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Thursday, September 15, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C41


Chapter 41: Kumama



Kumama the Honey Bear is a new member of our team. I wonder how to use his beekeeping skill. First, I need to gather information.


A quick search on the forums tells me that it requires a beekeeping box, but I'm not sure how to get one. In the first place, it seems that there aren't many players who have beekeeping skill.


It stated that I could make it with woodcraft skills or buy it in a town in the 3rd area. Sakura has woodcraft skill, but she can't make them. She's shaking her head when I ask her.


I can't go to the 3rd area right now. So I would have to buy it from the Farming Guild or Player's Shop or ask a player with woodcraft skill to make it for me.


Here's what his skills look like.


Charming: low chance of stopping the opponent from doing something

Gluttony: Eating restores a small amount of HP; requires two meals per day

Sense of Smell: Good sense of smell gives a bonus to actions related to smell

Cultivating: Can grow plants other than trees

Claw Strike: Can attack with claws.

Climbing: Good at climbing trees and cliffs.

Poison resistance: Less chance of poisoning

Fragrance: Emits a pleasant smell that attracts creatures

Beekeeping: Uses beekeeping boxes to produce honey


From Honeybee, he inherited Cultivating, Poison Resistance, and Beekeeping. From Little Bear, they inherited the sense of smell, claw attack, and climbing. Unfortunately, he didn't inherit Honey Bee's poisonous stinger.


I'm glad to hear that the fragrance helps beekeeping. But because of his gluttony, he must eat twice a day. I'll have to remember that.


Also, thanks to cultivating, he can help out on the farm. That's great. Maybe his skills will help me grow flowers that produce honey.


Come to think of it, Ruin's store is on the way to the guild. Maybe I'll ask him to show me some equipment for Kumama. I hope I can get ready-made with the right size.




"Ou. You're doing great, aren't you, Shirogane!"


"Wait, why are you calling me that?"


"Ha-ha-ha. Sorry... Yuuto. So today, you want a weapon? Or armor?"


"Armor. Do you have any armor that this guy could wear?"


"Hohou. I've never seen this monster before."


I did some searching and found out that Honey Bear was only discovered the day before yesterday. It seems that Amimin-san had hatched Honey Bear from an egg before I did and posted the information on his bulletin board.


If you're not a tamer, it's not surprising that you don't know.


"Is there anything for him?"


Hmm. Nothing in particular. No, wait, there is a thing.


"Please, not red."


"You don't want red? You hate red color?"


"Yes. Because if I made him wear red... We, well, there are a lot of reasons. I don't mind anything as long as it's not red."


"I see."


Ruin-san considers my words. Then he brought out three pieces of equipment.


"I was asked to make this for an elementary student player, but some issues came up, and it got canceled."




"...... He tried to shoplift at the NPC store and then got banned for harassing a player who warned him. It was really troublesome."


"That's terrible."


"It matches your robe. What do you think?"


It was a dark blue jacket, a red and green tartan plaid shirt, and a gray ascot tie. The underwear and tie would be treated as accessories and could be equipped by Kumama.


"It's not the best product, but the performance isn't bad. I'll give you a discount because of the circumstances."


"This is nice."


"I mean, it's definitely better than my equipment."


Name: Dog Jacket +

Rarity: 2 Quality: ★7 Durability: 150

Effect: Defense +16, ( Strength +1)

Equipment Requirements: Strength 6 or higher

Weight: 3


Name: Dog Shirt

Rarity: 2 Quality: ★7 Durability: 150

Effect: Defense +7, ( Strength +1 )

Equipment Requirements: Strength 4 or higher

Weight: 1


Name: Dog Ascot Tie +2

Rarity: 2 Quality: ★7 Durability: 150

Effect: Defense +4, (Strength +1)

Equipment Requirements: Strength 4 or higher

Weight: 1


"Isn't it great?"


"Yeah. It's my masterpiece."


"Just equipping it increases strength? But what's this ( Strength +1 )?


"It's a set bonus because it's a series of items created in the series creation. If you equip all three at the same time, you get that bonus."


"+3 to strength, that's pretty impressive."


"Actually, the price is 27,000 G for 3 of them, but 13,000 G is fine."


"Eeh? Half price is fine?"


"It's better than keeping them in storage, and I won't lose money."


"I'm sure someone will want it."


"If you only look at its performance. But the problem is the size.

It's difficult to sell child-sized equipment."


In this game, armor has an automatic size-adjustment function, but it doesn't mean that it can be infinitely adjusted. There are various sizes, such as child-size, S, M, L, large size, and monster type, etc. By the way, I can equip the S and M sizes.


Among them, the Child size seems to be in low demand. Only elementary school players or small monsters can equip them.


"I see. Well, I am happy about it... Okay, I'll buy them!"


