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Saturday, November 5, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C46

Chapter 46: Tree day



After finishing the chain quest, I logged out for a while and then logged back in to work on my farm. If there's moonlight, it won't be too dark, and farming at night is a nice thing to do.


It's watering and weeding, but it still makes me more skilled in farming. If I raise my level one more time, I should be able to acquire the breeding skill. I need to get more skills in my free time.


While I am working on the farm, I see a faint light.


"What is that?"


The light came from the farm that was planted mostly with green peaches and other trees. I approach it carefully.


"Is this a walnut tree?"


The walnut I planted three days ago had already grown to about 1 meter high. On one of its branches, there is a fruit that emits a pale blue light.


At first glance, it looks like a firefly, but it is actually a glowing walnut fruit. The walnut is emitting a faint blue-white light.


But did it have any flowers? No, I didn't expect to be able to harvest it in such a short time, so I didn't pay attention to it at all.


Apparently, it takes a week for a normal player to get their first harvest. But Orto has Growth Boost Ex, and Sakura has Earth Magic as well. With the two of them, it might be possible to grow them two times faster.


"Is it possible that this is light walnut?"


It reminds me of a story I heard before. It says there's a low probability it will grow on walnut trees. However, I heard that the forest at night is quite dangerous and the difficulty of obtaining them is really high.


I didn't expect it to appear on my farm. It's supposed to be very rare, but... It is possible to grow and harvest walnuts from a young tree, but only one fruit will grow at first. It seems that the harvest increases as the tree grows.


I wonder if that one light walnut was just a coincidence, or if it was thanks to Orto's good luck?


"I wonder what it's for. Is it edible? Or can it be used for mixing?"


Name: Light Walnut 

Rarity: 3 Quality: ★5

Effect: Material. Restores the user's fullness by 5%.


Rarer than green peach. I'll check the bulletin board for more information on this later. I want to take a closer look at the bulletin board after I finish harvesting.


"Let's finish the harvest as soon as possible."


That's what I thought, but circumstances have changed that I can't do that.


" ...... Did I plant this crop?"


After the light walnut, it is another mysterious harvest. What's going on tonight? In the place where medicinal herbs are supposed to be planted, there is a single red grass that I have never seen before.


Moreover, not all medicinal herbs are like that. Only one of them has turned into red grass. The size is about the same, but the leaves are completely different. It seems that not only the color has changed.


Name: Microflame Grass 

Rarity: 2 Quality: ★1

Effect Material


I've never seen this plant before. Where the hell did it come from? 


"Orto, did you plant this?"




Orto shakes his head. Apparently not. Then how did it grow here?


For the time being, I checked the in-game bulletin board and found out that microflame grass grows everywhere in the 3rd area. It's treated like a worthless plant because there are so many of them.


It seems that it can be used to make torches and solid fuel. There are many blacksmiths who try to mix it with weapons to make them fireproof, but there is no success story.


But even though I knew how to use it, I couldn't figure out why it grew on my farm. No choice. I'll research this one in detail later.


"Well, let's try to grow it for now."


Even if it's not rare, it's a valuable material for me.


"Orto, can you grow more?"




It seems there is no problem. I'll just leave the microflame grass to Orto. The next question is what to do with the light walnut.


I did a lot of searching and found that there were so many uses for it that it troubled me. Not only can it be used for food, but it can also be used for fluorescent paint and lighting tools.


In addition, I heard that it is required for rank-up quests in the thief guild. A rank-up quest is an event that occurs when you raise your guild rank to 5, and the content differs depending on the guild.


In the case of the thief guild, it seems that the requirement is to get three light walnuts in one night as a solo player. By the way, the thief's guild in this game is not a criminal organization.


Soloing is a very difficult thing to do, isn't it? Because the difficulty level of the forest at night jumps up. In the case of the Beastmaster Guild, the requirement is to bring 3 monsters with Lv 10 or higher.


"Hmm, maybe I'll just leave it unused for now. Anyway, I don't know if I can get it again next time."


Right after I put the walnut in my inventory.


Suddenly, I heard something like a phone ringing. It is a friend call.


"Alyssa-san... Hello?"


"Ah, Yuuto-kun. It's about taking me to the altar. When do you want to go?"


"Eh? We're going this evening, right?"


When I went to sell the information about the spirit altar, I made a promise that I would bring her to the altar on the next tree day. Finally, the day has come. Today is the 12th, Tree Day. It's the day when the Spirit descends to the altar. But we agreed to go at night to avoid being seen by other people.


"That's fine, but we can do it before the sun comes up too. On the 12th day, as long as it's dark enough that no one else can see us."


I see. Since she said after dark, I thought it would be after 8pm on the 12th day. Now that she mentions it, I guess it's okay if it's before the sun comes up.


I don't have any urgent plans, so that's fine too.


"I can go now if you want."


"Really? Then, can I ask you to go now? I want to inspect it as soon as possible. Also, do you mind if I take another clan member with me? The more data we have on the offering, the better."


"I don't mind."


"Thank you. Then two more people will join us."


"Sure. We'll meet at Alyssa's stall, is that OK?"


"OK. No problem."


Therefore, I am going to Alyssa-san's stall.


"Rick and Kumama follow me."






Where the hell did you kids learn how to salute?



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