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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C49

 Chapter 49: Unattended shop



I go to the Farming Guild to buy some logs to grow the white variant. I buy 3 logs and some high-grade fertilizer.


While I'm here, I might as well check the requests. When I look at the board, there are several requests that I can complete.


The first one is a request to supply 3 kinds of mushrooms. I have several pieces of each mushroom kind, so I can complete this request now.       


Besides that, there is a special quest to show a mutated variant. It's similar to the Beastmaster Guild's request to show Barbara-san a unique monster.


For now, I showed the white variant of the Red Tengu Mushroom. There is also a request to show a mutated plant on my farm. Unfortunately, I've already converted my microflame grass into seeds.


That was a mistake. I'll come back to show the mutated plant next time.


Apparently, I've fulfilled the requirement to raise my guild rank by completing two requests.

"Would you like to take a rank-up quest to raise your guild rank?"


Next is rank 5. To raise my rank, I'll have to do a quest. For the Beastmaster's Guild, I have to bring 3 kinds of lvl 10 monsters to complete the quest. It looks quite difficult...


I wonder how about the Farming guild.                                  


Special Quests

Description: Deliver 4 kinds of crops of ★3 or higher harvested from your farm.

Reward: Raise your guild rank to Rank 5

Deadline: None


Are? That's so easy. In fact, I'm able to achieve it now. But is it really that hard if I grow it in the normal way? Thanks to Orto, I can harvest ★5 crops regularly. I don't really understand the difficulty level.


So I completed the quest on the spot and successfully raised my guild rank to 5. As I thought, my rank in the farming guild would increase faster than the Beastmaster guild.


"If my rank rises, will I be able to buy more things?"


"Of course. You'll be able to buy higher-ranked farming tools and more seedlings and seeds."


When I ask to see the catalog, there are more seeds of medicinal herbs, paralysis plants, and other farm products. Also, I can buy ★3 edible grass. Previously, I only can buy ★1 edible grass.


Moreover, the number of high-grade fertilizers that can be bought in one week has increased to 5.


"And now you can set up your own unattended shop."


"Unattended shop?"




I asked about the details and found out that the system allows people to sell their harvests from their farms and products made from them.


The difference between this and the street stalls is that you can only sell products that you have registered. The unattended shop allows you to sell up to 5 goods if your guild rank is 5.


Although you can replace them, you can't sell as many items as you want, like in a stall. Also, since you can only sell goods related to farming, you can't sell armor or monster materials.


However, you can sell potions made from herbs harvested from the farm and wooden products made from wood harvested from trees grown on your farm.


"Is there any fee to use it?"


"No, there are no fees. All you have to do is set up a shop in front of your farm."


That's a good deal. And it sounds interesting.


So I decided to sign up for the unattended shop. Well, it was quite simple. It's already set up in front of my farm, just like my barn.


I quickly return to my field and see a stall-like shop in front of my first farm. It looks like the vegetable stalls I often see in real life.


"Hee. This way... oh, I can change various settings by touching it."


It allows me to choose what to sell and set the price. So, what should I sell?


My most surplus goods are portable food and vegetables. I don't think these will sell to the ordinary players.


Maybe medicines would be the best sellers? Well, I can sell the medicines that I sell to Alyssa-san here, but...


I can prepare ★5 lower-level potions, poisons, paralysis pills, bleeding pills, and Severe attack medicines. I'm sure there's a demand for them, but what should I do?


Yeah, maybe I should ask someone for their opinion. I look at my friend list and see that Ashihana is still online. Let's discuss this with her for now.


I made a friend call to Ashihana.


"Hello? What's up, Yuuto-san? Please wait a little longer for the beekeeping box."


"No, it's not about the beekeeping box. I just want to discuss something with you."


I told her about my unattended shop. Then, I got some advice, which was much better than expected.


"Medicine might be difficult to sell?"




"They're ★5, right? Not many people in the beginning town will buy them. Most of the people in the beginning town are production workers or beginners who started late."


"I see."


"I'm sure you can sell as much as you want in the 3rd city."


"So it's better to sell vegetables?"


"I think you should sell the herbal tea leaves!"


"I am not sure if they can sell well."


"I want some! I drank all the tea you gave me yesterday."


"Eeh? Didn't I give you 5 bags?"


"I can't help it. It is so delicious. It's perfect for drinking while working. It would be great if you could sell the cookies too!"


Herbal tea, hmm. I don't mind selling them, but I can't expect much profit from them.


I can only sell herbal tea leaves for around 200 G. The reason is that the price set for unattended shops is limited to five times the basic price of the goods. The basic price is the price set by the system, which is calculated based on the material's value and quality. No matter how much the demand is, the unattended shop is only allowed to sell goods five times the basic price.


In the first place, herbs are treated as weeds, so they are only worth about 10 G to 40 G. That's because they're just dried. The value is mostly the material cost.


If it's a mixed product, it's treated as a multi-ingredient product and can be worth 400-600 G. Still, I think that price is too high for a luxury item without any effect.


"No, wait a minute. Since Ashihana and Sawyer-kun have plants knowledge, why don't you make your own? Sawyer-kun is an alchemist, so he can dry them, right?"


"That didn't work!"


Ashihana also has alchemy skill. It seems she has already tried it.

But Ashihana and Sawyer-kun couldn't dry the herbs.

It seems that no matter how they try, the herbs always turn into garbage.




"I am not sure. Maybe it requires cooking skill."


I see, that might be true.


"Then why don't you take the cooking skill?


"I want to make herbal tea, but I don't want to spend my bonus points for that..."


Therefore, she wants to buy herbal tea from me.


"I get it. OK, I'll register the herbal tea leaves for now."


"Thank you!"


"But I can't make enough cookies for sale, you know?"


"Hmm, it can't be helped ~."


"Instead, I'll prepare five kinds of herbal teas."


If I change the ingredients, the taste will change considerably. Some are very simple.


When I register the products, I can change the name, so I've registered them as herbal teas 1~5. I will set the price to 100 G.


"Please tell me which number you liked later."


"OK. Roger that!"




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