It's not every day I get a chance to get such good equipment at half price. I paid for them and immediately equipped Kumama with them. Thank God I was able to equip it automatically using the status control. Because I don't know how to tie an ascot tie.


"Ooh. Kumama, you look cool."




All at once, Kumama looks like an English gentleman. A gentleman with a bare bottom? That can't be helped. It seems that he can't wear any lower body equipment.


I also bought new equipment for myself. Since my level has increased, my total strength and constitution have increased.


Name: Dog Shirt

Rarity: 2 Quality: ★4 Durability: 150

Effect: Defense +5

Equipment Requirements: Strength 2 or higher

Weight: 1


Unlike Kumama's, this one has not been dyed, so it's still gray color. It's made from wild dog fur, and the quality is low. The price was 800 G. It can be worn underneath my robe, so it's a nice piece of equipment.


After that, I went to the farming guild, but I couldn't get a beekeeping box. It's not that I don't have enough money to buy it, but I need to raise my guild rank by two to get it.


The next stop is Sawyer's alchemy store. Even if he doesn't have woodcraft skills, he might be able to introduce me to a producer he knows.


"Sawyer-kun, how are you?"


"Oh, Yuuto-san. Not bad."


Still the same shouta elf. I'm supposed to be good-looking too, but I'm totally outclassed by Sawyer-kun. Why? Is it the difference in the inner aura?


"Actually, I'm looking for something. I thought maybe Sawyer-kun could help me."


"What are you looking for?"


"I'm looking for beekeeping boxes."


"Beekeeping box?"


"Yeah, actually, this guy has beekeeping skill."




"Is that a new monster? He's so cute."


Sawyer-kun pats Kumama's head and bows his head apologetically.


"I'm sorry, I have woodcraft skills too, but I can't make it yet."


"I see. Well then, do you know any wood craftsmen who can help us?"


"Let's ask a producer I know. I'm also interested to know. Please wait a moment."


Sawyer said that and made a friend call someone.


"She'll be here soon."


"Oh, is it okay?"


"Yes, because she's also interested in the beekeeping box."


While I am talking with Sawyer and playing with Kumama, I see a woman approaching. She is walking straight towards us. It seems that she is Sawyer's friend.


She's a human with a green ponytail. She's wearing light cloth clothing. I wonder if that's what a production worker wears? No, I don't have the right to comment on others.


"Sawyer-chi, hello! Ooni-san, are you the one who's looking for the beekeeping box?"


"Yes. Yuuto-san, let me introduce you. She's Ashihana, the woodcutter."


"Hello! I'm Ashihana! Nice to meet you!"


"Hello. I'm Yuuto the Tamer."


Ashihana greets me, but her stare is completely focused on Kumama.


"Kyaa, this bear-san is cute!"


"He's my monster."


"What's his name?"




"Nice name! Okay. Nice to meet you, Kumama!"




"Aww, you look like a stuffed animal!"


It looks like Kumama has hit Ashihana's sweet spot. She struggles to hug him. He's not my friend, so the harassment block is active. An invisible wall is blocking her from hugging Kumama.


"This wall is blocking my way!"


"It can't be helped, right, Ashihana-san?"


Sawyer tried to calm her down but failed to do so. Ashihana is frustrated. She is stamping her foot on the ground.


"Mmm! Hey, Yuuto-san!"




"Can we exchange friend codes? Okay? It's okay, right?"


This person asked to be my friend just to hug Kumama. I don't know her well. Well, I don't really mind. She doesn't seem like a bad person. Anyway, I don't have many friends yet.


"Do you get it"


"Thank you! Yes, this is my freco (friend code)!"


"Yes, yes."


"Hurry up! Please, hurry up!"


"Wait a minute. See, the exchange is complete."


"Kyan! Kumama-chan, you're so fluffy!"




The next moment, Ashihana is jumping on Kumama and enjoying his fluffiness. She hugged him tightly and treated him like a stuffed animal.


What should I do with my extended right hand?


"I'm sorry, Yuuto-san. Her skill is top class, but she's very honest with herself and very active. Anyway, she's not a bad person."


"It's OK, Sawyer-kun. It's not your fault."


And did he say her skill is the top class?


"By any chance, is she a famous player?"


"Yes. Though, not as famous as Yuuto-san."




"Eh? Like I said, not as famous as Yuuto-san, but..... Ah, sorry. Never mind."


As if he senses something, Sawyer-kun stops talking about fame and explains about Ashihana.


Apparently, Ashihana is one of the most famous woodworker players, and many players want her to make weapons for them.


She is such a great player.


Anyway, I'm more famous than a player like her? That's ridiculous. Ahahaha, I'm sure Sawyer-kun mistaken me with someone else.




"Ku, Kuumaa!"



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