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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C40

Chapter 40: Brother and sister



◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ Luciel side ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


"Miss, do you hate me?"


I asked her.


In the basement, where the medicinal herbs filled the air, Miss Lilith clenched her fists in front of her chest.


Her anxious blue eyes shake like the lake's surface when the wind blows.


It is very quiet, perhaps because we are in the basement.


It may sound a bit cliché, but it feels as if only the two of us in this world.




Miss Lilith did not answer.


I could see the efforts she made several times to try. Because her mouth is moving like a baby trying desperately to speak.


I hate to ask this question, but I don't think there is any reason for the young lady to like me in the first place.


A child who claims to have been living for 300 years is suddenly adopted by the Letivia family.


I know that there are people who find this not funny.

Because those kinds of people also exist in the mansion where I lived before.


"Why was such a sickly child born as the son of the Sword Saint?"


I am used to being hated by people.


Those malicious eyes are also .......


But the Letivia family is different.


They look at me warmly, as a human being.


When our eyes meet, they smile at me.


The same goes for Miss Lilith.


She never looks down on me. As a fellow child, she doesn't have any hostility toward me.


She just turns away from me.


And she looks down apologetically.


I didn't understand it for a long time.


The meaning of her behavior...


Maybe because it is my first time, so I am confused.


...... More confused than the little girl in front of me.


"I am sorry."


Miss Lilith just said a few words.


She did not only speak with a voice that sounded like a tinkling bell.


Tears are also falling from her blue eyes.


Tears draw translucent lines on her white cheeks illuminated by the torchlight.


I hurriedly take out a handkerchief and gently wipe Miss Lilith's tears.


"I, I'm so sorry! No....I mean.......... I'm not saying that....... Miss, you're not bad...... I just wanted to know......."


Aah, what the hell am I doing?


Even though I know that Miss Lilith is a very sensitive person......


I may have been too insensitive, but ----.


I am panicking, then Miss Lilith shakes her head violently.


'It's not that. I've always, always wanted to.... apologize to you...."


"Apologize.... To me.....?"


Miss Lilith has nothing to apologize to me for.


What the.....


"I'm sorry."


"What are you apologizing to me for?"


"Because... Luciel-san has been suffering for 300 years.... I couldn't help you for a long, long time. That's why----."


I am sorry...




I couldn't help but make a weird sound.


I couldn't help you for 300 years.


I couldn't understand what this young lady was talking about for a while.


But eventually, I understand what Miss Lilith is trying to say.


I have been in the mountains for 300 years, and she couldn't do anything for me during those times.


That she has been living with her family peacefully without reaching out her hand to help me.


Ordinary people don't care about such things.


Because there is no way to reverse time.


No one can reverse it.


Even if the Sword Sage (my father) is still alive.


However, Miss Lilith regrets her inability to help me.


Clavis-san said.


Miss Lilith is a very sensitive child.....


Now I fully understand those words.


At the same time, I am warmed by the young lady's kindness.


'Miss Lilith, please allow me to touch your hair.


"Eh? Oh, yes. I don't mind.




I touch her hair.




"I, I'm sorry."


"It's, it's okay. It's just.... Other than my family, no one has ever..."


"You don't like it?"


Then Miss Lilith shakes her head wider than before.


"I don't mind.... Instead, I prefer you to touch----."


After saying that much, the young lady blushed.


She cries, she blushes .......


The young lady is a very restless person.




It is funny, and I couldn't help but burst out.


"Then, this time."




I touch the young lady's hair once more.


It is shiny and smooth.


It is slightly moist but smooth and silky, like white sand.


While touching Lilith's hair, I pat her head.


"Thank you"




"Young lady cried for me. That feeling is enough."




"Would you please show me a smile instead of apologizing from now on?"


"Smile, but... oh..."


"I'm not asking you to push yourself to smile. But I've never seen Miss Lilith's smile."


It has always been that way.


Miss Lilith always looks sad when she is in front of me.


Even if I knew the reason, I couldn't bear to see such an expression on her face every day.


Even though we live together under the same roof.


If possible, I would like to see her smile.


Am I being selfish?              


Miss Lilith is walking away from me.


I thought she hated me, but that's not the reason.


She reflects her face on the water that flows in the basement. It is dark, but she still can see her face.


I wondered what she would do, but the young lady put her fingers on the ends of her mouth and pulled them to both sides.


She tries to force herself to smile, but it still looks awkward.


Lady Lilith put her hand on her chest.


She takes one big breath, and she begins to sing.


In the dark basement.


The girl's voice echoes as the fire of the torch sparkles and the fire dust scatter like stars.




I was surprised when I heard the song.


Not only because of the young lady's beautiful voice but also because I recognized the song.


It was a cheerful festival song.


I used to hear it once a year in the town where I lived.


I accidentally heard it while practicing my sword skill.


For 300 years, I thought I had lost everything.


But I was wrong. I realized that there were things that still remained, like this song.


Thanks to Miss Lilith.




I found myself singing with the lady.


I let my voice echo through the basement.


Miss Lilith seems very surprised to hear me singing, but she smiles softly and continues to sing.


Yes, she smiled.


She finally smiles naturally in front of me.


It was beautiful and the best smile I have ever seen.


Looking at it makes my heart warm......


It was such a beautiful smile.


I am glad I got to see it.....


If I couldn't see this smile for the rest of my life, I would definitely regret it......


“----… ♪”


The song ends.


Before I knew it, Miss Lilith and I were singing so loudly that we were out of breath.


We naturally look at each other.


She doesn't look sad, but she seems very happy.


"Finally...... I can see you in the eyes."


The young lady understood what that meant and immediately turned her head down.




I stopped her with my finger when she was about to apologize again.


"That word is no longer allowed in front of me. Is that okay?"


"...... Fufu. You sound like my caretaker."


"I'm sorry."


And I naturally apologized too.


"So you like singing?"


"Yes, I love singing as much as I love growing plants."


The young lady laughed again.


I see. Maybe the Lurara plant has blossomed.......




"Eh? Yes!"


When I realized it, Miss Lilith stretched her neck like a cat to approach me.


She smiles charmingly.


And at that moment, I realized that Miss Lilith addressed me without honorifics.


"May I also make one forbidden request of you?"


"Ye, yes. What is it?"


"Will you stop calling me 'Miss'?"


"Eh? But I am ----."


"It's not official yet, but we're going to be siblings sooner or later. Then I think it would be good to get used to each other."


"You mean......"


"That's why let's call each other without honorifics. I'll call you Luciel and......"


"Then, I......"


It's kind of embarrassing when things change.




"Yes. Please take care of me, Luciel."


"Please take care of me too."


I feel relieved.


At that moment, I realize that I am now a member of Clavis-san's family. Lilith and I are brother and sister.




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