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Thursday, November 10, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C47


Chapter 47: Reunion with Spirit-sama       

I am going to the city square to meet Alyssa-san and the others...




My foot caught on something, and I fell. My face hit the ground hard! If this is the real world, my nose will bleed for sure.


"Ouch. Sakura, what are you doing?"


Sakura's whip was wrapped around my leg.


"What are you doing?"


"She's making some kind of gesture and then pointing at herself."


"What?  Sakura, do you want to go too?"


" ――♪."


Sakura folds her hands in front of her breasts and nods her head. When I think about it, Spirit-sama maybe like a mother to Sakura.


"Do you want to meet Spirit-sama?"




I was right. Since she really wants to go, I'll take Sakura with me. So Kumama will stay at home. This time, Kumama looks depressed, but she gets cheered up when Sakura pats her head. Oh, you're acting like a big sister, aren't you?


It's good that my monsters are getting along so well.


"Good evening."


"Welcome. We've been waiting for you."


"So when you said more people will be coming, did you mean Ruin-san and Maple-san?"


Ruin the weapon shop owner and Maple the farming shop owner are the Sharp Ears Cat members. They were waiting for me with Alyssa-san.


"Ou, I'll count on you."


"I'll be in your care."


"Now, let's form a party right away, OK?


"No, wait a minute. I want to see if we can get in without forming a party, so let's go like this."


I see so that's where you want to start the verification.


The altar is not far. We soon reach the bridge where the entrance is located. However, to avoid being seen by other players, we wait for an opportunity. Though I feel it would be more suspicious if we standstill on the bridge.


After waiting for 20 minutes, finally, an opportunity came.


"No one will see us now."


Alyssa-san's scouting skill confirm that the area is clear, and we start to move.


"OK, let's go!"


"We're really going into the canal, aren't we?"


"Are we going on foot?"


I see Ruin's face is tense as he looks at the canal. Is he afraid of water?


"It's OK. The deepest part is only up to my waist."


"It's OK then..."


"But just because you're a dwarf doesn't mean you can't swim, right?"


Fantasy novels often say dwarves can't swim, but LJO surely doesn't have such a setting.


"Maybe, but I'm a hopeless swimmer in real life. I don't even know if I can swim here."


"Ah, I see. If you have no swimming skill and can't swim in real life, there's a possibility you can't swim in LJO."


"I can swim lightly without swimming skill, so I guess real-life skills do have some effect."


"Maybe it's a good thing I didn't bring Kumama."


He looks like a moving stuffed animal. He might absorb water and sink. No, I think he'll be fine. Rick is fine because he is wrapped around my neck.


"This way."


"I'm so excited."


"Oh, there's a door."


After ensuring that everyone is already under the bridge, I insert the key into the hidden door. The door opened without any problem.


But to Alyssa-san and the others, the door looks like it's still closed. It looks like I'm moving my hand on an empty space. Hmmm, I look like a fool.


"Looks like it's impossible."


"Then let's form a party."


Then the door also appears to have opened for Alyssa-san and the others. It seems that we have to form a party.


"There are stairs."


"Is there any light?"


"Yes, but it's dimly lit, so watch your step."


We walk down the stairs to the altar on the right side of the stairs. Alyssa-san is looking into the left corridor curiously.


"I wonder what's over there."


"There are stairs that go further down. I haven't gone any further, so I don't know what's there."


"Maybe it leads to the guild."


"But I'm curious because there might be some changes since the beta."


"So after we get to the altar, do you want to go down those stairs?"


"Is that OK?"


"It's not like I have any plans. Just don't rely on my battle power."


"We are all beta testers, you know. Leave that to us."


I thought they were always in town, but it seems that Alyssa-san and the others are taking turns with the clan members and also are making good progress in their adventure. When I ask their base levels, as expected, their level is higher than mine.


Soon, we arrived in front of the altar room.


"This is the altar room?"


"OK. I'll open it."


As I expected, the door easily opened. There is an altar surrounded by the huge roots of the Great Water Guardian Tree, just as I had seen before.


"Eeto, is Spirit-sama here?"


"Yes. It's been a while, adventurer."


"Ah, hello. It's been a week."


"Oh, a spirit."


"She's beautiful."


"We can see it, too."


Alyssa-san and the others are so impressed, but they immediately remember their purpose and ask if they can make an offering too.


"Apparently, it's fine."


"Then I will make this as an offering."


Alyssa-san's offering at the altar is something that looks like leather. When I appraised it, it turned out to be the leather of a Lesser Rex.


It's one of the best demon materials you can get right now. After all, it's a rare drop from the field boss in the 3rd area.


"Eeh? Are you sure? That's such a great item."


"This is for the sake of verification."


"Then I will give you my blessing. Here, take this."


"This is... iron ingot?"


