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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 3 - Ep1 Raito, level 15


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Infinite Gacha:  Ch 3 - Ep1 Raito, level 15




"I've come this far."


I stand at the top of the giant tower and feel the wind.

Many humans are gathering below me.

Some are preparing food, and others are building living quarters. Young, old, and children - all kinds of people are gathering here.


All of them are humans who had been enslaved by the Elf Queen Nation.


After I defeated the White Knights, the supreme power of the Elf Queen Nation, I forced the Elf Queen Nation to declare the human race absolute independence. Then, they freed the human race. We've decided to build an independent city in this place.


Of course, the center is the Giant Tower.

Initially, only a few dozen meters of the surrounding area had been cut down. Still, now the site has expanded to over 1 km.

We have started to build a city here. We are building simple residential areas and commercial areas for humans.


(I got my revenge on Sasha and got more clues to solve the mystery about the Master and why did they have to kill me? Although there are many unanswered questions, such as the existence of other beings besides the Master...... we must gather more information and proceed with my revenge. There is a high possibility that we will have to fight against nations other than the Elf Queen. We've just shown ourselves on the surface world, and we don't know what's going to happen next. We have to act carefully....)


The wind blows.

A pleasant breeze blows through my hair and sways them lightly.


( Looking back, I've had a hard time getting here. Especially in the beginning, when I transferred to the lowest level of Naraku. It was only Mei and me....)


As I stare at the city construction from the tower, I recall my past.


Yeah, that time when I almost got killed and met Mei.



When I think about it, everything started from that moment.






--About 3 years ago, in Naraku.




I was betrayed and almost killed by the members of the Races Union, the friends I trusted.

Luckily, I was caught in a transfer trap and escaped from them. But then a monster tried to kill me in the lowest level of Naraku.


I was so desperate that I hit my Infinite Gacha and got 'SUR - Mei the Seeker Maid Level 9999'. Luckily, Mei saved my life.

Then I had a conversation with Mei about my next plan.


"I want to become stronger and get back at them. And I want to know the truth about why the government is looking for, capturing, or trying to kill  the Master."


When Mei hears my intentions, she says.


"Yes, that's right. Let's increase the number of friends with" Infinite Gacha "and create Raito-sama's kingdom in this dungeon first."


I only half understood Mei's words, but I didn't say anything and decided to press my Infinite Gacha button.




"....Ugh. Are?"


As I press the Infinite Gacha button and pull out 3 cards, my legs suddenly shake.

My knees lose strength, and I collapse.

Mei hurriedly holds and supports my body.


"Raito-sama, are you OK?"


Because of our height difference, my face was buried in her big breasts.

Normally, I would be embarrassed and blush, but I can't even do that now.

Mei furrows her eyebrows in regret.


"I'm so sorry, Raito-sama. You've been betrayed, and right after you transferred here, you were almost killed by a monster. I didn't notice that your mental and physical strength almost reached their limits, and let you draw the Infinite Gacha..."


Her words made me realize.

It's true that in less than half an hour, I've been betrayed by the Races Union's members, attacked by a monster, and met Mei.

Even though level 15 is quite high for my age, there is no way a human child can endure any longer.

As Mei pointed out, it is no surprise that I am losing my strength.


"But if I sleep in a place like this..."


This place is probably the lowest level of Naraku.

I haven't drawn any useful cards from my Infinite Gacha yet. If I pass out here... No matter how high Mei's level is, won't it be difficult to protect herself and me?

As if to erase my worries, Mei hugs me gently and pats my head.


"I will definitely protect you, Raito-sama.

I won't let you get even a scratch. So please rest in peace."




She smiles like a holy mother.

I couldn't resist her sweet smell, her gentle touch, and the warmth that seemed to slowly enter my soul, and I lost consciousness there.




"...... Mm."


I slowly wake up.

My whole body is warm, and I wish to stay like this forever. Especially my head, I feel something soft, smells good, and comfortable.

