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Thursday, October 13, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C34

Chapter 34: Magic Sword Flame Tongue



The departure is set for tomorrow at noon.


In the meantime, the knights will be restoring their spirits. Mildy-san and Richil-san have temporarily relieved of their duties as my caretakers, and they can spend their time as they please.


The atmosphere in this mansion is a little heavy.


While wandering around the mansion alone, I see Fletty-san practicing sword in the garden.


How many more hours has he been practicing?


His half-naked body is covered in sweat. The sword handle is stained with blood, but Fletty continues to swing his sword.


He reminds me of myself in the past.


I wanted to be acknowledged by my father, and I wanted to surpass my father...


There is nothing wrong with dedicating yourself to one thing.


But dedicating yourself to one thing also means you won't look at anything else.


If he is obsessed with one thing, his life will be as twisted as my 300 years of life.


"This is bad..."


That is not my voice.


The voice comes from behind me.


I turn around and see Clavis-san standing there.


He is not looking at me but at Fletty, who is swinging a wooden sword for practice with all his heart.


"Even though he's going to the battlefield tomorrow... He's really a troublesome person. I told him to restore his spirit, but he may end up destroying himself."


"Destroying himself..."


Clavis-san is right.


Fletty-san is definitely the vital point of the Knights and the vital point of the humans who are going to do the trials.


Besides, that dragon is very good at seeing through people's hearts.


Suppose that dragon notices a destructive sense of responsibility inside Fletty-san's heart. In that case, it may turn around and won't lift the curse.


"Fletty's sense of responsibility is strong, even to an abnormal point. At first, I also liked that part of him. When I heard that Sophinie could be saved, I was happy. But I am also worried about Fletty, who will do the trials."


I nodded at Clavis-san's words.


Fletty-san is a kind person.


It is no exaggeration to say that I am here now because of him.


It is all thanks to Fletty-san that I have broken free from the 300-year curse and am living a fulfilling life while being loved by Clavis-san and his family.


Therefore, I cannot afford to lose Fletty-san. He has a strong sense of responsibility and is ready to die.


"But it's also true that no one could replace Fletty. Karim will go with him, but what can we do to keep Fletty from doing something reckless?"


"How about giving him a clear reason?"


I suggest to Clavis-san.


"A reason...?"


"Give him a reason to come back here safely."


"That way, Fletty-san would refrain from being reckless."


"You seem very sure about that."


"There was once a knight like Fletty-san in the Tristan family."


That Knight is very kind. He is willing to sacrifice his life for my family and his comrades...


But he died.


After that, I grieved and wondered what I could do to bring him back alive.


It was a time when there were many wars. Knights losing their lives were something that happened every day.


Human beings will not come back to life. I was well aware of this reality, so I often thought about what I could do if the same thing happened again.


As a child, the conclusion I came to was to 'give a reason to stay alive.


"I see... So it's an idea born in an age of war... Good idea, Luciel. I'll make the arrangements right away."


Clavis patted me on the head.




The next morning, a departure ceremony is held.


The knights and Karim-san are wearing armor. Clavis-san is wearing his formal nobleman's outfit and stands on stage.


Sophinie-san, Miss Lilith, and I also attended the ceremony.


I get nervous because it has been a long time since I wore formal clothes. It seems that textile technology and its materials have evolved much since 300 years ago. My outfit is very comfortable to wear. But it looked too flashy because they used too much gold thread...


All the retainers are gathered in this hall, and the ceremony is solemn.


"Fletty, come forward----."


"Yes, sir!"


Fletty-san saluted once and then moved in front of Clavis-san.


Clavis opens the box on his side. What appears is the bright red magic sword.


The sword looked familiar. It is the same sword wielded by the bandits' leader whom Fletty-san fought.


“I entrust you with my family's heirloom, the Flametongue. Take it and show the dragon your power.”


The magic sword "Flametongue".


As the name implies, it is a magic sword made from the tongue of a magic beast salamander and forged like steel.


Making tools from monsters like this has been practiced since long ago, even before I discovered monster crystallization. However, no one seemed to think that the meat could be eaten.


I never thought that the magic sword wielded by the bandit was a family heirloom.


Flametongue is a very valuable magic sword. It would not be surprising if it became a family heirloom.


Fletty-san tightens his lips.


He kneels down and accepts the sword with both hands.


"Thank you for your trust. I will risk my life to break the Duchess's curse."






"The flame tongue is the Letivia family heirloom. It belongs to my family. I only let you borrow it temporarily."


"I understand."


"No, you don't understand anything."




Clavis-san tapped Fletty-san's chest.


"I'm telling you to come back alive and return this heirloom."




"What would you say? Can't you do it?"


Clavis-san grins.


Fletty-san was stunned for a moment. His mouth dropped open, but then he quickly closed his mouth.


Usually, his eyes looked gentle. Now they shine sharply like a wolf's eyes.


"I will surely lift the Duchess's curse and return this Flametongue. Of course, with my own hands...."


"Hmm. I’m counting on you."


He tapped Fletty-san- on the shoulder.


As expected, he understands his retainer's character.


Fletty-san is always ready to throw his own life away when carrying out his duties. That's how earnest he is.


That is why Clavis-san must give Fletty-san a reason to stay alive.


When I notice, Clavis-san is looking at me.


He looks at me and grins a little.


It went well!


Seeing such a satisfied expression makes me happy, so I spontaneously smile back.



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