Name: Iron Ingot 

Rarity: 3 Quality: ★ 6

Effect: An ingot made of iron


Isn't it kind of a loss? The leather of a powerful monster has turned into an iron ingot.


But apparently, I am the only one who thinks that's a loss.


"Aa, amazing!"


"Eh? Why?"


"Listen! Even among the top blacksmiths, only a few can make iron ingots. And the qualities are low! That's a ★6? Anyone wants it!"


"Oh! This is going to be fun!"


The quiet Ruin is shouting in excitement. Apparently, it's really amazing.


Right now, bronze and copper are still the most popular. Iron is still rare.

Many people will want to come here when they know they can get iron ingots here.

It's not something you can get just by piling up money!


When I ask him for more details, he says that leather is more suitable for making armor and items with special effects. However, if you simply look at the performance, iron equipment is much better. However, the iron ore used as the raw material seems to be a rare drop from the rare monsters in the 3rd area, so even if you want it, you can't get it.


While the two of us are still excited, Maple-san approaches the altar. She's a very easy-going person, isn't she?


"Then, next is me. This is mine."


What Maple-san put on the altar is high-grade fertilizer, the same as my previous offering. Apparently, they want to see what they can get by offering the same thing.


And the item that Maple-san received was not the fruit of the Water Guardian Tree, but instead a beautiful pink flower.


Name: Flower of Water Guardian Tree 

Rarity: 3 Quality: ★7

Effect: When used for mixing, it increases the quality of the original material by 1. The maximum quality is ★7. Increases mutation rate.


"Hee, very interesting."


It certainly looks interesting. It will be interesting to see how the mixing product's quality increases as the material's quality increases. I also want it. But why was the blessing different?


When I asked Spirit-sama, she didn't answer. Alyssa-san and the others guessed that it was some kind of first-time bonus.


"So I'm the last one. I'll offer this."


Ruin put ordinary copper ore there. He probably brought it straight from the mine. Isn't there any better way to make an offering?


"Eh? Are you really going to give that?"


"Why don't you target to get the iron ingot?"


"Because we need to find out what we can get with the least valuable offering."


So it's just for verification. I'm curious to see what he'll get.


However, Ruin didn't receive an item. He received a buff that prevented his fullness from decreasing for 12 hours.


"Well, it seems that garbage items don't give much in return."


After coming to the altar, which can only be used once every eight weeks, this buff is not a good result. Thank goodness I got the fruit of the water guardian tree. If I didn't have the high-grade fertilizer at that time, I would have ended up taking Ruin course.


"Oh, right. I've wanted to try something too."


It's an experiment to see if my monster can make an offering. I thought it might be possible since the enlist monster is also a party member.


It didn't work. Apparently, I was too greedy.


"I'm not sure what to say. You should greet the spirit."




"Ara. You're my family. To be able to raise spirits, well done. Fufu, come here."




I wonder if she's happy. Sakura is also smiling as Spirit-sama pats her on the head. She's the older sister among my monsters, but now she looks like a little girl.


"Please bring this child to visit me again."




"You must visit me again, OK?"


"Oh, OK."


That's it. No special events, no quests. It seems Sakura really just wanted to meet Spirit-sama. Well, she looks happy, so that's fine.


Alyssa-san asks a question to Spirit-sama, who is playing with Sakura.


"Excuse me, I have a question. Does this mean that anyone can come here if they ask Yuuto-kun who has the key?"


The Spirit-sama answer Alyssa-san's question with a nod.


"Yes, that's right."


"Isn't that great? Maybe you can make money by taking people here?"


Alyssa-san is a real businesswoman. Her idea is amazing. However, I don't think I can do that kind of business... My character is not suitable for that, and that will probably take a lot of time.


However, Spirit-sama's next words clarified that Alyssa-san's idea is impossible.


"However, each key can only be registered to up to 5 people other than the key holder."


"Eh? Registration?"




After I hear Spirit-sama's words, I check the key. I take out the key and appraise it. After the holder name: Yuuto, there are 3 more names: Alyssa, Ruin, and Maple.


"Is there any way to cancel this registration?"


"No, that is not possible. However, you can register your name to multiple keys, though it won't increase the number of blessings you get."


Does this mean I can only register two more names in this key?


"I'm sorry, Yuuto-kun."


"I never thought this would happen..."


Alyssa-san and the others apologize, but to be honest, I have very few friends and no guesses that I can bring with me. I'm not that sorry.


"I'll give you some compensation."


"No, you don't have to do that."


"No, I can't do that. It would be damaging to my reputation as an information broker if I made you suffer any loss."


"But I've already received 4,000 G's for the information."


"That's far from enough!"


As a result of our discussion, they gave me the Water Guardian Tree flower and the Iron Ingot.


Well, it's not like I don't want them. I decided to take what I could get, though I felt like I was getting something for free.



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  1. Even if they’re honest people, it feels kinda unrealistic for them to pass on such items instead of, say, 10,000 gold per person.


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