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Sunday, October 9, 2022

Spoilers: KoushaRyouri

 Ch XX



"Aah, this....... Kanna is a vampire."


"Va, vampire!"


I have never met them before, but I know about their race.


As their name suggests, they survive by drinking animals' and humans' blood, and their lifespan is as long as the elves.


"I heard they're weak against sunlight and can't act in the daytime."


"That's only in fiction stories."


"Yes. By the way, we can't turn into bats. Even though we drink blood, we usually consume it from food. But compared to humans and beastmen, we do not feel a sense of aversion to directly consuming blood."


Kanna-san explains as she is lying on the floor.




"Unlike other races, vampires have a unique sense of taste."


This is the first time I have heard it.


Most of my knowledge was from the illustrated books I read when I was 5. Now that I meet a real vampire, it's totally different.


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