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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Episode 43: Anger, sorrow, hatred, lamentation, --regret - part 1


Episode 43: Anger, sorrow, hatred, lamentation, --regret


--One day, some time in the past.

When the barbarian problem wasn’t too bad yet, roughly when everyone in Minogura thought that sending reinforcements to Dragon Town was enough.


"Big moon"


"It's been a while since I've seen the moon properly."


Two girls were looking at the night sky at the top of a giant tree.


The Mynoghra Forest is now a cursed land due to its characteristics.

The trees twisted irregularly, and it was difficult to climb or even find safe foothold.

However, the elf is people of the forest. For the dark elf which is a closely related with the elf it is an easy thing.

Climbing the tallest giant trees on the outskirts of the city was like a walk in the neighborhood for them.

However, considering their age and position, they can get a serious problem by hang around at that kind of place at this time.

Especially from the hero, Islaa. As their substitute mother who always worry and over protective there is no doubt that she would scold them.


Trees with poisonous color spread out like an ocean. On the contrary, the sky was cloudless and the stars were shining like scattered gems.

And most distinctive was the presence of a huge moon ...... that lit up the area like the sun, and shower them with a warm and loving light.

They can see the light from Mynoghra palace, which is the beginning and the end goal of this little adventure.


"The moon is beautiful, right?"


The younger sister Cearia, looking at the moon with glittering eyes. She didn't see the moon for a long time. She turned her head when she heard Mearia’s words.

It is true that the moon shine brightly and beautifully.

However, her sister's words were not something that came out naturally, but a fixed words.


"The moon is beautiful, but ... what is that, Oneechan-san?"


"Hmm? The King said. When you say'the moon is beautiful', it means'I love you'."


When asked by her sister, she smiled with a soft smile and turned her face toward career.

Sometime ago, it all started when their king looked up at the moon and mysteriously muttered, "There is also a moon here."

Mearia, who had already had a close relationship with the king, asked his sentences intentions.

His anwer is different from what she expected, that sentence was an anecdote.


At first he misunderstood it ... but as a girl he finally understood it.

The story that the king told was interesting, so that her impressed feeling was stronger than her dissatisfaction. Because of that, the story remained in her memory.


"Waa! This is the first time I heard it! The King knows a lot of things!"


"Yeah. It was my first time too. The King knows everything."


A secret with a special king, she also share it with her special sister.

She see her sister eyes shining happily just like when she first heard the anecdote,

Mearia, who is usually didn’t show her emotions, smiles naturally.


...... Become Mynoghra citizen, and then become the king maidservant...

The wounds in their hearts were healing.

In the past when the dark elves escaping from their homeland, they have eaten their mother's meat to prolong their lives.


It was their mother's initiative, an act of dedication to save the hungry dark elves.

But in reality, it was the decision to save her own child, who was sick. She could do nothing but wait for death to fetch her daughter.

It is also a last resort to ensure her daugthers safety in the tribe.


The two children were aware of the back because of their disproportionate wisdom.

As a result, the older sister's Cearia closed her heart, and her sister Mearia exposed the burn scars that cause by her illness as if she was punishing herself.


In the beginning, when looking for the maidservant for Takuto, Elder Mortar and the other Minogueura administrators were reluctant to introduce the twins.

The twin girls were evidence of the dark elves' abominable sin of eating their comrade, and they felt terrible guilt if they introduce them to the king.

And most of all, the two of them were emotionally broken at the time.


However, those tragic events are already in the past.

Finally they found peace under the king protection of, slowly the two were able to come to accept their past, and began to live in the present.

Of course, it all thanks to the King Ira Takuto and the other companions.

They who always wanted to die now can stand up on their own feets. Probably the main reason of their changes is the hero Isla.


"Oneechan-san. When did the King teach you such a wonderful thing?"


"Hmm? I wonder when? That’s a secret"


"Ah! Don’t fool me! That’s not fair!"


While giggling at her sister's protest, Mearia shifts her gaze to the moon.

While watching at the moon beauty she convey the words of affection.

What a nice phrase!

What a gentle and great king the king who secretly taught her about it!


Just looking at the giant moon gave them a mysterious power. Their happiness and smiles raised quickly.

No doubt from now on they can live happily.


The world must be smiling at them for all the hard work they've done.

Because the moon is so beautiful.

This must be the proof that the world loves them.


From now on, they will live happily ever after with their beloved king, their beloved Isla, and their beloved dark elves in their beloved land of Minogura.

For all those who have died. For their real mother who have died.

They were told to live, and with that thought in their hearts...


They will live happily ever after, just like it is told at the end of a fairy tale.


With that in mind, it seems that Mearia heart, who have been frozen by past events, is melting more and more.

It makes her feel like she’s floating.


"Cearia. The moon is beautiful."


Suddenly Mearia took her sister's hand.

Cearia that was a little surprised, then she smiled like a blooming flower.

Her cheeks flushed and she held back her sister's hand.


"Ehehe, oneechan-san, the moon is beautiful!"






The two girls laughing.

Originally, it was a word used by men and women who were attracted to each other, but it is impossible for girls around their age to understand that.

However, the real problem is Takuto that felt embarrassed when he give the explanation then he deceive Mearia.


Although there are some misuse of it, it is not wrong when it comes to conveying affection.

And with the stars in the sky and the trees stretching out like the sea.

That is the most appropriate expression to praise the moon beauty as love expression for the family.


"That's it!"


Probably because of that.

The warmth of the moon brought a wonderful idea to the Cearia.


"Then, Let’s bring mother Isla next time. Then, we will tell her that the moon is beautiful!"


"Oh ... let’s do that!"


Once they came up with that idea, their eyes shine.

It was clear from the two girls expressions that it meant a lot to them.


For both girls, Isla is their second mother.

Of course, they have never forgotten their real mother.

They can live happily now because their real mother gave her life for them.

They have never forgotten the warmth of the woman who always hugged them in her arms.


At the same time, they didn't forget how much affection Isla had for them who had closed their hearts.

They don't know why a hero like her cares about them so much.

However, Isla who should only know destruction and murder has gently embraced them with her unusual arm. Her warm hug is real.


"Fufufu. I'm sure it will be a more fun than today."


When is the next full moon?

They can't wait for that day.

How beautiful is the moon when the three of them watching it?

Just thinking about that made my Cearia get excited and stand up.


"It's a secret until then?"


"Yes, oneechan-san!"


"... Fufufu"


"... Ehehe"


The two girls laughed.

On the next full moon the two girls will bring their new mother to this place.

Maybe Isla will scold them for staying up late, but they are sure that she will forgive them.


The three of them will look at this big moon.

Then they will tell those words to their beloved person.

I love you.


They believe that day will be the most wonderful day.








Fremine's self-destruction has blown away everything that exists there.

The two and their mother were still alive at this point.

No-It was a miracle if their mother Isla still alive.


Her skin which was stronger than steel, had burned and melted. Half of her giant body had disappeared.

Her condition was too terrible to describe, but fortunately her head was not damaged and a weak voice came out from her mouth.

Perhaps she regained consciousness, Isla very slowly raised her head, and turned her eyes to the twin girls held in her arms and confirmed their safety.


"Aa, are you... OK?"


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