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Thursday, September 29, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C33


Chapter 33: The taste of a family


"This is excellent!"


Clavis-san raised his voice when he tasted the cheese pork beans I made.


Sophinie-san is sitting next to him. She looks relaxed.


She feels much better, probably because the pain caused by the curse has been suppressed by the Care Slime candy.


She came out of her room and said she wanted to have breakfast with her family, even though she just got better a few hours ago.


Sophinie-san has been suffering from the curse for a long time. This must be her first family reunion after a long time.


Even if it is only for a short time, the Letivia family's cheerful smiles are back on their faces.


Miss Lilith and Karim-san are also in a good mood.


Their casual family reunion looks a little dazzling to me.


"Hey, hey... Luciel-kun."


Mildy-san speaks to me.


This breakfast is also a send-off party for the knights who will challenge the trials of the dragon.


That's why Mildy-san, Fletty-san, Garner-san, and Richil-san also attend this breakfast.


The main members of the Knights are also present.


The dinner with the Letivia family is a regular event. Mildy-san and Richil-san both look relaxed.


Mildy-san scooped up the pork beans with a silver spoon and made a bitter face.


Is it possible that she doesn't like beans?


"Is this bean possibly ......?"


"Oh. Did you recognize them?"


"No, I don't know what kind of beans they are, but they probably aren't regular beans. Like... Those coffee beans."


"Yes... but they are not coffee beans. They are Gankyo beans."


"Gankyo beans!"


"I knew it..."


Richil-san, who was listening beside me, raised his voice.


Mildy-san also folded her ears down.


The others are surprised and look at me.


I wonder why they are reacting like this... Though I'm getting used to it.


Gankyo beans are beans that temporarily strengthen the body.


A serving of these beans will last for about a week.


If you eat these, you should be able to protect yourself from the dragon's tail blows.


Perhaps there are other things?"


Clavis-san takes a drink and looks forward to my explanation.


He put his elbows on the table and was ready to listen to me.


Karim, who sits next to him, shrugs his shoulders at his father's curious attitude.


On the other side, Lilith and Sophinie-san's eyes widened. They still haven't recovered from the shock.




How do I explain this?


While I am wondering how to explain, a hand is placed on my shoulder.


It is Songho-san. He looks at me sharply.


"Little boy ....... What did you feed our Lord? Depends on your answer..."


I just fed them the food that Songho-san has approved.


I thought it was okay because he didn't even mention the ingredients.


In fact, it's harmless.


"I'm sorry. That meat is the meat of a monster called the Sea Pig..."


"Sea Pig?"


"It's a sea monster, isn't it? All the monsters you know live in the mountains or plains, right?"


"No. Behind those mountains is the sea. Many sea monsters live in that sea...."


Ah. I see.


Yes, that's right. People tend to think there are only mountain monsters there, but there is an ocean behind the mountains where I used to live.


I only noticed it about 200 years ago.


The topography was probably changed by that explosion, and the sea became closer.


"The Sea Pig's meat tastes like salted meat and is very delicious."


"I see. Is there any other effect?"


"Well... The Sea Pig is an aquatic monster, so it has strong resistance to cold air and low temperatures. Just by eating its meat, you will gain resistance to cold-air breath."




"Considering it's you. There's still more, isn't there? For example, this red eggplant. It's much stickier than a normal red eggplant, but...."


Karim points out.


I can't win against this guy...


"What looks like a red eggplant is the red dragon fruit...."


"Red dragon fruit!"


Songho-san unconsciously raised his voice.


Hearing his voice, Richil-san's voice also trembles.


"Isn't it one of the fruits known as the phantom fruit? It's called that because it grows on the Red Dragon's back."


"What, what are its effects?"


"It has a special attack effect against dragons. It is also time-limited but should last for a year."


"A yeaaaarrr!?"


Richil-san almost fainted.


While Mildy-san is laughing at her.


The others are also stunned. They seem to be unable to cope with the reality that suddenly hit them.


Clavis-san raises his voice.


"Gahahahahahaha! Magic plants, monsters, and finally, phantom fruit. I never get bored with you, Lucille."


Clavis-san grins widely.


Unlike the others, he looks really happy.


"By the way, Luciel-kun."


Clavis-san looks at me as if she is peeking into my heart.


"Ye, yes."


"Why are you standing with the chefs, away from this table?"


"Eh? Because I made the food."


"I know it. But you should be on this side. I've welcomed you into my family, haven't I?"


My hair is swaying.


I feel as if a gust of wind blows through my hair.


While I am in a daze, Songho-san slaps his hand on my shoulder.


"What are you doing? My Lord says you are family. Then you should be sitting around the table. Go there."


Songho pushes my back a little roughly.


I take a seat and put the food prepared by Songho and the other chefs in my mouth.




The seasoning is perfect. It's very delicious, my tongue is pleased.


And my chest feels warm.


I feel as if a burden I had been carrying inside of me has disappeared, and I feel lighter.


"Luciel-kun, how is it? Our food tastes ......."


"Very ....... Very delicious."


"Remember this. This is the taste of a family."


Clavis-san laughs again as he drinks down a glass of fruit wine.


I see. So this is what it's like to eat together with family.


It's totally different.


It's not the taste of the ingredients, the seasonings, or the combination of all of them.


It resonates in my heart...


This is the taste of my first family.




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