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Thursday, October 13, 2022

Episode 43: Anger, sorrow, hatred, lamentation, --regret - part 2



"Aa, are you... OK?"


The twins' reply was mixed with tears.

Their faces were covered with soot, and their expressions were gloomy filled with tears that were shedding, but it was confirmed that both of them were still healthy.

Isla feels very relieved to see that fact.


Isla thinks that no matter what happens both of them must be saved.

It's because ... to her, both of them are her real daughters.

Why? Isla has never had children before.


Isla is a presence in the game Eternal Nations.

The baby bug she produces is her child, but that is only one of the system setting. The reality of how it was set up in the data was another story.


The Child Bugs which she give birth after being summoned to this world looked more like robots than children.

In fact, Child Bugs' thinking ability resembles that of AI rather than sentient beings with feelings.

From human point of view they are not children at all.


... Isla completely understands that she is just game data.

Even if she was given a big name such as the Queen of All Bugs, she was just a fictional existence created by zero and one (binary bits).


Is that why? Given the setting of a queen, she has been strongly looking for an object to demonstrate her motherhood since she came to this world.

Gives then you will receive. Is the one who need protection and love is weakling?

The twin girls who appeared in front of her and longed for mother love have been an irreplaceable treasure for Isla.


That’s right. He wanted to protect them, even if it will cost her own life.

“You're okay, right? Thank God, really, thank god...... Now, I want you to listen to what I have to say.”


"More than that, I'm injured--!"


"That's right! I have to ask the King to heal me soon!"


"I'm ... okay."


While listening to the sound of the footsteps of death approaching. Isla squeezes her last power to speak to them.

To tell the truth Isla should be able to survive if she sacrifice the twin girls.

With her formidable abilities, she could quickly draw a great distance. She should stay as far away as possible.

That way, no matter how strong Fremine's power is and no matter how bad the Brave Quests' forced event were, the damage she suffered could be suppressed to the minimum.


But no mothers are willing to sacrifice their own children.

Is blood the proof of the parent-child bond?

Is the time spent together prove the bond between parent and child?

No, even if they were not related by blood, even if their time together was short.......

The two girls were indeed Isla's daughters, and for both of them Isla was indeed their mother.


"I think already you know, I won’t survive, so I have something to entrust to the two of you..."


There is too little time left. And nothing much she can do.

At the end Isla desperately keeps her consciousness, suppressing the desire to shout that it should not have been end up like this.


"No!! I will be a good girl! That’s why, that's why--!"


"Is, is there any way ..."


"Sorry, I don't have much time."


"Because Cearia are weak, because Cearia tried to be happy! We tried to be happy, so we got punished again!"


"Why? Everyone die? I just want to be with you.Is it so bad if I want to be with my mother?Did we do a bad thing?"


 Isla wanted to scream to tell them ‘That’s not true’.

 But she has no strength left.

 Her life is like a candle light in front of the wind, and there were things she need to do first.


"Mom let me die together with you.I don't want, I don't want to feel sad anymore... "


"I can't live like this.There is nothing good about living."


"Please, listen to my words ..."



 All she wants is for them to survive.

 She have to get them out of this desperate situation and send them to a safe place at all costs.

The place where Isla and the others are currently located is the frontline of the battle between the Brave Quests Demon King's Army and the Mynoghra Army.

Although everything was blown away by Fremine's self-destruction, there is no guarantee that Mynoghra rescue team will come on time.

It is more likely that the Brave Quests monsters will come to scout this place.


So this was the only way left.


"You two, I have a request--"




The twins screamed at the same time.


My mother suddenly stabbed the remaining vice bowl into her chest and

Because I scooped out my heart.


At the same time, I understood Isla's intention.

Their mother suddenly stabbed her own chest and pulled her heart out.

At the same time, they understood Isla's intention.




"Hiii, hii, hiiii--"


Cearia vomits and Mearia feels like she's having an asthma attack.

It was the most traumatic part for them, it also reminded them of the terrible memories.

They have heard of it once.

Among the many abilities that Isla have, she has ability to give her power other person.

But the successor must eat Isla's heart…….

In Eternal Nations It's an extra ordinary ability that can upgrade other unit to become a hero when Isla is defeated.

However, when it became a reality, the impact on the successor was immeasurable.

