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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep11 Homecoming 1


Thanks to Elly's hard work, we successfully removed transfer blockage in Naraku.

Now I can use SSR-Transfer to return to where I was almost killed by the Races Union members.

I still remember the route back to the surface world from there. Finally, I can go back to the surface world.


Now that I can go to the surface world, the first thing I want to do is to go back to my village.

When Mei and Elly found out that I wanted to go back to my village, Aoyuki and Nazuna said they would come with me.

The other fairy maids wanted to go, but I couldn't take all of them with me, so I decided to take only the four of them as representatives.


Before we leave, everyone gathers in my office.


"Should I wear that instead of this outfit? Since we will meet God Raito's family, I must give them the best impression ....... I'm going to change my clothes for a minute!"


"Elly, it doesn't matter what kind of clothing you wear because nobody can see you because of the SSR-Presence Concealment."


"Mei's comment is right. But didn't Mei herself do many small changes to her hair, ribbons, and maid's uniform?"


Elly keeps checking her witch outfit over and over again and wants to change her clothes, but Mei stops her. It is unusual, but Aoyuki suddenly gives Mei a retort.


"Thi, this is just in case....... An, anyway, Aoyuki also looks more stylish than usual....”


At this retort, Mei blushed. She turns her eyes to Aoyuki and retorts back.




Aoyuki looks away and meows like a cat.

Mei doesn't want me to know that she's putting more effort into her appearance than usual because she might meet my parents (actually, the chances of that are close to zero because we will use presence concealment). Mei blushed as she stares at Aoyuki, who has brilliantly brushed off her retort with cat meows.


“I can't wait to see my Lord's family and village!"


As for Nazuna, she looks really excited to see my family and village.


I let out a slight chuckle at their behavior and took out the SSR-Presence Concealment so that everyone could see it.



"Let's not waste any more time. We should get going. Is everyone ready?"


"Yes, no problem."




"I'm also ready."


"We can go anytime!"


Once I hear Mei and the others' replies, I use the SSR-Presence Concealment card.


"SSR-Presence Concealment, Release!"


SSR-Presence Concealment is a card that hides our presence from all five senses, magical powers, and magic items.

But the users still can see each other.

I can still see Mei and her friends.

Then, I take out the transfer card.


"I will move to the higher level of Naraku. SSR-Transfer, release!"


I recall the betrayal place and use "SSR-Transfer".

In the blink of an eye, we have moved to a place that I dreamed of so many times. The place where I was betrayed by the Races Union members and almost killed, the middle floor of Naraku.






"It's okay, Mei. I don't feel disturbed or get emotional just because I come to the place where I was betrayed."


Instead of sadness, anger and vengeance are simmering in my heart. However, this is not the time to express those emotions.

I smile and speak to everyone.


“More importantly, let's go now. It's only a short distance to the surface from here!"


I know the way to the surface, so I lead the way.

Since we are all level 9999, it doesn't take much time to reach the surface.


It's still morning, and the weather is clear.

After almost 2 years, I finally feel the sunlight on my skin for the first time.


"So this is the surface world..."




"There are only trees around Naraku. The sky is so high."


"The monsters in this area look much weaker than the monsters in Naraku."


Mei and Aoyuki mutter with deep emotion while Elly and Nazuna observe their surroundings curiously.

I feel the sunlight on my body for the first time after a long time.

In Naraku's basement, there is artificial sunlight, but the light on the surface is different.


(I've finally returned to the surface...)


It's been a few years since I've been back to the surface world.

For everyone else this is their first time on the surface world and seeing the sun,

After enjoying the moment, I take out a new card and speak to everyone.


"Now, let's get moving. SR-Flight, release!”


When I use SR-Flight, I can fly for 24 hours.

My village is located to the west of Naraku.

If you cross the wild forest where Naraku is located, cross the big river that connects to the ocean, and go further, you will find a village.

It's the most northern village in the Human Kingdom.


Life in the village is tough, but everyone helps each other to make ends meet. Thanks to this, the whole village is like one big family.

After a few hours of flying, my village comes into view.




Now that I have reached level 9999, my eyesight has been improved. It's still far away, but I can see my village.


"The farms are destroyed, are? Why are the buildings collapsed?"


Did we go to the wrong place?

That's impossible! Since we are flying, there is no way we could have mistaken the direction.

But no matter how I look at it, it is not my village. It is an abandoned village.

It is not just an abandoned village. It had been destroyed.

It was not destroyed by a natural disaster but by something else.


Farms, livestock sheds, and houses were destroyed. There were many burn marks.

Wells were crushed, and fences were broken.


"What... What has happened here!?"




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