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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep5 Raito, around level 3000 - part 2


Mei says...


"I'm an all-rounder. That's why I'm not a very good fighter."


Mei said she is not strong, but I couldn't do anything in battle practice against her and always lost.

I am literally helpless.

She's too strong for me.

I wonder how strong a battle-specialized level 9999 is.


Mei is in charge of scouting, finding traps, maps of the lowest level of Naraku, and locating the dungeon guardian monster.


What is dungeon guardian monster?

It is a guardian monster that protects the dungeon core.

It is the strongest monster, and it is said that the dungeon core that maintains and manages the dungeon lies behind it.


Mei discovered a large door. She can feel the presence of a monster with level around 5000.

That's must be this dungeon guardian monster.


"Dungeon guardian monsters are usually around level 5000. As long as Mei is here, we won't lose. Am I right?"


"Yes. The moment we enter the room and encounter it, I will use my 'magic thread' to cut it into pieces."


...... Still, she said, she's not strong enough.

Sometimes I can't understand her.

I switch my mind and say.


"A, anyway,  I will fight alone as battle exercise. So, don't immediately cut it into pieces when we encounter it, okay?"


"Understood. But if I judge that Raito-sama is in danger, I will interfere. Don't force yourself too hard."


"I know. Geez, Mei is just too overprotective."


"As a maid, it's only natural for me to protect Raito-sama's life."


Mei is more like an older sister than a servant. She hugs me gently as she flicks her finger on me.

I complain that she's overprotective, but her sister-like attitude and kindness make me happy.


Thus, it was decided that we would fight this dungeon guardian monster.

Since it's too late to go now, we have decided to go tomorrow.


As preparation for tomorrow's battle, I take a bath with Mei and rest my body.




The next day.

After breakfast and getting ready, we head to Naraku's guardian room.

We encounter some monsters of level 1000 to 3000 on the way, but I can beat them easily.

It has been more than a month since I fell into the lowest level of Naraku. I have a higher level and better equipment now, so I won't lose against monsters I've already been familiar with.


We reached the guardian's room without any trouble.

It is a huge door with terrifying reliefs.

It must be four or five meters high.


I take out my UR-Uragan spear, which has wind attribute. I do some light work out to get ready.


"Mei, like I said yesterday, don't interfere too soon. I'm going to fight it first as battle exercise."


"I understand. Raito-sama also needs to remember that I will help you if you are in danger, so please don't force yourself too hard."


"Geez, I understand."


We talk intimately like siblings, and I put my hand on the giant door.

When I touch the door, it opens automatically. It is as if a giant is opening it.


It is dark inside, but the ceiling and walls light up when the door opens.

The room is so bright that we don't need to worry about the darkness. The ceiling is high, and the space is wide enough to fit a small village.


I walk into the room.

Mei follows three steps behind me.


...... So that's the dungeon guardian monster of Naraku.


In the back of the room, a giant monster is sleeping.

It has red scales and nine heads.

It slowly turns its head around and lets out a low roar when it notices our presence.

It has no wings, but its giant body is around 15 meters tall.


"Level 5000, Hydra."


Mei confirms the information with her appraisal.

The level is as expected.

The level is about 2,000 levels higher than mine.

Considering the level difference, I would lose in a single blow.


Before the Hydra stands up, one of its heads opens its mouth widely towards us.




As soon as I notice his mouth has opened, black rock is spat out at a very high speed!

I quickly jump to the right side, and Mei evades to the left calmly.

The place where we were standing was destroyed, and the floor was shattered.


"If we let our guard down and moved too late, his sudden attack would have hit us! What a cheat!"


"Because our opponent is a monster, maybe he doesn't know the term cheats."


Mei casually responds to my complaint.

But I don't have time to react to her comment.

Although there is a huge level difference between Hydra and me, I avoided his attack earlier. UR-Uragan spear has wind attribute that increases owner speed.

If I use this spear together with the cards from "Infinite Gacha", I should be able to win!


I take a card out of my item box.


"Explosive Flame! Release!"


[SSR Explosive Flames]

This is one of the highest-ranked tactical-class attack magic.

The combination of explosion and flame makes it an effective card against most monsters.

Explosive flame engulfs the hydra.

Even if it's Naraku dungeon guardian monster with level 5,000, this should be enough to deal some damage!




"Not, not even a scratch!? He even has time to counterattack!"


The Hydra opens two of its mouths. One of them spits out flames, the other one spits out liquid at high speed.

I avoid them using my speed boosted by UR-Uragan.

The flames grazed my cheeks, and the liquid damaged the floor.


The flames almost burned my hair, but the liquid melted the floor. If I took those attacks directly, I wouldn't get away unscathed!


"Ra, Raito-sama, maybe I should step in soon......."


"Don't worry, I have just started. Mei, don't interfere!"


Mei looks at the melting floor and shouts at me worriedly.

But I've just started. After all, I'm a man. I can't give up so soon in front of her.


"If magic doesn't work, I'll just hit you directly!"


I jump off the floor, hold my UR-Uragan, and attack.

3 out of the 9 heads turn towards me, and the remaining 6 are wary of Mei. The dungeon guardian monster seems to instinctively know which one to look out for.


It's frustrating, but I'll take it as an opportunity.


Flames, melting liquid, and rocks are flying at me.

I avoid them all and close the distances between us.

Contrary to its sluggish appearance, the enemy quickly flashes its tail.

But since I have already anticipated this attack, it becomes an opportunity.


I jump and avoid its tail.


I swing my UR-Uragan with both hands at his neck as he turns away.

My spear deeply pierces through its scales, which seems to be harder than steel.

I immediately release Uragan's power.


"Uragan! Show your power!"


Along with my voice, magic power flows in.

At the same time, a storm bursts out from Uragan, blowing off Hydra's head!




He didn't expect me to blow off one of his heads, and the Hydra let out a cry of pain and frustration.

I don't want to get greedy, so I quickly take a safe distance and prepare my Uragan.


"All right! Thanks to my equipment, I can fight him even if his level is 5000! I might be able to defeat him without Mei's help...!"


I couldn't finish my lines.

Because his neck that had been blown off by Uragan's power regenerated and came back to life in only about 10 seconds.


"His, his neck that was blown off can be regenerated almost instantly! How crazy is his regeneration ability?"


"Raito-sama, it's almost time for me to step in..."


Mei shouts at me worriedly.

But as a man, I have determination too.


I take out a card from my item box.


"Don't interfere, Mei! This fight is not over yet!"





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