The deeper the love, the deeper...


"Please forgive mom who died first, and ... my last wish, please ... please eat me, live on."


"No, no, no!"


"Why? Hik, hik, hiks, why ...?"


Isla understands how much her deeds will hurt their hearts.

Although she understood it, theres no other way.

Although she understood that they would suffer, she still hoped her two beloved daughters would continue to live.


"It's okay. You girls are my cute daughters ..."


(My Lord ... I'm sorry.Please forgive my selfishness.)


And Isla acquires a certain skill without getting the approval of the king, that is << Throne Succession >>.

When a hero unit was defeated, it can gave Hero skill to other unit of the same nation.

The last gift from a dying person.


"Inherit the throne - my sweet girls.Mearia, Cearia.......I hand over all my power to you."


Isla gave up her heart which was still beating.

His heart radiated magical power and when it reached the girls' hands, it shine brightly.

Then the light thinned out as if to go out.


"--Live as you wish. My cute daughters."


Hero Isla has finished her life.


"----I love you"




The girls know how hard and painful it is to survive at the expense of their mother.

They have suffered more than enough once and now they have to go through the same thing again.


But the two of them had already heard her final words.

Their beloved mother told them 'I love you' and 'live on'.


So, the two girls---their mother---.






...... The Brave Quests event continued.

Fremine, who was defeated and disappeared by the hero in the process, never knew, but there was a continuation of the story.

In the story, it was the hero teacher and father's substitute who die because of Fremine's plan.

From the beginning of the adventure, he was a brave and proud person who repeatedly participated in battles, sometimes also led the battle to victory with his powerful fighting power.

He also sacrifices himself to protect the hero and loses his life.

The hero mourns because of his death, then fell into disappointment and despair.

However, the hero stands up by the words given at this time.

The hero inheriting the teacher thoughts, powers, and becomes more determined to save the world

The power inherited at this time became a lethal weapon, and eventually it will be used to break down the power of the Demon King and lead the world to peace.


A tale of human love, courage, and adventure.

Then what if the subject is the evil one?


What if, the peace they had finally found was cruelly taken away?

What if in the midst of helplessness and disappointment they had to eat their mother again to survive?

What if those girls who hate everythings were blessed by the King of ruin and inherited the beast will?


The incident was unstoppable.

If someone can't be saved.

Then the birth of something that is deadly cannot be stopped either.


 The chaos mixed with various thoughts becomes a huge swell and fills the world.


= System =============


* The hero-error-true power has awakened!!!

Promote the target status.


The target setting profile is abnormal.

Cancel status promotion ……


In the process, there was an intervention by ■■■■ and ri died.

Status promotion processing continued.


Throne Succession


The "Hero" skill will be given to the target.


Awakening processing is duplicated.


Processing cannot be executed normally



{{Awakening Awakening}} has {{CompletedCompleted}}.




Even a person who knows everything could not create something like this.

Not even a god could predict this.

All events are related to one another.

A terrifying creature whose true form could no longer be recognized was about to be born.


----And the hatred eggs hatch.


Was it their mother's love?

Or was it their mother's madness?

The impossible phenomenon continues, it twists the world's principle and rang the warning alarms.

Because it is pure, it will never stops.


The world is always cruel.

It always hates them and wishes them misery and despair.


But at the same time, the world was also equal.

That's why it gave them the power to push everything into the hell......





There are two small shadows in place where everything is done.

Slowly they get up and look up at the night sky.

It was a blessing for a new birth.


Previously they were just small or weak creatures who needed protection.

Now those girls have been reborn as beings that exceed their own will and will spread their hatred to the world.

The girls were heartbroken in the first despair.

And in the second despair, the girls ...


In the night sky-the giant moon was just shining quietly.


= Message =============


* Emergency notification *

A new threat has emerged in the world


[Elfur Sisters, The witch of regret]


-Because the world hates us--

――We also hate the world ~




Translator note:

The Moon is Beautiful: A Hidden Expression of Love



  1. damn i crying while reading this chapter 😭😭
    it must be hurt them a lot 😭😭
    thanks for the chapter!

  2. Hell, this arc is really breaking my heart.

  3. Poor girls they didn't deserve this 😭 revenge arc for the newly born twin heroes


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