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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep4 Raito, around level 3000 - part 1

 It's been a month since I fell into the lowest level of Naraku.


The monsters in Naraku are usually between levels 1000 to 3000.

Thanks to Mei's help, I reached level 3000.


The only problem is that ...... my level growth is getting slower.


We renovated the large space where I was transferred by the trap into a sleeping room and placed furniture such as beds, tables, and chairs from Infinite Gacha.

If we set up our bed in a small space, we will have to fight the monsters in very small spaces.

Therefore, we block the entrance with Mei's magic thread to respond to monsters whenever they appear.


Since I've gotten used to this life now, I sit down on a chair and talk with Mei while drinking the tea she made for me.


"The monster level in the lowest level of Naraku is between 1,000 and 3,000. As Mei feared, my level growth is almost stopped."


"The only relief is that our equipments and standard of living has improved, thanks to Raito-sama's Infinite Gacha."


"I am at the lowest level of Naraku. It's the world's largest, hardest, and most punitive dungeon, and yet I can live a better life than on the surface world. I never expected this either."


During my Races Union days, they gave me a very small room in their rented house. The bed was small, and the space was cramped. The mattress was very thin, and the pillow was hard.

But people like me, who came to the city to escape the poverty of farming, usually stay in back alleys or in stables. Sometimes they stay in a group room at a cheap inn when they make a lot of money.

Even if my room in that house is very small, it is already considered a luxury.


Although I am now inside a dungeon where I don't know when monsters will attack, I have a maid and a big bed with fluffy pillows.

Mei can cook or serve from the cards. There are many kinds of delicious food that I have never seen before.

Sweet, salty, and many other strange-tasting snacks.

I can take a bath and have so many clothes. I also can change my underwear every day.


My current life in Naraku is much more comfortable than in the surface world.


"Not only my living conditions but also my equipment. A human kid can carry a fantasy-class spear. On the surface world, this thing is really unthinkable."


The spear I'm currently using as my primary weapon is called UR-Uragan.

It's a fantasy-class weapon, and because it has wind attribute, it increases my speed when I carry it.

If I thrust it into an enemy and put magic power into it, it will release wind storm power to widen the wound or damage the inside.


Its killing power is very high and very useful.


I use a spear to keep my distance from the enemy, and I have learned to use various weapons from the Races Union members.

Among those weapons, the most suitable for me was the spear.

My next most suitable weapons other than spear were bow and sword.

Mei also observed my talent. She's agreed that spear, bow, and sword are the most suitable for me.

... As a man, I've always wanted to use a sword. But my life is at stake, and putting my life at risk is not my hobby.


According to the Adventurer Guild, fantasy-class weapons and tools are national treasures.


"It's my own gift, but it's amazing that ' Infinite Gacha' can produce such a thing....."


"It's all Raito-sama's power. As your servant, I'm very proud of you."


Mei praises me as she serves me and makes me another cup of tea.

By the way, my armor is made from Mei's magic thread. It is light and strong.


"There is no problem with our living environment, weapons, armors, luxury items... What should I do to raise my level further? I also want to reach level 9999 like Mei, but it seems impossible... "


I don't have to force myself to reach level 9999.

I just need to go up to the surface and take revenge on the Races Union members. But to find the truth about Master and why they have to kill me, I must face all nations in this world.

To take revenge and learn the truth about everything, I need a lot of power. That's why I want to reach level 9999......


Mei starts to speak in a serious tone.


"...... Raito-sama, can I offer you a suggestion to raise your level?"


"Eh! As expected of Mei. Of course, you can! So what's your suggestion?"


"Infinite Gacha produces cards of monsters and people who have will like me."


I have a bad feeling about this.

As she pointed out, I've been using my Infinite Gacha whenever I have free time. Thanks to this, I've been able to get food, daily necessities, beverages, luxury goods, weapons, and armor. I also got Fairy Maids, Mohicans, Merchants, and many other races and monsters cards.

Their levels vary from 10 to 5000.


Those cards are stored in the SSSR- Item Box from Infinite Gacha.

Most of the spell cards from Infinite Gacha disappear when used, but some cards like the SSSR-Item Box allow the owner to use magic.


The reason why it's just the two of us, and we don't summon humans or monsters from the cards in my item box is because if the levels of those cards are too low. It will be difficult for them to survive in Naraku, and we have to protect them.

Furthermore, Mei said that we still can't afford to spend much time there, and it would be better if just the two of us. That's why only the two of us are living together now.


I have discussed that with her before. We will summon a SUR card like Mei's when it comes out, but...

Why did she mention the other cards now?


Mei tells me with her usual calm expression and voice.


"I think that if Raito-sama summons high-leveled people and then finish them off, your level will rise. If those summoned ones are willing to serve Raito-sama just like me, they will gladly give their…."




For the first time, I call her name in an angry and sad voice.


"You want me to.... do the same thing as the Race Union members who betrayed me and tried to kill me like a piece of trash? I was betrayed by my friends, and now you're suggesting me to betray...


"--- I'm sorry, that was a slip of the tongue. Please forgive me for my thoughtless suggestion."


Mei bows her head deeply and asks for my forgiveness.

I stand up from my seat and walk over to her.

I let her raise her head and hug her tightly.

She is taller than me, and I bury my face in her chest.

I hide my eyes, which are wet because of the sadness caused by her words and my past memory. Then I say to her.


"Mei ...... Please, don't ever say such things as sacrificing our friends again. If Mei disappears from my life, I'm sure...... I can't stand it."


"Yes, no matter what happens, I will continue to stay by Raito-sama's side. All for the sake of my beloved Lord, my body and mind are all yours. I swear by my maid's ways to give my absolute loyalty to my Lord. As a feather of a bird's wings in the sky and a branch of a tree on earth, I will stay by Raito-sama's side forever. Please let me stay by  your side forever......"


"Yes..... Thank you, Mei."


I hug her for a while, and Mei gently pats my back and head.

I responded to her by tightening my arms around her.


A few minutes later, I wiped my reddened face and eyes with my sleeve cuff to cover them up.


"Mei's suggestion -- I'll never sacrifice my friends. But I really want to raise my level. So, I think it's time for me to defeat that thing."


"You mean that monster at the bottom of Naraku?"


"Yes. Let's defeat this Naraku guardian monster to level up."


So I decided to defeat this dungeon guardian monster. Its estimated level is 5,000, and it lives in the deepest part of Naraku.





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