I wanted to bury my face in this pillow for the rest of my life.


(...... Huh? Did my pillow ever smell this good?)


I try to recall it with my sleepy mind.

My single room in the Races Union's base has a second-hand wooden bed.

The mattress is thin, and the pillows never feel as comfortable or soft as this.


(First of all, didn't I get betrayed by the Races Union's members....?)


I wake up at once.

I jump up and brace myself.

I had been betrayed by the Race Union's members and had fallen to the lowest level of Naraku.

I can't afford to sleep comfortably like this.


"...... Good morning, Raito-sama. Moving too quickly after waking up is dangerous."




"Yes, I'm Mei, your maid."


A beautiful woman in a maid's outfit with her long black hair tied into a ponytail sits there and greets me in the morning.


My foggy head from sleep starts to work.

I was betrayed by the Race Union's members, and I survived after summoning "SUR, Mei the Seeker Maid Level 9999" from my Infinite Gacha. After that, my mental and physical strength reached their limit, and I fell asleep.

That's right, I was betrayed.





I kneel there with my head in my hands.




I was betrayed.

The Races Union's members I trusted betrayed me, mocked me, and tried to kill me.

When they found out that I was not the Master, they tried to kill me just to be safe and wanted to make it look like an accident.

It wasn't a dream.


The betrayal by the Races Union members (Drago, Garou, Sasha, Nano, and Diablo) was not a dream!

It was real.

I was so sad and frustrated that I couldn't help but shed tears without the worry of being seen.


Mei hugs and pats me on the back as if she is taking care of a child.


"It must be hard for you. Betrayed by the people you believed in... But don't worry. I am here for you, Raito-sama. Even if the goddess becomes your enemy, I will stay by your side."


She hugs me tightly.

It feels so warm.

Her soft hands pat my body again and again.




I am so touched by her kindness that I can't stop crying.

I thought I had lost everything.

I thought I was going to die. I thought I was going to be killed.

But she is with me.

The only one who would stay by my side even if God became my enemy.


"Thank you, Mei...."


I bury my face in her breasts and thank her with tears in my eyes.


--How long has passed?


After all the tears, sobs, frustration, and anger, I finally feel better.

My face blushes because Mei sees my embarrassing moment.


"I'm sorry for showing you my weird side. I've calmed down."


"Nothing weird and no need to feel ashamed. As a maid, I'm glad that Raito-sama has shown me your precious side."




I blush even more when she straightforwardly tells me her opinion.

At the same time, I feel my stomach rumble.

It's only natural since I haven't eaten anything since yesterday.

Hearing my stomach rumbling, Mei looks sorry and asks me a question.


"First of all, Raito-sama should eat. As a maid who follows the maid way, I feel ashamed, but is it possible to get food and seasonings from Raito-sama's Infinite Gacha? Worst case scenario, we'll have to eat the monster that attacked us, but... It is against my maid way to put the meat of that weird creature into my lord's mouth..."


After she said that, I realized.

We haven't moved from the place where I was caught by the transfer trap.

We are in a large space, and several white cocoons are around us. Maybe the monster she had defeated is wrapped up inside those white cocoons.

The place where I am standing is also covered with fluffy threads that form a mattress and a blanket.

Mei is the only one who can make those things.


Mei's magic thread made the blanket and mattress I slept on. It was also used to defeat or capture the monsters that attacked us.


This bright white carpet I'm currently sitting on was also made with her magic thread.


While admiring her useful power, I follow her words and press my "Infinite Gacha" button.


"You got a moldy bread when you were on the surface world. I'm sure there you can get food and seasoning. For now, let's repeatedly press till you get food."


"Thank you. Let's level up once we finish eating."


Mei's words made my hand stop unconsciously.


"Level up?"


"Yes, let's aim to reach at least level 1000 first to avoid instant death."





  1. I dear say, but ½ of this could have been left out 🙄😂. Thanks for the translations.


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