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Thursday, November 10, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C38


Chapter 38: The Wind Hero


◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ Knights side ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


Two hours have passed since they started fighting White Dragon.


Even though they are elite Knights, they get tired.


The raid team members, who are lightly armed, keep moving around. The heavily armed knights defend against the dragon's attacks while the mages keep casting support and defensive magic.


They climbed up the mountain and entered the battle shortly after resting.


There is no way they are not tired.


The sun has already set, and the stars twinkle in the sky. But the battle still continues, and the knights move around under the moonlight.


Although the situation is not so good, the fact that they have been able to fight White Dragon so far is definitely thanks to Luciel's cooking.


If they didn't eat his cooking, the knights would have been wiped out by the first [Snowstorm Breath].




It was Fletty who groaned.


He distances himself from White Dragon for a moment. Although not fatally wounded, his armor is already tattered. The area around his hand has turned black.


This is because of the Flametongue's flames.


The flames of the burning sword could not be harmless even to the wielder. In the first place, simply holding the magic sword absorbs magic power.


Fletty is not a mage. He can wield the Flametongue for long periods because his magic power has been dramatically increased.


It is no longer necessary to say who is responsible for that.


But fatigue is another thing. Still, the battlefield is the borderline between life and death. No matter how strong Fletty is, after fighting for 2 hours, he started to run out of breath.


"Fletty, take some rest."


Karim, who has been fighting at the front with him, called out to him.


"No, I still can......"


Fletty leans forward but ends up on his knees in the opposite direction.


His body refuses to move. The flames that were burning out of Flametongue also died out without power.


"I didn't ask you to rest permanently. Just for a short while is fine. Besides, have you forgotten the promise you made to my father?"


Fletty suddenly realizes. He glances at the magic sword in his hand.


Defeating White Dragon is not enough. It would be meaningless if he did not come back alive.


"..... I..... Understand."


Fletty muttered regretfully.


"That said, you may not get another turn though."




Then he sees Karim running toward White Dragon.


The wind softly caressed Fletty's cheeks. It was caused by Karim, the Wind Hero. Somehow, he feels as if he is being encouraged by him.


Fletty isn't the only one who feels it.


Everyone on the battlefield feels as if something is patting them on the back.


Everyone's eyes naturally look at Karim.


White Dragon is no exception.




"Let's go, dragon..."


The wind rises from Karim's soles to the tips of his head.


The storm swirled around Karim, messing up his blonde hair.


The knights fight against this powerful wind.


"Finally, you show your real strength. Hero!"


"Yes..... It is time to end this, White Dragon."


"I thought the same thing."


After two hours of fighting, White Dragon's fighting spirit remains high.


Still, he is not unharmed, as one would expect.


At first, White Dragon's skin looked like a white stone statue. Now it is covered with countless wounds and blood.


The wings have been torn, which has reduced its ability to fly. Even if he escapes into the sky, flying away will take a long time. He doesn't even make flying gestures anymore but continues fighting back on the ground.


Still, that doesn't change the fact that he is very tough.


"Eat this!"


It was White Dragon that attacked first.


It opened its mouth and spat out a snowstorm.


Karim avoids the snowstorm and closes the distance. He jumps to attack White Dragon's stomach.


At that moment, the dragon's claws strike him.


White Dragon swings it as if he is swatting away a fly that clings to him.


But Karim avoids this as well.


He controls the wind and moves at high speed. In a flash, he is behind the dragon.


His movement truly is like the wind.




The outer corners of White Dragon's eyes lift up.


White Dragon's nose snorts, then he attacks Karim with his large tail.


Karim quickly ducks.


Karim raises his sword and swings it at White Dragon.


The sword tore off White Dragon's scales and gouged out its flesh. A large amount of blood burst out and blew away by the wind.




White Dragon screamed and turned over.


It looks like it will fall, but White Dragon blindly attacks Karim.


A single hit would inevitably end his life.


But Karim managed to avoid White Dragon's attack.


"That tail...."


Karim's attention is drawn to White Dragon's tail.


The tail tip is slightly discolored. It looked like an old wound.


"I found your weak point there!"


Karim creates a wind blade.


He shot it at high speed, aiming at the discolored part of White Dragon's tail.


But at the last second, it was evaded.


"You, where are you aiming?"


White Dragon raises his arms and protests.


It seems there is something there after all.


Karim launched more attacks.




Mildy mutters as she watches Karim's battle.


What was reflected in his eyes was Karim flying around in the sky. He is playing with White Dragon, who is covered in green blood.


He looks like an angel who has descended to earth to judge the evil dragon.


But the butterfly-like dance and the bee-like sting of battle would not last forever.




The wind protection around Karim disappears. Karim falls to the ground like a well bucket drops.


"Guhahahahaha! You got carried away, Hero! This is because you keep casting wind magic without considering the amount of your magic power."




As he is falling, Karim also laughs.


"I am not running out of magic power. I just thought that pretending to be out of magic power like this would distract you."




For a moment, White Dragon tilts his head. Soon after, he understands what Karim said.




Although the night had just fallen, he thought the sun might have returned. Suddenly, a red light flashed across the battlefield.


White Dragon looks back and sees Fletty holding the Flametongue in his hand.




He raises the flame to its limit and attacks White Dragon.


Mildy throw her bomb, and the mages led by Richil unleash another attack. With their full strength, they concentrated the attack on the wound on White Dragon's back previously made by Karim's wind blade.


Slashes and flames came together to strike at White Dragon's wounds.




Is this the dragon's final scream?


The decisive scream roared over the mountain peaks.


At that moment, the dragon's reddish-black eyes lost their spirits, and its body fell.


Immediately after the roar, silence fell over the area.


The knights stare at the fallen dragon as if they are going to eat it.


They could almost hear the Knights and Mages breathing heavily and their hearts beating like tiny bells.




It was Fletty who shouted.


He bent his back, stretched his chest out, and shouted so loudly that it could reach the moon in the sky.


At that moment, the knights realized that they had won.


Finally, they follow Fletty's lead and shout as well.



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