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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep6 Vs Hydra

 "Don't interfere, Mei! This fight is not over yet!"


Mei looks like an older sister watching over her younger brother on his first shopping errand. While warning her, I take a card from my item box and attack again.




As expected, the hydra is wary of me because I've blown off his head, so it adds one more head to face me.

Four of the heads are facing me.

...... The remaining 5 just keep watching Mei as she stands there. Mei hasn't made any single move, yet he continues to be wary of her. As expected of a level 5,000 Naraku guardian monster.





The hydra spits out black lightning bolts from its other head.

The attack speed is faster than I expected, forcing me to stop to avoid it.

Another head spits out rock as if to take advantage of the gap.


"Take this!"


I take another card from my item box and shout.


"Ice Sword! Release! Fly!"


I released R - Ice Sword to counter that flying rock.

Of course, the ice sword is no match for it, and it shattered easily. But I was expecting this. I didn't intend to destroy the rock. I just wanted to divert the course and send his attack away.

Thanks to this, the rock missed its target significantly. However, I couldn't help but complain inwardly.


(Infinite Gacha cards are useful, but it's inconvenient because I can't use them while in the item box, so I have to take them out and hold them in my hand. That's why it slows me down a bit.)


I jump again to close the distance between the Hydra and me while complaining inwardly.

The Hydra spits out rocks, flames, melting liquid, and black lightning from his four heads to push me away from him.

I evade all of them, but I can't close the distance any longer!


I take out another Infinity Gacha card from my item box.

I wait for the right moment for the Hydra to spit out another attack.


"Firewall! Release!"



The Hydra is highly resistant to magic, and my SSR-Explosive Flames had almost no effect on him.

But he is still a living creature, and he is surprised by the sudden appearance of a firewall in front of him. He stops his attack.

If I can only make use of that split second!


I run as fast as possible to close the distance and break through the firewall with my UR Uragan spear. I thrust my spear into the back of Hydra's neck.


"Uragan! Show your power!"


A second storm is unleashed inside the hydra as magic flows into it, blowing off his neck from the inside.

If I leave it alone, his head will regenerate, so I will use my next Infinite Gacha card to seal it off.


"Freeze the wound! Ice Cold! Release!"


Instead of the hydra's scales, I aim to freeze his wounds and internal flesh.

"SSR-Ice Cold".

This is tactical-class attack magic that freezes the enemy in ice.

After freezing the wound, I jump away from him.


While keeping my distance, I watch the frozen neck to see if it regenerates. After 10 seconds, it doesn't seem to regenerate.


"...... Okay! It seems that freezing the wound will prevent the regeneration!"


If I can freeze his wounds to prevent his regeneration, I can cut off all his heads.


"With my fantasy-class UR-Uragan and Infinite Gacha cards, I can defeat even a level 5000 dungeon guardian monster!"


About a month ago, I was betrayed by the Races Union's members. Before, all I could do was run away from the monsters. Now, I have confidence and believe that I can defeat a level 5,000 monster.

I'm going to win!


"Uragan! Show your power!"




I cut off another Hydra's head with Uragan and immediately freeze it with "SSR-Ice Cold".


Now there are 7 heads left.



(...... I am starting to get tired. My stamina may be reaching its limit.)


I've closed the 2,000 level gap with my equipment and strategies. Still, my opponent is a dungeon guardian monster from the lowest level of Naraku. And I am fighting him alone.

My strength is not infinite. I can feel that I'm slowly reaching my limit.

At that moment.




"? He's shooting rocks at his own frozen neck!"


"... I won't let you!"


I take advantage of that moment and charge towards the Hydra.

I hit him with my Uragan.




No matter what kind of monster he is, his heart is the source of all his power.

I aim for Hydra's heart and release Uragan's power.







With Uragan's magic power, I manage to make a big hole in his body and half-destroyed his heart.

However, because I got too close, one of Hydra's heads, its fangs grazed my body.




I realize that I suddenly feel very cold, and my vision starts to shake like I am suffering from heatstroke.

Why do I suddenly feel sick? It's impossible. I've trained hard so I won't get sick easily like this. I don't know what the cause is, but when I check my status--- it says "poisoned".


"!? Poisoned? I'm not sure if it's poison or not. Is this is also Hydra's special ability......? For him to have such ability is just....!"


He can weaken his opponents simply by grazing his poisonous fangs.

Since Hydra has super regeneration, it is not easy to defeat him.

Furthermore, the Hydra aimed to decrease my strength with poison from the start. That was why he didn't attack aggressively and took his time.


"But I'm not going to let you beat me like this! High-level detoxification release!"


I take out the SSR-High Level Detoxification card from the item box and use it to remove the poison.


Then I run towards the Hydra. I hit the remaining heads with Uragan again.

I destroyed half of the Hydra's heart. His wound is slowly regenerating and healing, but the healing process is slower. Maybe because the wound in his heart.

This way, I can blow off all of his heads!


"Uragan! Show your power!"



The Hydra lets out a scream of desperation.


(...... The other heads are still moving slowly!? Just how tough are you?)


The remaining 7 heads of the Hydra try to attack me.

However...... he couldn't unleash his attacks.


" ...... This lizard got carried away... I can't tolerate any more disrespect to Raito-sama!"


Mei's eyebrows furrowed, and she yelled out an angry voice.

She flicks her arm, and a thin light of magic thread is shot out.

A moment later, the Hydra's 7 heads and the rest of its body cut into dice-shaped pieces of flesh.


As expected, even the super-regenerative Hydra will die if cut into dice-shaped pieces of flesh.


"Haa, haa, haa... Thank you, Mei ..."


Finally, we managed to defeat the Hydra.

I kneel down on the ground and breathe heavily in exhaustion.


(Mei's attack at the end was terrific. I was struggling to destroy the Hydra's heads, but she cut them instantly. Still, she's the weakest among the 9999 level fighters..... It's unbelievable.)


"Raito-sama, that was a great fight. Here are recovery and antidote potions. Please drink them."


The angry look on her face disappears, and she rushes over to me like a mother who worries about her child.

I lose my breath and kneel down on the floor due to exhaustion. Like an older sister caring for a beloved younger brother, Mei holds me up and gives me recovery and antidote potions.


(Antidote potions: ...... I see, so the air also contains poisons.....)


It seemed that not only the fangs but Hydra mouths and blood were slowly releasing the poison too. If the battle had dragged on for a long time, my strength would have decreased for sure.

My throat numbed because of the poison, but I managed to drink down the recovery and antidote potions.


Even if I drank the antidote potion, the numbness wouldn't disappear immediately.

I am so tired that I can't move for a while, so I rest my body on Mei's big breasts and slender arms.


"I have already reminded you not to be reckless..."


"I didn't mean to be reckless, but... But why was the Hydra poison not affecting Mei?"


"Because poison doesn't affect maids.


Mei answered my question without any hesitation.

When she answered so honestly, I couldn't say anything but believe that poison doesn't affect maids. Well, that's amazing.




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