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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep2 Raito, level 1000



Luckily, I got the 'N-Bread' card right away from my Infinite Gacha.

The bread is white, soft, and has slight wheat sweetness.

It is my first time eating such white bread, so I am amazed and happy.


"Do the nobles and Kings eat such delicious bread every day?"


When I asked her opinion, Mei said.


"Maybe they're made by the factory."


Perhaps she wanted to explain that the bread for the nobles and kings is made in a particular factory. Maybe that factory is similar to the workshop that makes bags and shoes.


Not only is she beautiful, but she is also smart.


(She is different from a poor farmer like me.)


After eating and taking a break, she quickly explains how to level up.


"My magic thread is created with magic power. I can change its softness, shape, material, and hardness at will by controlling my magic power."


"The white cocoons are holding the monsters that have been attacking us. Raito-sama, take the stone in your hand and throw it from a long distance."


"What? Is that enough? If I keep trying, maybe I can get a strong weapon from my 'Infinite Gacha'?"


"Weapons will come out, as you said. However, Raito-sama is still level 15. Even though I'm by your side, we should be careful to avoid unnecessary danger. You may think I'm overprotective, but please understand."


It's true that Mei is level 9999 and has a great power called magic thread, but nothing is absolute in this world.

An attack from a monster over level 1000 could kill me instantly.

Considering such possibilities, it is normal to be cautious about my safety until my level rises.

I respond to her concern with a smile.


"Thank you. I'll throw a rock from a distance as Mei instructed."


"Thank you for your understanding."


Mei bows to me in her sitting position.

I smile back shyly.

She raises her head and says.


"Let's start with the nearest cocoon. Raito-sama, take this stone."


"Yes, thank you."


Mei gave me a stone, which had been shaped to make it easier to throw.

It seems that while I was asleep, she had cut the abyss walls and floor with her magic thread and shaped them.

I stand up and walk towards the white cocoon while hiding behind Mei.




A part of the white cocoon peels off and reveals the restrained monster.

It's the giant 4-legged monster with a snake tail that attacked me before.

According to Mei's appraisal, the monster is called the Snake Hellhound.


Currently, his body is tied up with magic thread, and his mouth is strapped shut, so he can't even cry out.

He looks at me with sad eyes and begs for his life.

To be honest, it was very hard to throw the stone.


"Come on, Raito-sama. Please do it."


"Ye, yes. All right..."


I throw the stone as Mei urges me to.

It hits the hard, tough-looking fur and bounces off.

The damage should be almost zero, but what's important is the fact that I hit it.


It is common knowledge among adventurer parties that not every adventurer in this world is a vanguard.

In big adventurer parties, there are also rearguards who act as healers.

So, is the experience gained from monsters only earned by the vanguard who attacks them?

The answer is no.


I don't know how it works, but the experience is distributed based on battle contribution. Therefore, even healers, scouts, and rearguards can gain experience.

And - that's what "side-hitting" is all about.

In other words, a party member can hit their enemy with small attacks from the side while the other member is fighting it and gain experience points.

Usually, people would avoid doing this. But Mei decided to raise my level by deliberately doing this side-hitting.


"...... Good. No damage, but you got his attention!"


Drawing the opponent's attention also gives extra experience points.

This is a technique often used by non-offensive scouts.


"Then I'll finish him off."


Mei lightly waves her wrist, and the white cocoon wraps around the monster again.

The cocoon shakes a little, and the red liquid - blood - slowly spills out onto the ground.


In that split second, she had killed that level 1000 monster without any sound!


"Raito-sama, did your level rise?"


"Uh, um, I'll check."


I hurriedly check my status after Mei points out.

My level was 15, but now it had risen to 70.

I can't believe that just by throwing one stone, my level went up by 55!


"That's great, Mei! I can't believe how high my level has risen!"


"Congratulations, but we are just getting started. There are other monsters here, so please don't hesitate to throw rocks at them."


Mei smiles and takes out some stones that have been shaped to make them easier to throw.

There are more than 10 white cocoons.

It seems that it won't be over until I hit all of these cocoons with stones.


(Mei is surprisingly a Spartan...)





Anyway, I just kept throwing rocks, taking naps in between.

As I leveled up, my stats increased, and I began to make more damage...but only a little.

I could feel it.

I try to keep that feeling and keep attacking.


For survival, status is the most important thing. No matter how high Mei's level is, a single blow could kill me if I'm still weak.

I don't want to be a burden to her. She saved my life, and I can't keep pulling her leg.

I just kept throwing stones.

And as my status increases, the damage I make gradually increases too.

And as my stats increase, I can defeat more monsters with Mei.


And then - my voice trembling as I check my status.


"Le, level 1000... I never thought I would reach level 1000, the highest level for dragonmen, demons, and elves. I'm a human, and I'm level 1000..."


"It's not surprising Raito-sama could reach this level. Because Raito-sama has great talent. I personally believe that you could grow a bit more, but... It's out of my expectations."


"No, no, Mei! Level 1000 is a great thing! It is said that the highest level for humans is 100 and it doesn't go any higher! ... Are? I remember hearing something like that at the Adventurer's Guild, but how did I manage to pass the human growth limit?"


This is what I heard from other adventurers in the guild.

It seems that each race has its own level limit.

It's called the growth limit.

Once you reach a certain level, you can't go any higher.

It's about level 100 for humans, 200 to 300 for Beastmen, 500 for dwarves, 300 to 1000 for demons, 1000 for elves and dragonmen.

It's just a common-sense guideline, but it's not absolute.


So how did I manage to reach level 1000?


Mei answers this question.


"I don't know about other races, but Raito-sama - I think humans don't have a growth limit. People think that humans can't break through level 100 because they can't get enough experience to pass that level.

Perhaps the lack of experience was the reason why Raito-sama's level was lower than I had expected.

Maybe other races do not have growth limits, but simply experience points required to raise their level are too high.

However, it may be difficult to level up by defeating low-level monsters. It may also because different individuals and races have different growth compensation values... This is just my speculation, so there's a high possibility that I am wrong."


"I, I see. ...... I have reached level 1000 now, so maybe Mei's opinion is correct."


Maybe this is a great discovery!

...... Though we who are in Naraku can't do anything about it.


"Anyway, the monsters in this dungeon aren't enough to raise Raito-sama's level."


"Mei..... This is the lowest level of the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, Naraku....."


I didn't expect her to say "not enough" in the lowest level of Naraku.

Mei brushes aside my points and tells me.


"Well, Raito-sama, let's call it a day for now. Before we eat, let's take a bath together to clean off the sweat and dirt."





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