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Sunday, October 9, 2022

Spoilers: DeokuTeima

 Ch XX



"Eeto, what do you need from me?"


"Oh yeah. You're the owner of this place, right?"


"Yes, I am."


"I'm Tagosack. I just wanted to say hello to my neighbor."




"Yeah. That's my farm."


Tagosack pointed to a farm next to my field. It is the farm with the mysterious crops that appeared out of nowhere.


So she is my neighbor.


"Eeto, Tagosack-san?"


"Just call me Tagosack. And no need for honorifics!"


"You're a woman, right?"


"That's right. Oh, my name makes you wonder, isn't it? Never mind. It's my hobby!"


So she is really a woman.


She is much taller than me, at least 170 centimeters. I took a step towards her and found myself having to crane my neck to look her in the eye. She has long, straight, black hair and a pretty face and wears some type of jumpsuit. Her looks and her gruff way of speaking make me want to call her Nee-san (older sister).

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