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Thursday, December 1, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep13 Side story 1


The Mohicans saved this little girl named Silica near the Giant Tower.


She and her parents were traveling around the Human Kingdom as peddlers.

On the way, they were attacked by monsters, and her parents died.

Silica is the only one lucky enough to survive. Still, it is difficult for a human little girl to survive alone, and she falls into slavery.


After some twists and turns, she was bought as a slave by an elf. Then she was forced to walk through the forest to lead the way and act as bait for monsters.

But on the way, the elf was attacked and killed by a giant four-legged monster with a snake tail. She was scared that she would be eaten too, but the monster ignored her and disappeared into the forest. After that, she was saved by the Mohicans. After they left the forest, her ownership was transferred to a merchant.


She is a peddler's daughter and has trading skills, so she is treated very well by the merchant who bought her.


(Many adventurers and soldiers are gathering because of the Giant Tower appearance, so the demand is very high, but it's a decent job....)


They won't make much money, but they won't go broke either.

That is how they sell their products.

As the daughter of a peddler, Silica can calculate and is useful in the store.

She looks like an ordinary little girl, but she is proud of her own charm.


( It would be nice if I could become the merchant's concubine.)


Silica herself is a slave, her appearance is ordinary, but her usefulness is appealing. The merchant is single and old, but she can tolerate that. She thinks it's much better than being sold to someone else and forced to act as bait for monsters.


However, her treatment changes drastically.


A human woman who rides a dragon and calls herself the 'Witch of the Giant Tower' attacks the Elf Queen nation.

She forced the Elf Queen to acknowledge Human Race Absolute Independence and declared it official law, prohibiting human slavery.

The little girl slaves owned by the merchants near the forest (including Silica) are also affected by this law.


As a result, Silica and the rest of the merchant's slave ownership must be transferred.


A very beautiful woman appears in front of the merchant with a dragon. She wears a maid's uniform, has transparent wings on her back, and somehow always floating.


"I'm in charge of this area. How much are they going to cost?"


"Let's see...... How about around this much?"


"I see. Then, please take this. I'll add some bonus too. Good night.”


"Thank you very much!"


They bought the slaves officially with money.


If they take the slaves by force, the owner may complain, but they are being bought and sold officially, so they cannot say anything.

The woman looks a bit sloppy, but she has big breasts. She is so beautiful that even Silica herself would tolerate almost anything if she smiled at her.

She is wearing a maid's uniform, but it is very clean. The fabric looks so expensive that one can tell at a glance that the quality is good.


(Isn't that one maid outfit more expensive than the price of a hundred of me?)


A very beautiful maid shows up, so there's no way the rough adventurers can keep their mouths shut.

They try to flirt with her, but



But a single low roar from the dragon silences them.


The maid woman tells Silica and the others not to worry about the dragon's roar.


"We're leaving now, so get on the dragon's back. It's only a short distance from here to the 'Giant Tower', so don't be scared and panicked. If you panicked and fall, you'll die."




"Okay, I'll count on you."




The dragon flaps its wings and flies into the sky at the maid's voice.




The slave little girls (including Silica) scream briefly, but they all brace themselves and hold on to the dragon to keep from falling.

The actual travel time is less than ten minutes, but it feels longer than that to these little girls.

When they safely reach the giant tower, all the little girls sit down as if they're grateful for being on the ground.


"Okay, thank you for your hard work~. There's nothing else to do after this, so just relax for a while. I'm going to report back, so please wait here for a while. And please don't enter the forest without our permission. We've already wiped out the monsters, but it's not completely safe, so if you go into the forest without permission, you might die.”


"Yes, yes, I'll be careful."


Silica replied to the maid lady on behalf of the group.


The maid tells the dragon to relax for the rest of the day. The dragon nods and flies off again into the sky.

The maid sees the dragon fly into the sky and walks to the giant tower.

The little girls are left there.


As Silica's fears triggered by the short flight subsided, she observed the giant tower.


( So this is the rumored Giant Tower......)


In the center of the open space stands a tower as high as the Giant Tower's name. The tower is white and piercing the sky.

The ground in radius 1 km is flat, and 3-meter tall golems stand at the forest edge as guards.


Other than Silica and the others, there are at least 2 or 3 hundred people who look like former slaves.

Silica intuitively noticed their number.


(We're going to die if this continues......)


Although the area around the Giant Tower has been cleared, there is no farm at all.

There are no houses, not even tents, so there is no place to sleep and of course no clothing.

The area is surrounded by forest, so there is no way to go to the nearby town or merchants to come here.

The nearest place to buy food would be the Elf Queen country.

They can threaten them again with dragons and take the food from them, but .......

There will be more former human slaves from all over the Elf Queen Country to come. It is practically impossible to feed them all.


(I heard that the Witch of the Giant Tower was the one who declared absolute human independence. But there is no way someone with such a huge tower and so many dragons would care about the lives of the lower class human. In other words, we have to make a living on our own from now on..... But that is impossible for children like us....)


How long will it take to harvest food from the farm ......?

It will be nearly impossible for girls like Silica and the others to survive until that time if left alone.


( If we can't make food with magic like the legendary magician in the fairy tale, we won't be able to survive...)


But a fairy tale is just a fairy tale.

It is impossible to create food with magic.

In other words, Silica and the others will die here.....


As Silica is drowning in despair, the beautiful fairy maid who has finished her business comes back.


"Sorry for making you wait. We're going to build temporary houses for everyone, so please wait a little while.”


"......? Temp, eh?"


"Yes, clear the space over there... Okay. Prefab (prefabrication), release."


The fairy maid holds a card in her hand and chants 'release', and a single-story iron building appears in front of her.


"............ Eh?"


Silica couldn't understand what was happening before her eyes and could only wonder.



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