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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep8 Naraku Dungeon, 1st Year


--It has been about a year since I fell into Naraku dungeon.


I have defeated Hydra, Naraku's guardian monster, and occupied the dungeon core room.

Since monsters don't spawn in the dungeon core room, I moved to this place to live.

At Mei's suggestion, I learned how to read, write, calculate, and social skills. As I learned more, I realized how naive I was.


(Namely I want to punch myself in the face for thinking I am smart just because I can do simple addition and subtraction!)


Compared to other village kids of the same age, that was impressive. One year ago, I was only 12 years old. Unfortunately, I couldn't help but think of it as my dark history.


Let's get back to the main topic.


It's been a year since I fell into Naraku, and a lot of things have happened. I was especially impressed by the increase of my high-level comrades.


For example, two months after I defeated the Hydra, I drew another SUR card for the 1st time.


"SUR - Genius Monster Tamer Aoyuki Level 9999, release!"


When I release the card, a giant divine magic circle is formed around me. It is just like when I summon Mei.

When the light fades, I see a girl standing in front of me who looks only slightly older than my sister Yume.

She is wearing a hoodie with cat ears, her breasts are small, and her arms and legs are slim.

She has a baby face and fantastic blue hair color. She looks very fragile and beautiful.


Aoyuki silently stares at me. When our eyes meet. I feel as if she is looking into my soul.

After 10 seconds of staring at each other...




She made a sound like a cat.


Her cat ears hoodie sways, and she rubs her face against my chest as she approaches me.

She reminds me of a cat or my sister Yume who I used to pamper. I can't help but smile.

She squints her eyes like a real cat when I stroke her under the chin.


"I'll be in your care from now, Aoyuki. Things may get tough, but please lend me your power."




Aoyuki cheerfully replied to my words in cat language.

I immediately ask her.


"Can you control the dungeon core?"


If the dungeon core spawns monsters, then isn't the dungeon core a kind of monster?

Then, the genius monster tamer Aoyuki might be able to control it.





Aoyuki is not an expert in controlling the dungeon core, so she shakes her head.

It couldn't be helped.



Then about 3 months after Aoyuki was summoned - half a year has passed since I fell into Naraku.

I get a new SUR card.

Moreover, it's a card that seems to be an expert and knows about dungeon core control.

I immediately summon 'SUR - Elly the Forbidden Witch, Level 9999' and ask her.


The summoned girl confidently plays with her blonde hair and answers me.


"I am the Forbidden Witch who has mastered the arts of magic, sorcery, forbidden arts, and spirits arts. Controlling the dungeon core is just a piece of cake for me!"


"Ooh! That's very promising, Elly! I'm counting on you!"


"Yes, leave it to me, God Raito!"


She seems so happy that I'm relying on her. She smiles, her cheeks blushing red and her body trembling.




--But a month after Elly started trying to control the dungeon core, there is still no progress.


Elly holds her head in front of the dungeon core and kneels down.


"My first job from God Raito, doesn't progress at all! What the hell is wrong with this dungeon core? It doesn't make sense!"


"Don't be so downhearted, Elly. If there's anything I can do to help, just let me know!"


"...... Nazuna-san's most important job is to keep quiet. That's enough to help me."


"? So I just need to keep quiet? I'll leave it to you then!"


The progress on the dungeon core control has been very slow, but I managed to get a new SUR card. The True Vampire Knight Nazuna Level 9999 was summoned a month later.

Aoyuki and Elly were three months apart.

I'm very lucky.


There are other useful items, such as the 'UR - Bracelet of Immortality', which allows me to remain 12 years old to remember the despair and vengeance of being betrayed by the Races Union's members. I also got the 'UR-Card Holder', which allows me to use gacha cards without taking them out of my item box.

Thanks to this, I can expand my tactics greatly.


After I summoned Nazuna, I got an idea.

Since Nazuna is a true vampire knight, she should be good with swords and spears, so I ask her to train me.

Indeed, Nazuna is strong.

She showed genius skills not only with the big sword but also with ordinary swords, spears, and halberds.




"My Lord, use a spear like this! Pah! Hah! It's okay if you do it that way! "


"Ah, yeah, hmm?"


She is a genius, but she is an intuitive person, so it is very hard to understand her teaching method.

Nazuna tried her best to train me as well, but...... there are certain things that people are not suited for. In the end, Mei continued to be my trainer. As for magic, Elly will teach me in her free time.

However, I was very glad to have summoned Nazuna. She has an energetic personality and quickly became our mood maker. She helped to create a cheerful atmosphere in Naraku.



--About a year since I fell into Naraku.

Six months after Elly started analyzing how to control the dungeon core, she finally achieved some excellent results.


"Raito-sama! I've finally succeeded in controlling the monsters spawn and the traps!"


"As expected of Elly! Now we can finally start to remodel Naraku!"


"Congratulations, Elly. I knew you would succeed."




"? What? What? Is there something good happening?"


Mei and I congratulate her. Aoyuki speaks in cat language, while Nazuna asks if anything good has happened.

Elly receives our greeting and nods her head happily.


"All of this was thanks to God Raito's cooperation. Above all, the credit for my work belongs to God Raito. But I'm very pleased to receive your praise."


However, I only managed to control the monsters' spawn and traps.

We can't go to the surface world because I haven't finished analyzing the transfer blockage.

According to Elly, this will take more time.

However, I am very grateful that I can control the monsters' spawn and traps.


Before, I couldn't summon those who were too weak to live in Naraku.

Now I can summon fairy maids, people who are good at building things, and other facilities.

This means I can focus on building my army.

I once again tell everyone.


"Let's quickly increase our strength so we can take revenge and extract the truth from those nations."


In this way, I can finally focus on building my army against the nations.



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