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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep12 Homecoming 2


"What... What has happened here!?"


After successfully removing Naraku's transfer blockage, we finally reached the surface.


We reached my village, only to find that it had been completely destroyed by something.

Farms, livestock sheds, and houses were destroyed. There are many burn marks.

More importantly, many dead bodies are lying around.


They have been exposed to the wind, rotted, and eaten by small monsters, birds, and rats. They have turned into white skeletons, but I can recognize them by their clothes and size.


Meme-chan (Yume's friend), the old man who was kind to the children despite his stern face, the auntie who made delicious bread on bread day...  I unconsciously stop flying, land in the village, and run.

I follow the path imprinted in my body, but the house where my family is waiting for me...




It is not there.


Not even a single pillar is left standing. It was crushed as if it was stepped on by a giant.

More importantly, there are 2 skeleton remains near the house.

From their clothes, they are a man and a woman. The man was protecting the woman while she was lying on the ground.


Their clothes looked familiar to me. I used to see them every day several years ago.


"Dad, Mom...?"


The death of my father and mother.

It doesn't feel real.


“---ito-sama-- Rai...”


Did I accidentally come to the wrong place?

Or maybe I'm still asleep, and I'm just having a nightmare...


"Raito-sama! Be careful!"


"Me-i ......?"


When she grabs my shoulder, I turn around and see Mei, Aoyuki, Elly, and Nazuna all staring at me in worry.

I was on my way to my village with them when I noticed something strange, so I ignored Mei and the others and ran ahead of them to get here.

Yes, the scene in front of me is real.






The impact is too strong that I knelt down and start to vomit.

Mei hurriedly supports my body and pats my back. She takes out her handkerchief to wipe my clothes without worrying about them getting dirty.

Elly created water with magic for me to drink, and Aoyuki stepped in front of me to block my view.

Nazuna is stunned and confused about what to do.


“----Stop messing...”


After I vomited out everything in my stomach, I began to vent out my emotions.

I stand up and scream like an evil spirit.


“Don't mess with me! Why is this village destroyed? Why my father, my mother, everyone in the village has to die! Why! Why? God! Did I ever make a sin that deserves this cruel punishment?”


My intuition tells me.

Why was my village destroyed, the villagers and my parents killed?

It must be because I was the master candidate.

Of course, there's a possibility that completely unrelated monsters or bandits went on a rampage.


But I was suspected as the Master and was almost killed in Naraku.

Coincidentally, my village was destroyed this time--how is this possible?

There's no way this could happen!


Just like how they had tried to kill me, all the nations, or perhaps one of the nations, had destroyed my village.

I couldn't control the murderous intent overflowing from inside me.

I scream toward the sky.


"I will kill them! I will kill those who destroyed my home! I will kill them! I will kill those who killed my family! I'll never forgive them! I will find them even if I have to search to the end of the world, and I will kill them! I will make them pay!"


The scream of someone who has reached level 9999.

Even Mei and the others couldn't move from their spot, birds fly out of the forest at once, and the beasts run away to get some distance from us.

My heightened sense can sense them, but it doesn't make me feel any better.

I continued to vent my anger and resentment to the world until my throat dried up.





I screamed until my emotions calmed down in that place.

After that, I couldn't stay in a rage forever, so I started to take action.


Once I returned to Naraku with the SSR-Transfer, I formed a team to investigate.

I wanted to get clues about those who had destroyed my village and killed my family.


But it's been a long time, so there's not much we can learn.

-       My village was destroyed a few years ago.

-       Houses, farms, cattle sheds, wells, etc., were all destroyed.

-       The villagers seemed to try to run away, but almost everyone was killed.


It is as if someone had a grudge against the village. My village was completely wiped out as if it had never existed.


Since a long time had passed, we couldn't tell if it was destroyed by monsters or by other races.

There is only one good news.

Nii-chan and Yume's remains have not been found yet.



After the investigation, I gathered the remains of my parents and the villagers and built graves for them.

I brought the fairy maids from Naraku to help me with the SSR-Transfer.

Based on their clothes and sizes, I can tell that the remains of Nii-chan and Yume are missing.


After discovering this, I sent them to investigate the surrounding area, including the nearby forest, but there’s no results.

Of course, the two may have escaped into the forest and been killed by monsters. Their whole body may have been eaten, and nothing left behind.


But with no remains, there is a possibility that the two of them could have escaped unharmed and are still alive somewhere in this world.

--Of course, I understand that this possibility is close to zero.

I call Mei to my office to give my instructions.


Ask our merchants and adventurers on the surface world to gather information about Nii-chan and Yume.


“.... What would you like them to prioritize?”


“Let's see...”


My resources are limited, and it is difficult to investigate everything. If we try to investigate everything, we will end up with shallow or half-baked information, which will lead to more confusion and trouble.

It's only natural to set priorities.


I can't forgive those who destroyed my village and killed my parents, but I can't forget about my revenge and finding out the truth.

Without hesitation, I tell her.


I want you to prioritize revenge and information about the Master and all countries.


“Very well, my Lord. I'll arrange it that way."


Mei bows elegantly.


I have a hunch that my village destruction and my parents' murder are related to me being suspected as the Master.

If I prioritize revenge, Master, and countries, I might get information related to my village's destruction along the way.

It is only a hunch, but...


Mei leaves my office.

I lean my body against my chair.


As I close my eyes, the images of the destroyed village, the massacred villagers, and my parents come to me one after another.

I grit my teeth unconsciously.


"Dad, Mom, everyone, I will definitely take revenge..."


My voice echoed in this quiet office.





About six months later...

After taking revenge on Garou, I realize that our power is enough to invade the surface world from his reaction.

I'm sure of that.


"Aah, I'm finally ready to take revenge."


And we emerge from Naraku to the surface world.





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