G or more. Maybe I should do more research on cheaper combinations.


If I'm going to sell it at a high price, I need to make sure that the taste is worth it. I'm going to register my best products.


"Then the most expensive one is 500 G, the others are 400 G, and only one is 300 G."


"That's good."


"Oh, but before that, Ashihana should buy it. After you buy it, I'll change the prices."


"No, no. I'm the one who told you to raise the price, and I can't buy it cheap!"


Ashihana insists as she clenches her fists.


"But, but..."


"No! Absolutely no!"


Hmm, I don't think she will buy it no matter what I say.


I re-set the price and purchase limit. Then, Ashihana bought all of them, one by one.


Apparently, she wants to try different flavors. Then why didn't she just buy them in bulk before I re-set the price? I'm not sure if she's righteous or stubborn.


But even if I gave it to her for free, she probably wouldn't accept it. What should I do?.... Do I have to make up an excuse?


"Then I should give you consultation fees."


"Eh? What?"


"Well, you gave me a lot of advice. That's the consultation fee."


"No, I don't need that."


"Don't do that."




"It's fine, it's fine. Besides, it's not money."


I ask Ashihana to accept the items. The contents are, of course, an assortment of ten kinds of herbal tea leaves. She's my friend, so I should at least give her this.


"Eh, but..."


Although she said that, Ashihana's face is smiling. Kukuku, even if your mouth says you don't want it, your body seems to want it.


...... Yup, I got carried away. I'm sure the old man in me throb when I see Ashihana's dishonest reaction. But it's OK to tease her a bit, right?


"If Ashihana doesn't want it, then I'll stop."




"I'll drink it myself."


"Ah, wait!"


"What did you say?"


"I, I didn't say I don't want it! If you're gonna give it to me, I'll take it!"


Her reaction is just as I expected, so I can't stop grinning inwardly. I do my best to keep it from showing on my face, and I reopen the trade screen.


"Then, please take it."




"I also have a few cookies. Do you want them?"


"I can't take those!"


"But I don't have that many ingredients on hand, so it will be difficult to sell them in the future."




I have enough edible grass in stock and can buy it at the farming guild. The problem is honey and nuts. I'll harvest the nuts in a little while, and I can also gather them. They are also sold in the player's store. But honey is rare.


Processed goods like honey dumplings are sold everywhere, but honey is rare in the beginning town. Even at Alyssa-san's store, it is often out of stock.


If I left some for ourselves, I wouldn't have enough to sell.


I could have made cookies with just the nuts, but they taste better with honey. I gave the acorn cookies to Ashihana as a test.


"Mogumogu...... Delicious. it's delicious, but!"


"So it's not good enough."


"At least it doesn't make me want to buy these cookies?"


"I see."


I explain to her that it is difficult to get large quantities of honey. Then Ashihana's eyes glitter.


"Honey is all you need, right?"


"Ah, yes."


"I understand! Wait here, I'll drop my other work and start making beekeeping boxes right away!"


"No, you don't have to hurry."


"Just wait for me!"


She's not listening! Ashihana waves her hand at us and leaves with the speed of the wind.


"...... Looks like I'll get my beekeeping box sooner than I expected."

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