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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep10 Naraku Dungeon, 2nd Year

Thanks to Elly's ultimate-class magic, 'Nightmare Summoning', my level has been rising rapidly.

I teamed up with Mei, Aoyuki, and Nazuna to defeat monsters and devils with levels around 9000.

With their help, I successfully reached level 9999.


Elly brought me more good news.


"I've finally broken the Abyss' transfer blockade! I've succeeded in controlling it!"


"Well done, Elly! That's really great!"


"Congratulations, Elly."


At my office in Naraku dungeon, while Mei and I are doing paperwork, Elly smiles and gives us a report.


--It's been about two years since I fell into Naraku.


It's been about a year since Elly started researching how to remove and control the transfer blockages. Finally, the Forbidden Witch has fully controlled the Naraku dungeon core.


While she was busy working on the dungeon core, we weren't playing around either.

I was raising my level while Mei and the others were remodeling the lowest level of Naraku to make it more comfortable to live in, organizing Infinite Gacha cards, preparing our army, and planning our future activities on the surface world.


I also recruited Nemumu, Gold, and other fighters with levels 5,000 or higher to conquer Naraku.

In other words, we are taking over the dungeon from the lowest level of Naraku to the surface. But to be honest, it isn't going well.


The monsters' levels go down as we move up the levels. And thanks to Elly, monsters will stop spawning, and traps will stop working. Once they are defeated, or traps are broken, they will not return again.

However, this dungeon is too large. We can't conquer it as fast as we planned.


When I was in the Races Union, I've only explored the edge areas of the middle floor.

I didn't expect this.


However, the story changes when Elly has gained control and removed the transfer blockage.


"This will allow me to use SSR-Transfer to teleport to the location where I was betrayed by the Races Union members. I know the way to the exit from there, so we can go to the surface world."


"God Raito....."


Elly leaked out a voice with a sad expression on her face.

The part about being betrayed by the Races Union members must have made her sad and angry.

I remember the past when I was betrayed. Even though I feel angry, I don't feel sad anymore. For months after the betrayal, I was having nightmares, screaming, and waking up in the middle of the night. Mei was always there to comfort me.

But it's really too late now.


More importantly, I can use the transfer card to go to the surface world.


"Now we can finally operate on the surface world."


"Yes, I can finally use my merchant cards and human cards to gather information on the surface world."


I nod at Mei's words.


There is a possibility that I will have to fight against all nations in this world to get revenge on the Races Union members and to find the truth.

First I need information.


For this purpose, I planned to go to the surface world and summon humans, who would register and work as merchants and adventurers.

To fund their activities on the surface, we had already manufactured fake gold under Mei's initiative.

The gold and silver bars from Infinite Gacha were used by her subordinates who specialize in manufacturing fake gold and silver coins from various countries. They have succeeded in producing gold and silver coins, which are completely indistinguishable from real money.

We plan to use this money for our activities.


(During my Races Union days, I learned that information is important, but to be honest, I couldn't really understand it... I was more concerned about making money and food at that time.)


Thanks to Mei's advice, I spent more time studying and understood how important information is.

I'm happy I took her advice and studied harder at that time.


Therefore, I understand the importance of gathering information.....


"Can I ask one selfish request?"


"Selfish request?"


Mei and Elly made a puzzled expression at my sudden question.

I hesitantly speak.


"I'm going to take revenge and find the truth, but ...... Once we can go to the surface world, I want to see my hometown. I'd like to see how my dad, mom, older brother, and sister ...... how my families are doing now."


"Raito-sama...... that is not selfish. As a human being, that is natural. Above all, Raito-sama's wish is my wish."


"That's right! On the contrary, I should greet my father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law!"


Elly's words about father-in-law and so on were a little uncomfortable. Before she could point it out, I continued to speak.


"I'm not going to meet Dad and the others. It will be a problem if they want to stop me from taking revenge and finding the truth."


So I will use SSR-Presence Concealment to avoid being seen and check my village and family.

Mei and Elly both accepted my request.


"Then don't worry about it. There's no problem if you just want to see their condition without being seen. But just in case, let me accompany you as an escort."


"I'm feeling sorry that I won't be able to greet your father, but I would love to see God Raito's hometown!"


"Thank you, both of you. Now let's go to the surface world and check my village condition."


So it was decided that I would visit my hometown.




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