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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep3 Bath time


After I fall into the lowest level of Naraku, this is my first real break.

Thanks to Mei, my level is now 1000.

Then she says...


"Raito-sama, let's end the leveling for now. Before we eat, let's enter the bathtub together to clean off the sweat and dirt."


"Bathtub? Bathtub is where nobles and kings clean themselves with hot water, right?"


I know that a bathtub is where you can take a full-body bath in hot water, but I've never seen one before.

Usually, I wipe my body with a towel soaked in hot water in my room at the Races Union base.

When we were camping near a river, the men would get naked and bathe in the river.


"Yes, the bathtub. It feels so good. You're so tired, right?"


"...... Mei, no matter how much I want it, that's impossible.

A bathtub needs a lot of hot water and a container that people can fit in. Even on the surface, that requires a lot of work. There's no way we can enter a bathtub in a dungeon."


"No, no problem. I can prepare everything by myself."




As she says this, she starts making preparations.


First, she creates a large container to fit a person with her magic thread.


"Magic power, manifest and create water, Water."


As Mei chants the spell, water is created in the air and fills the container.

After a while, steam rose from the water, and it became hot water!


"A, amazing, Mei! You made a bathtub in no time! How did you turn water into hot water?"


"It's not difficult. I created the bathtub with my magic thread, then I just converted the magic power into heat to warm the water inside."


I don't understand the "turning magic into heat" part, but I know she did something amazing.

I never thought I'd be able to take a bath like the nobles and kings!


"Now, let's take a bath. Before getting into the bathtub, wash your body thoroughly to avoid dirty water. I'll help you, Raito-sama."


"Wait, wait a minute, Mei! Are, are you going to take a bath with me?!"


Mei suddenly takes off her maid's uniform.

Her maid's uniform seems to be made from magic thread, and it instantly turns into underwear.

Her big breasts, slim waist, and beautiful legs are exposed.

Feeling embarrassed, I hurriedly turned my back to her and asked her a question.

I even realize that my ears are turning red.


"Of course."


Mei replied and hugged me gently from behind.


(Hm...... Mei's skin is ...... soft ......)


As I am impressed by Mei's soft skin, she hugs me from behind and moves her fingers to unbutton and take off my clothes.


"Raito-sama, it is normal for a maid to wash her Lord's body and take a bath with him....... It's as normal as water flowing from high to low places or birds flying in the sky. So there is no need to be shy. Taking off her Lord's clothes while hugging him like this is also very normal for a maid."


I don't know why Mei is talking a little too fast.

I'm a 12-year-old boy from a poor farming family and know nothing about the upper-class society that hires maids.

...... If a knowledgeable maid like Mei says so, it must be true.


"If Mei says so ... then it must be normal, right?"


"Yes, I swear on my maid's way."


She assures me with a stern face.

Hmm, then I guess it's not a problem.


I am convinced to take a bath with her for the time being.


"Me, Mei! I can take off my clothes by myself."


"No, this is also my duty as a maid. I must serve Raito-sama until the end."


She takes off her underwear, wraps a towel made of "magic thread" around her body, and helps me take off my jacket and pants.

My resistance is futile because of our level difference, and she gently helps me take off my clothes and underwear.

I sit on her lap while covering my lower half with the towel she made for me.


"...... Since this is Raito-sama's first time using a bathtub, I will serve you while explaining the process. First of all, is it cold? Let me warm you up a little with my body."


Then Mei gently hugs my body.

The warmth of her body warmed my skin. It's as if I'm wrapped up in it, and it's comfortable.


"...... Mei, the temperature feels good. It's kind of reassuring ......."


"I also feel relieved when I hold Raito-sama in my arms. I am very happy that the Lord I should protect is here and that I can now protect Raito-sama with all my might. I can't believe that the first person I met after manifesting in this world is such a lovely and honest lord...... It really is fate. My purpose of existence is here now. Everything is for Raito-sama. My life is all for Raito-sama....."


She hugs me gently and tightens her arms around me.

I don't know why my heart bounces and shivers when I feel her soft, smooth, radiant skin.


(What is this feeling? ....... I've never been hugged so gently in my whole life. ......)


"Raito-sama, do you feel more comfortable now? ...... First, we'll use the hot water to wash off the dirt from your body."


Mei reaches for the hot water.

She then scoops the water in a bucket that's doesn't look like made of thread and pours it over my head.


(It's so warm ...... and it feels so good .......)


I can feel my skin warming up as the water temperature is just right.

The warmth of the water is good, but I feel hotter when Mei's soft skin touches the back of my head and my back. I also feel the warmth of her thighs and skin as they wrap around me.


"Close your eyes ....... I'll pour the water again. Yes, yes, you're good....... Very cute."


Mei pours the hot water over me again. This time, she pours it slowly over my body. Finally, she hugs me and sweeps my shoulder and back with her slender fingers.


(It's...... so warm......)


I can feel the warmth of Mei's fingers on my skin.

She cares for me so much. She gently warms me, stroking me with her fingers and touching my cheek. It's as if she is washing a treasure.

While I think about the warmth she is giving me, Mei continues her explanation.


"...... I have finished pouring hot water. Now let's start washing our bodies and hair to clean the dirt thoroughly. Luckily, we have shampoo and soap from Raito-sama's Infinite Gacha. I'll wash Raito-sama's hair first. If the foam gets into your eyes, it will hurt, so please keep your eyes closed."


"Oh, okay. Yes."


I close my eyes for her to do the shampoo.

Mei's slender fingers brush through my hair and head. It tickles but feels good.

After rinsing off the foam with hot water, she starts to wash my body.


"Me, Mei! I can do it myself!"


"No, it's my duty as a maid."




...... It's not so bad when she washes my back, but it feels very embarrassing when she washes my front.


"Okay, everything is fine now. Now that you've washed up let's get into the bathtub. Shoulder-deep in water, and count to 100."




I sit in the bathtub with Mei holding me from behind.

I could feel her breasts against the back of my head. Due to the heat of the water and my embarrassment, I cannot think clearly as she hugs me tightly from behind and whispers in my ear.


"Let's have a meal after bathing. From now on, let's take a bath together every day to prevent diseases and to stay healthy."


"Uh, yeah, okay, I'll take a bath with you......"


Mei clenches her fists inside the hot water.

I wonder if a monster has approached us, and she gets ready to attack it.

But I couldn't see any monsters in my field of vision.

Embarrassment and the hot water's warmth make me can't think clearly, so I just nod to Mei's words.



This is how Mei and I started to take a bath together every day for a month.





A month after I fell to the lowest level of Naraku, I surpassed level 3000.




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