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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C39

Chapter 39: Dragon's wrath



The knights' joy did not last long.


The dragon rises while everyone hugs each other.


"So noisy....."


As if nothing had happened, White Dragon stands up.


The Knights are speechless when they see this despairing sight.


"No, no way....."


"Even after all that, he is still alive..."


Not just Fletty, but even Karim cannot turn his eyes away from the rising dragon.


While everyone is speechless, the only one who stays cool is White Dragon.


Scratching the side of his eye with his claw, White Dragon opens his mouth.


"Oh. Well. Don't make that face, human. It's settled. I've lost."




"Did you just admit defeat?"


"Are you serious?"


"I'll take that as a yes, dragon."


Karim tries to get confirmation, but White Dragon shakes his head.


"Dragon never takes back his words...... Or do you still want to fight with me?"


When asked this question, no one raises their hand.


Even the Wind Hero shrugs his shoulders.


"You have shown me your power, that's good enough. Especially that knight..."


White Dragon stares at Fletty.


"The last strike worked. It was a good strike."


"Tha, thank you."


Fletty spontaneously stood upright and bowed deeply.


And you, Hero. You still need to train your mind.

I don't know what you are afraid of, but you need to be more confident."


Karim, who troubled White Dragon the most, is now being lectured.


Karim is a bit surprised and then shrugs his shoulders lightly.


"Thank you for your advice."


Realizing that the dragon has no desire to fight, he sheathed his sword.          


"Then, we have......"


"Did we really win?"


"It's over....."


".... Looks like it, isn't it?"


The knights are confused and then cheer for the second time.


They thought they had defeated the dragon once, but it raised its body again. The dragon looked like it had revived, but then it admitted defeat.


No wonder they are confused.


"I'm sorry, White Dragon. Even though it was a trial, we hurted your body like that."


Fletty gazes at White Dragon's giant body.


Besides countless wounds, its white scales were burned and soothed by explosions and stained with its own blood.


Yet, White Dragon looks relaxed.


"No need to worry."


Suddenly, White Dragon's scales glow, and the wound quickly heals.


In less than 10 seconds, it regained its pure white appearance.


Fletty couldn't help but gasp in admiration.


"It seems that no matter how many lives I have, it won't be enough to defeat you."


"Gahahahaha! My race is called God's beast. No mortal can take my head that easily."


White Dragon laughs vigorously.


"Despite that, the old wound on your tail doesn't seem to be healed...."


Karim points at the wound on his tail, which looks like an old wound.


"Oh, that. It was cut in a very special way."




"Please don't pry it. I get angry just remembering it. Instead of me, you are more battered than I am. Especially you there, you can barely stand up."


White Dragon thoughtfully points at Fletty.


Fletty smiles.


"No need to worry about me. Any wounds you got from fighting a dragon are wounds of honor----gghh!!"


Fletty suddenly crouched down.


Apparently, some of his ribs have broken.


Finally, he falls to his knees and almost collapses.




Richil holds up Fletty, who is about to fall down.


At that moment, something drops from Fletty's pocket.


It is a big leaf. A boy's figure pops out when the rolled-up leaf is opened.


"Are? Fletty-san? Do you need something? I thought you had found White Dragon----."


It's Luciel's possession herb.


Then White Dragon.......


Their eyes meet.


Both blinked a few times and then ----.



" "Aaaaaaaaaaah!" "


Their voices echo.


Richil immediately realizes what is happening and hurriedly rolls up the possession grass. She put it in her tool bag at her waist as if nothing had happened.




White Dragon remains silent.


Even though he is a dragon, they can tell by looking at his expression. Obviously, his mood is changing. An eerie roar echoes, so loud that it reminds them of a volcano before it erupts.


"This is bad."


"Yes, what the hell happened between Luciel-kun and White Dragon....?"


"Anyway, can we just retreat temporarily?"




"No, we must break our Lady's curse. That is why we came all the way here."


Richil tries to interrupt, but the atmosphere is not right for her to speak up.


Karim and the other knights talk to each other secretly. And finally, White Dragon opens his mouth.


"You guys know that kid?"


"Ah, yeah...."


"Co, Commander! Why do you admit it?"


Mildy is surprised to see Fletty nodding.


"At this point, it would be difficult to deny knowing him. It's better to tell the truth than lie carelessly."


"Hah.... That sounds like what a commander would say, but......"


Mildy shrugs her shoulders.


Despite Fletty's beliefs, White Dragon's mood is clearly falling down.


Gogogogo..... White Dragon nods once while making a mysterious sound.


I see. You managed to defeat me because of his cunning."


"Cu, cunning?"


"White Dragon. What happened between you and Luciel-kun?"


"He and I? He..... He!"


"He cut my tail and tried to eat it! !!"




" " "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!" " "


Their scream echoes through the air.


"Dra, dragon tail....."


"He cut....."


"Ea, eat?"






Karim and the Knights are very surprised.


White Dragon cannot contain his anger.


Finally, his concealed fighting spirit is reawakened.


"Let's continue!"




"If it comes to this, you guys will have to keep me company!"


"Keep you company, what do you mean?----"


At that moment, White Dragon released its breath.


The silver world that almost melted by the heat of battle revived.


It seems that White Dragon is really serious now.


"If it comes to this, we have to fight----."


"No, I think we should retreat for now."


"Hah! I won't let you escape!"


White Dragon shot out his breath. The snowstorm piled up, and a massive wall of snow surrounded the knights.


"Our retreat route!"


"Mages! Melt the snow with magic!"


"No, no time for that."


Karim said as he looked at White Dragon, a drop of sweat pouring down his face.


The dragon in question shines at that moment.


The dragon's mouth is shining as if it has swallowed the sun.


"I sense a different kind of power now."


"Is he still preserving its power?"


Karim and Fletty gulp.


Perhaps if they receive this blow, they will be finished. The Knights will be wiped out for real.


"Karim-sama, please run away with the others."


"Run away to where? It's okay, if I unleash my power....."


"Don't do that! Like that time---- Your life will be at stake."


"In this situation it won't be any different."


"Then, let me----."


The two argue with each other but suddenly stop.


They hear a song coming from somewhere.





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