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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep7 Raito, level 3500

"So this is the dungeon core. ...... It's surprisingly big."


"That's right. I also thought it would be smaller than this."


Mei and I look at the dungeon core. It's a sphere that floats in front of us.


A few hours ago, I managed to cut off two of the Hydra's heads and destroy its heart, though I was poisoned. Mei's follow-up attack had cut the rest of the Hydra's head and body into dice-shaped pieces of flesh.


Mei gave me an antidote and recovery potions to remove the poison.


I couldn't move because of the poison and exhaustion, so Mei took care of me.

I check my level until the numbness disappears.

I had surpassed level 3500.


I'm glad that I've surpassed level 3500, but I'll have to think about how to raise my level further since there are no monsters stronger than the Hydra...


"...... I'm fine now. Let's go."


"Yes, Raito-sama."


When the numbness disappears, we head further in.


The remains of the Hydra were too small to be recovered, so Mei burned them with magic.

Scouting, sorcery, cooking, lock-picking, and appraising-- she really can do anything.


After disposing of Hydra's body, we proceed deeper.

There is a door, and it seems that it can only be opened if the Hydra has been killed.

As we opened the door, we found a large space.


The ceiling is like a dome, and the space is large enough to fit a palace.

In the center of the room, a dungeon core is floating in the air.


I approach and touch it.

It's faintly glowing, but it's neither warm nor cold.

Is this the core of the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, Naraku?




"It's okay, I understand. I'm not going to destroy it. It's for my own good too."


I turned around and replied to Mei's voice.


If the dungeon core is destroyed, Naraku will lose its function as a dungeon.

The monsters will stop spawning, the traps won't work, and I can use my Transfer card to instantly return to the location where I was betrayed by the Races Union members.

If I can get back to that location, I can move quickly to the surface world.


However, that doesn't match my goal.

In fact, it's the exact opposite.


My goal is not only to take revenge on my former party members but also to find out "What is Master? and "Why they have to kill me? I want to know the truth.

Aside from revenge, there is a high possibility that I will have to fight against the nations.


The only thing that can stand against the nations is another nation.


Therefore, I need to create a nation in Naraku to fight against the nations of the surface world.

I need the Infinite Gacha power, which can be used infinitely. The rarity of the ejected card increase with the magic power density.

I need to get many people like Mei as many as possible at the lowest level of Naraku, where the magic density is the highest.

The dungeon core is the source of magic power. Destroying the dungeon core would be a serious mistake.


It's the lowest level of the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon. I can build my army without worrying about an invasion from the outside.


There's no better place for my Infinite Gacha than the lowest level of Naraku.

I'm not going to destroy the dungeon core before I have enough power...... But we can't just do nothing, right?


I don't intend to destroy the dungeon core, but I also don't intend to leave it alone and do nothing.


As long as the dungeon core exists, the dungeon will be maintained.

This means that monsters will continue to spawn and keep the traps active. That's why I can't create my own nation at the bottom of Naraku.


To build up my nation and its strength in the lowest level of Naraku, I need to control and analyze the dungeon core.


Mei stands beside me and observes the dungeon core.


"...... Usually, I am proud that I can do anything. But I can't analyze and control the dungeon core."


Mei turns to me.


"But if Raito-sama can summon a level 9999 magic expert from Infinite Gacha or someone who specializes in analysis, we should be able to control the dungeon core."


I nod at Mei's words.

Indeed, Mei or I can't control the dungeon core at the moment.

But we have Infinite Gacha.

I just have to keep hitting Infinite Gacha, no matter how long it takes until I get a card that will allow us to analyze and control the dungeon core.

This is one of the advantages of Infinite Gacha.


"For now, let's leave the analysis and control of the dungeon core to our future comrades."


"I think you're right, Raito-sama."


"Then, let's move our bed here. It seems that there are no monsters around the dungeon core."


There are no scratches on the floor at all.

No matter how hard the floor is, monsters will leave marks when they walk on it. The fact that there are no marks on the floor suggests no monsters around the dungeon core.


We are already used to our current bedroom, so there is no problem, but...... It will be better if we don't have to worry about monster attacks.

Mei agreed with my suggestion.


"We have plenty of space, and it's great that there are no monsters. This will allow me to calmly teach Raito-sama how to fight and study."


"......? Mei, what is the relation between securing a monster-free zone and my studies?"


"It's hard to concentrate on your studies when you don't know when a monster is going to attack. Therefore, if there are no monsters in the dungeon core room, the two of us can do battle practice and study in peace."


I am a bit annoyed by her statement.


"I may not be as well educated as Mei, but I have learned a little. I can write my name correctly, and I never get cheated out of my change when I shop on the street."


I proudly declare.

It is rare for a child from a poor family to have such a high level of education. They usually can't write their own names, can't read, and don't know how to add or subtract. When they shop on the street, they often get their change cheated.

To be honest, for a child from a poor family, I'd classify myself as pretty smart.


Mei holds her forehead with one hand in response to my boastful declaration.                                  


"Raito-sama..... I understand how you feel. But please believe in me and accept your studies. You will definitely need it in the future to get your revenge and find the truth. I promise you that you will never regret it. If you do regret it, even for a moment, I will use my life to atone for it."


"? Aton?"


I couldn't understand what Mei meant and tilted my head.

Anyway, I could sense her desperate thoughts.

So I reluctantly accept it.


"Well ...... if Mei insists that much, I'll study... Teach, teach me nicely, okay?"


"--Yes! Of course. I'll put my maid way on stake to teach you in person, just the two of us."


Mei looks away from me and holds her nose.

After holding something back for a few seconds, she turns to me again and replies in her usual manner.


I managed to kill the Hydra and reach the dungeon core. Somehow, the two of us ended up studying alone in addition to our battle training.





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