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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 4 - Ep1 Blue justice


 Chapter 4: Human Kingdom Chapter

Infinite Gacha:  Ch 4 - Ep1 Blue justice



"Father! Please think again!"


In a castle at Human Kingdom capital. It’s called a castle, but it is only slightly larger than a mansion. A girl's voice echoes through an office room.


That girl is Lilith, the First Princess of the Human Kingdom.

She has long golden wavy hair and big eyes with strong willpower. Her height is about 150cm, and she is around 15 years old.

Her skin is white, and she has a lovely appearance that makes her a beautiful girl.

She is not gorgeous, but the luxurious dress suits her well as the First Princess.

She raised her big eyes and appealed again to her father, the King.


"Please give me permission to go to the rumored Giant Tower that has brought the Elves to their knees!"


"I have told you many times, Lilith. I cannot. If you approach the rumored Giant Tower,  we would be suspected of being related to the Giant Tower. Why would you do such a thing that can create unnecessary misunderstandings with other races? As a princess of the Human Kingdom, you must strictly refrain from doing anything that could give the wrong impression to other races."


The Human King sits in his chair inside his office, letting out a tired sigh and lecturing his daughter. The King has gray hair, skinny cheeks and skinny wrists. It seemed that his skinny body was caused by accumulated stress. Lilith's large eyes widened even more in anger at her father's comment.


"Why do we have to be so overly concerned about other races? Because they are racists! Humans are indeed inferior to other races in terms of power, but that doesn't mean we deserve to be treated unequally! The Giant Tower supports absolute human independence, protects and frees slaves, and even bans the slave trade in the Elf Queen Nation. To eliminate this unfair treatment, we must cooperate with the Giant Tower through diplomacy and show our power to other races! If we don't, our race will be treated as livestock and exploited by other races for the rest of our lives. We must fight to regain our pride! I'm ready to give my body and life for that. So, father - No, Your Majesty, please stand up!"




Even after hearing his daughter's passionate long speech, the King's reaction is indifferent, and he lets out an exhausted sigh.


"Lilith, don't get your hopes up too much on the Giant Tower. A rumor is just a rumor. Are you going to fight a war based on rumors?”


"That's why! I'm asking you to send me to the Giant Tower to verify the rumors!”


“Rumors are just rumors. Do you want to jeopardize our race's position by unnecessarily alarming other races?”


"...... That's not what I mean. But we must confirm the rumors.”




The King forcefully interrupts his daughter's speech and speaks louder.


“There is no way for the weak human race to win against the other races. All we can do is keep our heads down and move on."


The King signals with his hand asking her to go away to say that he has nothing more to say.

Lilith realizes that there is no point in pursuing the matter further and quietly leaves.

Lilith walks to her private room with her servant, who has waited outside the office. She runs into her brother, who is 3 years older than her.


His height is around 170cm.

His blond hair and well-built body made him a good-looking man, but his face lacked confidence. The hair on his forehead slightly receded, and his face looked tired.

It seems that he is also going to the office to talk with the King.

His brother's attendant is carrying a bundle of documents.


Lilith’s annoyance has not subsided. With a sharp gaze, she speaks to her brother.


"Brother, do you have a minute?"


“Now is not a good time, but ......, it's my sister's request. Make it quick.”


They move away from their servants and go to the end of the corridor.

Lilith immediately conveys her request to her older brother.



"Older Brother, please ask Father to join forces with the Witch of the Giant Tower to raise human race position!


"So father disagreed. ...... I can see why. I also disagree.”


“Do you think the human race's position is just fine, older brother?”


“There's nothing good or bad about it. ...... Lilith, you need to be more realistic.”


“The rumor says that the Giant Tower group can fight the Elf Queen Nation because they have dragons on their side. If they send that valuable force to the Human Kingdom, the Elf Queen will certainly take the opportunity to attack them. That's why the Giant Tower can't move their dragons. The Human Kingdom can't afford to meddle with them.”


"Uh? But from what I've heard, they have many dragons. Even the Elf Queen Nation's sky is covered with them! It should not be difficult to lend one or two of their dragons to us!"


"Logically speaking, there is no way they have enough dragons to cover the sky, and it's impossible to control the dragons...... Even if military force is not a problem, if they stop our salt supply, we will be finished."


The Human Kingdom is located in the center of the continent.

It is surrounded by five other nations.


"We are the only country that does not have access to the sea, and we have to buy salt from the other 5 countries. What do you think would happen if all 5 countries stopped supplying salt simultaneously? People can't live without salt. Without salt, we would easily fall apart. Before the fight even begins, we've already lost to the other 5 races."


" ...... Even so! Older brother, do you really think that we can continue like this?"


Lilith couldn't win with logic, so her emotions exploded.


"Do you really think it's fine that we're at the mercy of five other countries? We can't even decide our import/export tariffs, and we have to sell out our own people silently if they want us to! Is this what you call an independent country? Isn't this just a colony - no, a livestock country!"


“...... Lilith, I understand what you mean. But we can't go against the other five races. I don't like the idea of selling out our people, either. But it’s a neccessary sacrifices for the greater good. It's a cruel thing to do, but isn't that our role as Royal Family to make cold decisions to save the lives of millions of people?”




She could not argue and just fell silent.

The First Prince lightly pats her sister's shoulder, who has blue justice heart. Then he walks off to see the King.

As he walks away, Lilith can only see him off in silence.


Lilith can't say anything back to her father and brother, but she is worried about the future of her race and thinks alone.

Before she realizes it, she is already in front of her room.

Her servant opens the door, then her maids and maid apprentices greet her.


"Welcome back, Princess."


"Nono, please make a cup of tea."


“...... Certainly, Princess.”


She asks the head maid to make a cup of tea to calm her down.

Nono bows and immediately goes to prepare the tea.

Lilith walks across the room to the table in the living room.

Her chair is pulled by a little girl, her maid's apprentice.


"Thank you, Yume."


"It's my pleasure, Princess!"


She is a little girl who will be 10 years old this year. Her hair is stretched to her shoulders and tied with a ribbon on one side. Her maid's uniform is simple, but the fabric is well-made.

Yume is the maid's apprentice who works for Lilith.



--Raito's missing younger sister somehow ends up working as a maid's apprentice for the First Princess of the Human Kingdom.


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