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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep14 Side story 2

Without paying attention to the surprised reaction of these ex-slave girls, the fairy maid enters the prefab that she created in an instant.

A few seconds later, she open the door again and stand before Silica and the others.


"For now, the minimum living necessities have been prepared.

If there's anything you need, just let me or the other maids know.

Depending on what you need, it may take us a while to prepare it.

Well then, please go inside and check. Ah, no shoes allowed in the room."


"Ye, yes...... Please, please excuse me for the inconvenience."


The fairy maids are always floating in the air, so their feet never get dirty.

Following her instructions, Silica and the others take off their shoes and enter the prefab.


The room size is about 8 tatami, with two wooden bunk beds at each end, a carpet on the floor, a clothes cabinet in the back, a low dining table in the middle, with cookies, and bottled tea on top of the table.


In, in an instant, she could create a room comparable to a middle-class inn like this! This, this is impossible!)


While Silica and the others are amazed, the fairy maid speaks to them.


"Discuss and decide which bed you want...up or down. There are enough clothes and underwear in the wardrobe for all of you, so discuss that too. There is a temporary toilet outside the prefab, so you can use it. You can see where the well is, right? I'll leave the rest to you. For the time being, we have some time before dinner, so you can take some butter cookies and tea from the table."


"O, Onee-chan, can we eat these sweets?"


The youngest of the ex-slave girls reconfirm with sparkling eyes.

The sloppy fairy maid smiles and pats her head.


"Of course~. That's why I put them there. If you twist the top of a plastic tea bottle like this, you can remove the lid. Well, I still have work to do, so I'll call you when dinner is ready.”


The fairy maid leaves the prefab.

The girls sit on the carpet and take sweets and tea from the table for the time being.

The youngest ex-slave girl's eyes sparkle.


"Mmm! These sweets are so delicious!”


“The tea is not too sweet but nice.....”


“I can't believe slaves like us can eat such delicious food....”




Unlike the girls who are impressed by the deliciousness of the butter cookies & tea, Silica is muttering inwardly.


(These cookies are too delicious! They weren't just using high-grade sugar to make them sweet. They were also balancing the texture, feel, and taste! And they are all baked with the same shape and temperature..... These must be made by a very famous chef. If they sell them, one-piece could be worth a silver coin.)


The girls eat up the cookies, which can be sold for 1 silver coin.

A single or a few cookies are more expensive than their price as a slave.

It's not just the cookies.


(The tea also contains just the right amount of high-quality sugar to make it easy to drink, and this transparent bottle is different from glass and very convenient...... I'm sure some people are willing to pay a few silver coins for this bottle alone.)


As a peddler's daughter, Silica realized how expensive the sweets and tea were.


--But her surprise is not over.


When sunset comes, the fairy maids use light magic to create a ball of light that illuminates the area.

Thanks to that, the area is as bright as daytime.


The dinner is self-service, and the menu includes stew, baked or fried meat, baked or boiled fish, bread, salad, and many other items.

After taking a tray and lining up to collect their dinner, they sit down on chairs and tables in the outdoor area to eat.

When they finish eating, they should return the tray to the designated place.


"Here, here, please line up in a row. There's enough for everyone."


“Oh, oooh, you can have a second serving too!”


A fairy maid with glasses is stirring the stew in a big pot.

The nerdy-looking fairy maid beside her cheerfully announces that everyone can ask for a second serving. Another fairy maid slaps her on the back of the head.


The fairy maids who are busily working are all beautiful, and they come out of the Giant Tower like bees.

Silica stands in line and looks at the busy fairy maids.


(Maybe there is magic in this Giant Tower that creates beautiful girls.)


She can't help but think about how many different types of beautiful girls are coming in and out of the "Giant Tower".


Silica and the others receive their dinner and sit down at empty seats.

They immediately started eating dinner together.


"!? This stew is delicious!”


“It has lots of vegetables and meat!”


“This meat is delicious! The fish is also good!”


“The bread is as white and soft, just like the one the nobles eat!”


Silica and her roommates are enjoying their delicious dinner.

On the other side, Silica is amazed by the deliciousness of the stew, meat, and salad. But most of all, she is surprised by the bread.


(This bread! It's so soft that it's like shredded clouds. Most importantly, the wheat used in this bread ...... I've never eaten anything like this!)


Wheat is produced in many countries, but mostly in the Human Kingdom.

The Human Kingdom is located almost in the center of the continent. Their main business is agriculture. They're producing large quantities of wheat and vegetables.

These are exported to five other countries to earn foreign currency.

To put it in a nice way, the Human Kingdom is a food supplier for all countries. In a bad way, it is a weak country that can only export food because of the weakness of its race (human).


Therefore, the wheat in this world mostly comes from the Human Kingdom. Of course, the taste of wheat grown in other countries and other lands will vary, but the difference is not significant.

Despite this fact, the wheat that Silica tastes is sweeter than the wheat in this world.


(When I ate the cookies, I couldn't tell because of the sweetness of the sugar, but when I tried this bread, it was clearly different. The sweetness of the wheat is strong, different from the sugar. But I've never seen or heard of such sweet and fragrant wheat!)


That means that the foods they are happily eating now are something they have never seen or heard of before --. These foods are not made in this world.


(Eh, a dream? Is this a dream?)


She can't help but feel unsure of where she currently is.


“...... Isn't it delicious? Or is there something wrong with you?"




She looks up when she is approached by one of the most beautiful fairy maids.

She is a very beautiful girl, but on the contrary, she is so beautiful that she seems to lack personality.


Silica gulps her saliva down her dry throat and denies it.


"I, I'm fine. I'm not sick. And the food is very delicious."


"Really? Good to hear that."


The very beautiful fairy maid smiles.

The way she smiles is also very cute.

She smiles and then says.


“It's okay. You have been saved.”


“Wha, what do you mean? ......”


The beautiful maid assures Silica with eyes that can see through everything in her heart.


"Our Lord has declared absolute humans independence. Now that you have been officially freed and taken under his protection, you will never feel hungry, shivering in the cold, or discriminated against or fearing the enemies. As long as you're under our Lord's protection, your happiness is guaranteed."


She smiles and continues her words.


"As long as one is alive, one has the right to be happy. There is no such thing as other races being superior and humans being inferior... As long as you are here, no one can buy your existence. No one can order you to die. You girls are free to stand on your own feet here. You will be taught how to fish, you will be taught how to grow productive crops, and you will continue to stand on your feet. You even have the freedom to leave this place. You are promised that you will be happy and will live by your own free will."




The eyes of this beautiful maid are beautiful in every way.

No signs of religious fanaticism or darkness in her eyes.

Her words are not fanaticism. As the sky is blue, as the wind blows, she is absolutely sure that Silica and the others are promised to live by their own will.


“So you don't have to worry about anything, okay?”


“Oh, okay.”


After Silica replies, she smiles again and leaves.

Silica and the others realize their current situation.


( Thanks to the Witch of the Giant Tower, we have been freed and can live by our own will......)


When her father and mother died, she gave up everything.

She thought that she would become a slave and join her parents soon.


(Am I allowed to live ......?)


The Witch of the Giant Tower is so powerful. It must be easy for her to cut down the trees and expand the land.

Even if hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of humans gather together, they won't starve, shiver in the cold, or be discriminated against or look down in fear of the threat of enemies.

It's just like the mythical world inside the fairy tale.


(We somehow ended up in the world of fairy tales.....)


Silica put the stew in her mouth.


The stew is slightly colder, but it is still delicious.


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