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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Episode 44: Confusion part 1

Episode 44: Confusion


After the defeat of Isla was confirmed, Takuto stunned, a lot of things spinning in his mind.


The words were repeated many times, and where was it wrong? When the question comes up, it disappears without an answer.


The entire Mynoghra army was confused. The Dark Elves who had the right to contact him and the units under his control were constantly asking him to make decision.

While listening to all this his fearful mind went blank and made him feel calmer.

...... If there are about 100 people, they will disappear as they are.

He may close his heart, hold his knees and escape from reality.

Or no matter who he is, he can yell at him. He can scream to hide his guilt.


But the person named Ira Takuto was neither of those.

The Eternal Nations' best player mentality are not that weak.


Takuto quietly closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

It lasts a few seconds. It's as slow and natural as the action of a healthy person waking up in the morning in front of the sun.

But .......

When he opened those eyes again. There was a fearless light in his eyes that was clearly different from the previous ones.


"What happened? Takuto-sama!?


 The timing was so nice as if it was planned.

 A telepathymessage from Atou arrives.

 He wasn’t able to respond because he was focused on Isla and the twins earlier, but this time he can quietly switched his attention and reply her message.


"Isla has been defeated. He was involved in a death event."


"That's impossible! Tssk! Is that?!”


When heard his reply Atou screams in frustration.

Atou recalled the attack she received from the Four Heavenly Kings Ice Rock.

But at the same time, it also reminded her of her mistakes. In the midst of this battle she had not yet reported this momentous event to his king.

Atou shouted, her face contorted with anger.

But not the time to report her mistakes and ask for punishment. The most important thing to do now is to ensure Takuto is safe.


"The defeat of Isla is an emergency situation. We'll change course and immediately return to the royal capital. Please prepare an escortand evacuate from that place!"


The defeat of Isla means that currently almost no force to protect Mynoghra capital.

Of course, there are dark elf defense units, and there are Mynoghra units such as Long Leg Bugs.

Maybe they can take care the monsters, but they won't have any chance to win if the four heavenly kings appear.


The situation is tighter than she expected.

Atou turns her course to the Daijukai while feeling irritated and sense of crisis that she has never felt before.

"That’s it. Wait!"


However, it was none other than her king who stopped her steps.


"Why, my king!??


She stops moving, looks up at the sky and asks her King intention.

Her expression is no longer filled with frustration or anger, looks like she going to cry.

However, the next words she heard from her King immediately changes her expression.


"Isla is dead. Unfortunately that’s the reality.

But those twins are still there.They are now heading south, overrunning their enemies.

They probably going to avenge her death."


"The twins!? What on earth, but with they---”


"Isla usedThrone Succession ."


At this point, Atou could see everything that Takuto was trying to tell her.

One of Isla's abilities - the Throne Succession has the effect of giving the target unit the "Hero" skill.

Not only that, but target unit will inherit the fighting ability that Isla had when she was defeated.

That’s means the twins currently have the ability comparable to heroes.

Tough it is still unclear how Isla could be defeated.

But at the end, she succeeded in passing on her power to her daughters, and new heroes have born.

Takuto is thinking about securing ...... that heroes.

Units with the "Hero" skill that can be produced by Eternal Nations are too important, It's not something that can be easily replaced.

Because if the units destroyed not like a normal unit, it cannot be reproduced immediately.

Because it has been revealed that there are new threats that cannot be ignored in this world. They must avoid a decrease in strength.


"I can't afford to lose them here right now. The existence of the hero unit will greatly affect our nation future...... Above all, those girls are our citizens."



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