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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep9 Raito, level 7000


Elly succeeds in partially analyzing and controlling the dungeon core.

Though, only the monsters' spawn and traps part.

The analysis of the transfer blockage has not been completed, so we can't go to the surface world.

Elly said that part would take more time.


However, thanks to the ability to control monsters spawn and traps, we finally can remodel Naraku and build our strength as a nation.


Although she's very busy, she still spares her time to teach me magic.

Elly wears her usual witch outfit, holds a piece of chalk, and writes on the blackboard about magic.

I sit at my desk and watch her.


When Elly finished writing, she put down the chalk and clapped her hands together.

turns toward me and begins to explain.


"I will begin my lesson about magic classification and the difference between dark magic and forbidden magic."


Elly smiles and points to a section of the blackboard.


"First of all, I would like to talk about magic classification. Magic is roughly divided into three classes. Battle-class, tactical-class, and strategic-class. Basically, both attack magic and defense magic are classified into these three classes, including recovery, assistance, and support."


Once you get used to it, you can use magic without chanting, and the power changes depending on the amount of magic power you put into it. You can change the shape to some extent, depending on your imagination.

I could easily understand these things as I had learned them before.


"Then, how are they classified into these three?"


Elly clears her throat lightly before explaining.


Battle-class: Small-scale magic performed by a single magician. Typical examples are fire arrows, ice swords, and other offensive magic. The attributes one can learn are vary depending on the person, and some people can learn more than one. It is believed that those who focus more on one attribute will be more successful.


Tactical class - refers to the magic that affects a wide range of areas. A person who can use at least one of the tactical-class magic is considered a first-class magician.


"I heard from an adventurer in the guild during my Races Union's days that the ...... humans can't cross this barrier. The dragon race, elves, and demons have no problem crossing it."


"Human's magic power is low, so that couldn't be helped. It will be different if you raise your level, but......"


The last one is the strategic-class magic. The effect is greater than the tactical-class magic, such as dropping meteors from the sky or creating earthquakes and tsunamis. That is why it is called strategic-class magic.

Not only it's high-level magic, but it's also very costly and rarely performed.

But, a high-level magician like Elly can cast strategic-class magic easily.


"That's the simple classification. Furthermore...... There is another magic class above the strategic-class that is not widely known. It is called the Ultimate-class."


Ultimate class - manipulates the weather, resurrects the dead back to life (there are conditions to using it), summon angels (Messengers of the Goddess. Light attribute), creates a connection to another world, and so on.


"When it comes to the ultimate-class, even I have to chant. Some spells can only be used once a day. Finally, I'll explain about magic."


Magic that is not classified in these 4 classes, new magic, local indigenous magic, etc., is called Sorcery. Dark magic, curse magic, taboo magic, etc. For convenience, they are called sorcery because they have not been classified, theorized, or clarified. It is possible to classify them into battle, tactical, and strategic depending on the scope and power of their effects.


After finishing the explanation, she starts to summarize.


"The 'Nightmare Summoning' I use to raise God Raito's level is ultimate-class magic. It summons malicious monsters from other worlds. So, I wasn't summoning our comrades at all."


"Inviting them here for our sake and then killing them is still kind of wrong...."


We have this magic lesson because I have a question about...... this 'Nightmare Summoning'.


My level has stuck at 3500. Thanks to Elly, I got a way out to solve this problem.

The idea is to defeat the monsters summoned by the Nightmare Summoning.

The level of the monsters summoned by the Nightmare Summoner is around 9,000.

These monsters are far stronger than Hydra, the guardian monster of Naraku.

By defeating these monsters together with Mei and the others, my level has risen to 7000...


I asked Elly some questions.

What is the meaning of summoning and defeating them?

No matter how hostile and indiscriminate the monsters are, they are summoned by us. So is there a possibility that they are like our comrades?


I was betrayed and almost killed by the Races Union's members. Because of that experience, I don't want to sacrifice my comrades to raise my level.


To answer these questions, she spares some time to explain everything properly.


Elly once again turns to me and continues her explanation.


"What God Raito is worried about... Indeed, normally the monsters we summon become our companions and follow our orders. But this 'Nightmare Summoning' is an exception."




"Yes. Nightmare Summoning will summons hostile monsters from another world. It was misunderstood as a summon... Actually, it's just creating a portal and luring monsters to come here... So they are not our comrades. Rather, the other party only thinks about killing and eating prey before them."


"So it has the word 'summoning' in it, but does 'Nightmare Summoning' simply just magic that will bring enemies in before us? Is it more like a dimensional connection rather than a summon to make a contract with monsters?"


Elly answers this question with a smile.


"As expected of God Raito! You are right."


"I am glad to hear your praise, but I have a question... Why is there such magic to call enemies? It's useful to me, but I don't really understand how it is usually used...."


It's been very useful for my leveling up now. Still, I can't imagine a situation where it would be needed elsewhere.

Suppose I'm in a crisis and want to use it to defeat an enemy. In that case, it will only summon more vicious monsters that will attack anyone. It is too difficult, so adventurers on the surface world can't use it for leveling up. I can only think of using it for self-destruction, but......


Elly answered this question with a smile again.


"As you said, 'Summoning Nightmares' is dangerous magic and has been classified as forbidden magic. It's treated as a so-called 'Forbidden Sorcery'. But if you're wondering why such dangerous magic exists, it's because...... it's an interesting subject, research, and magic!"


Elly assures me with a cute smile.

She seems to have a strong sympathy for the magician who developed the 'Nightmare Summoning'.


It's like a craftsman honing his skills or even doing something forbidden because he can't resist studying an interesting topic.

Besides, the Nightmare Summoning is actually helping me raise my level.

They can't stop researching just because it is useless or meaningless.


"Anyway, as I've explained, the monsters summoned by Nightmare Summoning are not our comrades. Rather, they are enemy monsters. So please don't hesitate to defeat them to raise God Raito's level."


I nod at Elly's words.




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