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Thursday, September 29, 2022

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep50 Nemumu's Story


Side Story 2

Infinite Gacha:  Ch 2 - Ep50 Nemumu's Story


--One day. Nemumu has returned to Naraku. She's working as an adventurer to assist Raito in the surface world.


"So, Nemumu-sama! Did you sleep in a tent with Raito-sama?"


"Yes, I thought it was disrespectful. But Raito-sama said, Nemumu and Gold never had this experience, right? This is part of your training to be an adventurer in the surface world. So we slept in the tent together, taking turns to do night watch."


"I, iii, I'm jealous! I am so jealous!"


In the cafeteria inside Naraku, Nemumu is chatting with 4 fairy maids who are also on their off day.

Today Raito has to return to Naraku to do some paperwork and other miscellaneous tasks. So today, Nemumu and Gold also get a day off.


She also wants to be with Raito-sama for as long as possible. Still, the environment in Naraku is much better than on the surface world.

She can enjoy delicious food, snacks, baths, bedding, etc., without worrying about being seen.

Nemumu couldn't understand why Gold would want to go to a bar on the surface world.


Of course, their conversation is about Raito.


They drink tea and talk while sitting at a table in the cafeteria.

Nemumu plays with her silver hair with a smug expression.

The fairy maids enthusiastically talk about Raito.

The glasses fairy maid pushes up her frame and asks a question.


"Camping experience that means... You've had dinner cooked by Raito-sama, right?"




Nemumu couldn't help but laugh at her question.

She pauses for a moment, then tells them with a smug smile.


"Well, I did eat the dinner that Raito-sama happily cooked because he usually doesn't have a chance to cook."


"Uuuuh, I envy Nemumu-sama! How was Raito-sama's cooking taste?"


"Of course, it was great. I don't think I'll ever be able to eat anything more delicious than the dried meat and bread soup that Raito-sama made!"


As Nemumu said, Raito made a really simple dish.

When he was an adventurer, Raito had camped many times. In those times, he was in charge of the chores and cooking.

So he simply wanted to cook after a long time, remembering the old days.


The dishes were just simple outdoor food for adventurers: dried meat boiled in water, chopped wild plants, and bread.

Even the simplest dish available in Naraku is better than that.


But for these girls who respect Raito, his handmade food is priceless.


The fairy maids around Nemumu cry out in envy.


"Nemumu-sama, I really envy you."


"We really want to try it too."


"I, I want to try it."


"I, I, I would rather keep Our Lord's handmade foods forever than eat them."


"You girls will have the chance to eat it someday. Though I've already eaten it!"


Being praised by the fairy maids, Nemumu let out a slightly arrogant comment.

Then words that feel like cold water greets her.


"Kekekekekekeke! I really envy you. To be able to spend time with our Lord, sleeping in a tent, shopping, adventuring, guarding him, and eating the food prepared by him."




Everyone there, Nemumu and the 4 fairy maids turned around at the same time.

Before they know, "UR - Chimera Mera Level 7777" is standing beside them and has joined their conversation.


She is a woman over two meters tall. She wears a hat, her hair stretched to her back, and her eyes are red. Her face is beautiful, but when she smiles, her jagged teeth and the edges of her mouth almost reach her ears. She also wears a long skirt covering her ankles and clothes with long sleeves covering her hands.


She is tall, high-level, and intimidating. And above all...


"Kekekekekekeke! If I transform my body, I can disguise myself as a scout... But I'd like to take Nemumu's place."


A giant eyeball, tentacles, etc., waving from her wide cuffs.

Because Mera is a chimera, she can transform her body as she pleases. She is a bad match for Nemumu, who specializes in assassination techniques.

She is also intimidating because she can eat a person's head off any time, so Nemumu is not good at dealing with her.


"The, the one who decides is Raito-sama, so I can't help..."


"Kekekekekekekeke! I understand, but I can't control my envy. Nemumu, would you please try to recommend me to our Lord personally?"


"Eeeh !? Personally!?"


Nemumu's expression became tense at that unreasonable request.

She also notices other eyes staring at her.




"Ah, my partner said she also has the skill to be a scout. So if you're going to recommend someone, then it should be her!"


"Su, Suzu-sama too!?"


Even 'UR - Hermaphrodite Gunner Suzu Level 7777', who usually prefers to eat alone in the cafeteria corner, joins that conversation.

She is a very shy person and rarely interacts with other Naraku residents.

Such a girl is now unusually proactive in promoting herself.


She must really hope to spend time on the surface world with Raito.


"Kekekekekekeke! Come on, Suzu. You can't just jump into the queue. I was the one who talked to Nemumu first, you know?"




"She said, I'm the right person for the job. Stop staring at me!"


When they were chatting and laughing happily, a staring contest between 2 people with level 7777 began suddenly.

The fairy maids, who are around level 500, step back and hide behind Nemumu. However, Nemumu is only level 5000.

It is impossible to stop them if they start to fight.

It is also difficult to protect the fairy maids hiding behind her.


(This, this is bad! I never thought this would happen just because I got carried away and bragged about myself to the fairy maids! Who could predict something like this would happen?)






"Oh, Oioi, both of you, calm down! It would be very bad if you fight here."


Rock in Suzu's hand is the only one who tries to stop them.

Everyone else there puts their hopes in Rock.

But their dispute is quickly calmed down by Raito's voice.


"Hey, hey, you two. Don't fight in the cafeteria."




Everyone in the room bows down.

Raito asks everyone to raise their heads.

Behind him is his escort maid (Ice Heat) stares at Mera and Suzu.


Raito smiles and waves his hand to stop Ice Heat.

Then he speaks to Mera and Suzu.


"I'm happy for Mera and Suzu's feelings. The two of you are too strong. That's why I can't bring you to the surface world yet. Sorry."


"Kekekekekeke! No, it's my fault for getting a bit overheated. I'm sorry."




"My partner is also regretting her behavior."


"Thank you, both of you. I'm glad to hear that. It's break time, so why don't we all have a snack together?"


Everyone responds to Raito's suggestion cheerfully.

Everyone excitedly approaches Raito and asks what kind of snack he wants to eat?

As she walks behind them, Nemumu reflects on her action.


(Next time, I'll refrain from bragging about spending time with Raito-sama... If this happens again, no matter how many lives I have and how strong my stomach is, it won't be enough...)


Alone, Nemumu reflects on her action.


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