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Saturday, November 5, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C37

Chapter 37: Outbreak of war



◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ Continued Knights side ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


White Dragon lowers its head.


Its wings are stretched horizontally to the ground, and it bends down as if to shrink its large body.


It is a typical vigilant pose of the dragon race.


"What brought you here, human?"


It looks like a battle is inevitable now.


Karim gave instructions to Fletty.


The Knights came out of the bushes. They do not feel tired from climbing up the mountain now. However, their hands are trembling as they grip their weapons.


Even the mighty Knights of Letivia had never faced a dragon this large before.


Even so, not a single one of them ran away. Probably because of the Knights' leadership and strong loyalty to their lord.


     "What is it? From your behavior, are you going to kill me?"


White Dragon laughs. The fangs of White Dragon seemed to be able to easily crush even the hardest rocks.


The knights' number may be small, but they are elite Knights.


Despite this, the dragon looked relaxed as he spoke.


Karim stepped forward. Fletty is right behind him. Behind his cloak, his hand grips the handle of the Letivia family heirloom (the Flametongue).


"Dragon, we have come to ask you to break a dragon curse."


"Hou....... You seem to know what it takes to do that."


The edge of the dragon's mouth widens, and he laughs happily.


As Karim has heard from Luciel, the dragon seems to have an aggressive personality. But for a dragon, his personality is much like a human's.


It is hard to believe that this is White Dragon, which is said to serve the Gods.


"If we show you our power, will you break my mother Sophinie's curse?"


"I don't mind. It's no big deal for me..... Now, show me the strength of your resolution."




The dragon's roars echoed across the mountains and rivers.


It was so loud that one might think it could reach the Letivia mansion. It was a powerful war signal.


The knights become restless.


"Calm down!!"


Timed perfectly, Fletty managed to calm down the Knights.


His voice was no less impressive than White Dragon.


Seeing that the knights have regained their composure, Fletty shouts an order.


“If we stick to the strategy, we can win... Mildy!"


“Yes! Commander!”


Mildy stands upright.


The expressions on the faces of the other knights also changed to those of warriors.


"Raid unit will go to the rear to stop the dragon from flying away. The mages led by Richil will support you with support magic. The heavily armed knights led by Garner will protect the mages. Watch out for tail attacks."


After giving instructions, Fletty pulled out his sword.


The red magic sword Flametongue glows like a flame under the sun.


"I and Karim will take the front. All go----."




The knights try to form a formation around White Dragon.


"Guhahaha. It's a very simple battle strategy with no twists, but I don't hate it.....!"


White Dragon backs away for a moment.


The skin under his neck swelled up like a rain frog.


"So fast!"


"Defense position!"


Fletty's order echoes.


The knights took up defensive positions at once.


The heavily armed knights led by Garner stood in front of the mage unit and formed a defensive formation.


The mages also wield their staff as if they are conductors, chanting and casting all the defensive magic.


Mildy and the others temporarily take cover.


The next moment, White Dragon's mouth glows.


It spat out a furious snowstorm and ice dust.


A moment later, the entire area is covered in white, and the temperature quickly drops below freezing.


The knights are surrounded by the bizarre sight of snow covering the dark green.


Seeing the landscape turn completely white, White Dragon huffed.


"Bugeh! Did I overdo it a bit? Usually, I will do it slowly while watching my opponent's behavior. But...... It's been a while since I've had a challenger, so I've forgotten how to control myself."


He scratches under his chin with his sharp claw.


Then he turns around.


At that moment.


White Dragon reacts to the killing intent from behind. What he sees in the corner of his sight is a raging fire.




The flame hit White Dragon's neck.


The wound is shallow, thanks to the hard skin, but it definitely reaches the flesh.


"You're still alive!"


White Dragon's expression is not fear but joy.


It bares its large fangs and tries to bite the knight, wielding the flame magic sword. He twists his neck, and his wound opens up.


Then a wind blade rushed in.


The compressed air blades spin at high speeds, gouging out White Dragon's wound.


Not only one, but three or four blades are shot into the wounds.


The pure white skin gets splattered with fresh green blood.


"Bastard!! You made a pact with the wind spirit."


“That's right. This is my first time meeting you, White Dragon-dono...."


The blond man swings his sword in front of him as if dancing.


The atmosphere vibrates, and countless wind blades appear. When they start spinning with a loud sound, they attack White Dragon like hunting dogs.




Without a pause, White Dragon roars.


It spreads its wings and tries to escape into the sky.


But as if waiting for it, claws were released from all directions.


The claws caught on the dragon's scales are tied with ropes.




Some men climb the rope and get on White Dragon's back.


They are the raid unit, led by a beast girl.


Apparently, they pretended to run away from the snowstorm breath earlier. They went around the cliff to observe the situation in the bushes behind White Dragon.


The men who wear light armor get on White Dragon's back.


"You bastards!"


White Dragon is confused by the reinforcements that came out of nowhere.


"Weren't they frozen by my breath?"


"I'm sorry, dragon. We have a victory angel on our side."


"Victory Angel?"                  


While White Dragon tilts its head lightly, Mildy smiles proudly.


Then she gently stuck something between the dragon's scales.


There is a sizzling fire on it.


Needless to say, it is a bomb.




The beast girl waves her hand and moves away with her raid unit.




The bomb explodes on White Dragon's back.


The explosion pushes down White Dragon. He screams as he is pushed into the snowfield that he has created.


"Now! Finish him all at once!"


The voice of a man who seems to be the commander roars like a gong urging everyone to move out.


From within the forest, the chanting of mages can be heard.


It is large-scale strengthening magic. If it is successful, no matter how tough White Dragon's body is, he won't be able to get away scot-free.


At this rate, ----.


"Eeei! Impudent!"


White Dragon thought many things over, but he got annoyed eventually.


Once again, his neck swelled up.


He spits out his breath for the second time to push the Knights.


Thus the breath was spat out.


The snowstorm blew harder than before.


Flying grovels rolled up like a cannonball and hit the knights.


"How is it?"


He snorts proudly.


He especially focused his breath on the mages. It should be difficult for them to even breathe now.


White Dragon laughs.


But it is still too early to enjoy the victory.


In a thin cloud of snow, the heavily armed knights appeared. They are firmly protecting the mages from the snowstorm.


Usually, iron armor sticks to the skin when it gets very cold, causing frostbite, but the knights looked unconcerned.


"No way!!"


White Dragon gets mad.


Finally, he starts to question these Knights' existence here.


White Dragon's breath didn't work at all.


It is as if they are used to fighting White Dragon instead of used to fighting dragons.


In the first place, they have perfectly predicted his movements.


"Who is it?"


White Dragon's red eyes look around.


He could not help but feel the mighty shadow hidden behind the knights.




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