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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Episode 44: Confusion part 2


She understand the theory, its reasonable.

And ... she can understand his feeling. But that's a peacetime decision.

It is not a good choice to make a decision in a maze.

Atou forgets that the other party is his own king for a moment, and can’t help not to speak loudly.


"If so, please call them back immediately! Once we back to the capital,I propose to prepare for a counter attack operation!”


"That can’t be done.I can confirm their situation somehow, but my command can’t reach them."


"Impossible! Units that cannot be ordered are not needed! I would like to destroy it!”






The situation is very unpleasant and critical. Atou's impatience grows stronger and stronger, and the worst scenario came to her mind.

She don't know what idea that push Takuto's to make such a decision.

But it seemed to her that Takuto was making a reckless decision.


At the same time, Atou feels desperate that her own mistake has made things so much more complicated.

No matter how far the enemy's progress toward the capital, she should not forget to report about the attack she experienced.The attack that can intervene the system.

No ... Because now is an important phase because the crisis is approaching the capital. That is the most important thing to report.

He gritted her teeth into cracks… and screamed.


"My king great!I regret to report this to you.In the final battle with Shitennou, I received an unavoidable attack that can intervene the system!All this crisis was caused by my delay in reporting it!Whatever the punishment for this mistake I will accept it!So please reconsider this decision!


Atou makes a tough decision. In other words, he try to overcome the situation by revealing her own mistake and take all the blames.

Its true that this situation could have been prevented if she had reported the attack that intervened in the system earlier.

But that report might confuse the King even more.

Depending on the situation it can make Atou very sad and miserable.


However, by taking all the blame, she hoped to ease the frustration and guilt that the king felt, and then the King could make decision calmly.

With that thought she shouted.

But .......


"I see. Thank you. Even so, please leave. We have to believe in Isla."


From Takuto's answer seems that his mind doesn’t change.


"We must not let sentimental feelings harm Mynoghra! You are ----- to me Takuto-sama is ------!”


Her soul cry cannot reach the King.

If this continues, the worst case scenario will probably come true.

An unexpected phenomenon in the system that could result in the twins' defeat, and Atou's defeat.

Atou did not feel worried or afraid to face her own death.

However, for Atou if Takuto died that would be very painful and unbearable.

Especially if the death was caused by a mistake she made. Atou is very afraid to imagine the future that might happen.


So when sheheard that word ... Atou was shocked by lightning.


"Atou, it's an order. -I can only ask you."


"――――Tsk!! “


When she heard that word, Atou's heart, which was hot, immediately cools down.

It wasn't discouragement or disappointment, it was like a fanatic follower who just realized the truth.

She received an order. If so, there was only one thing she can do.

Eventually, her bitter expression changes and she looks convinced now.


"As you wish, my king."



She accepted her King words.


"Thank you, Atou. I trust you."


Atou's change of heart, because she remembered and understood everything.

What kind of a King Takuto is?

That she had always believe in him.

Ira Takuto ... was the strongest player in Eternal Nations.

She is the only one who was confused and panicked …….


And above all, there was one certain characteristic of his Master that he had to believe in.


Atou's feet finally turned south.

She had received information from the king.

She already understood the situation in his homeland through the vision of the twin girls, maybe the connection with Takuto has getting stronger, and the real situation now appeared in her mind.


She have not confirmed the enemy strength. She have not confirmed the twin’s strength.

Of course, there is a possibility that she will not be able to reach their place on time.

However, Atou sure that if she run with all her might she can join them.

Above all, Ira Takuto had given the order.

If so, there is only one result.


Atou runs, she run through the land, with her inhuman leg power she faster than horse.

The decision has already been made and she was prepared.

Then all she has to do is complete the mission.


A strong willpower make Atou's eyes shines, and the evil aura grew stronger.

At the same time, the enemy monsters attacked and scattered like dust.

The main support is fully present.

Then no one in this world can stop her.



"Atou. I have to tell you one thing."


"... Yes, what is it?”


Atou who was running on the road less path heard a soft voice from Takuto.

As usual, she immediately focused her attention so she won't miss any of his words.


"Be very careful--."


But there was a hint of doubt on her face.

Finally, her expression looks surprised.


"Now the two of them are mad.


Things were much more chaotic than she expected.



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