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Thursday, September 22, 2022

Episode 42: Things That Never Return - part 2

"... Mm? Atou-dono. What happen?"


Elder Mortar sensed the change.

He don't know what happened, as he was keeping some distance to avoid incurring Attu's wrath, but he does know that something strange had occurred.

The sun has already begun to set and the time is approaching dusk.

The orange sunlight illuminates Atou's body red from behind. The light cover the girl body as if it is bathed in blood.


 One step, old Mortar approached Atou.

 Then try to speak to her again.......


"No! Everyone's get down! Hide behind a rock!


 Almost immediately He noticed a disaster is about to happen.


"Impossible! Impossible, impossible, impossible! It's impossible! It can't happen!"


The ground exploded.

Atou's tentacles are shaken in all directions as if to express her anger.

Like a toddler swinging and playing with a skipping rope. Her tentacles made thunderous sounds that pierced the air while destroying everything around her.


"A hero!? A hero of Mynoghra! Why!? In this kind of place!?"


Those who were able to hide behind the nearby rocks in a hurry would be very lucky.

As if they were blessed by God there is a rocky place to hide near the dark elves.

As the stones that have been swept away fall like bullets, Elder Mortal bet all of his luck and yells at Atou's anger.

Otherwise, the rocks that protect them would be scraped off as well, and they'll get hurt.


"Our hero, Atou! Please calm down that anger! Your power should not be wielded unnecessarily, but should be used for Mynoghra and King Ira Takuto!"


Atou's rage was so exploded that it destroyed everything on the spot.

If she made a mistake, all the dark elves on the spot, let alone the Elder Mortar, would have disappeared from this place.

One word has stopped the angry hero.

Ira Takuto.

The name of the one and only Lord, to whom she devoted everything, held her consciousness from the rampage and returned her calmness.


“………… I was distracted”


He muttered and relaxed as if his earlier rage was a lie.

The tentacles that had been rampant, slowly swayed and move back then eventually hide behind her back.

Elder Mortar carefully observed Atou, who is stunned. He finally confirmed that she has crossed the anger threshold, he let out a big sigh of relief and signaled his subordinates to come over.

The calmness has returned to her eyes.

Elder Mortar sure that Atou, the hero of Mynoghra, would not wield her power over his fellow man on purpose.

However, the scene they just witnessed was not something that can be quickly forgotten.......


Somehow strange atmosphere still flowing. As the dark elves gathered anxiously staring at Atou, Elder Mortal finally ask a question.


"What... what happened?"


The air is tense.

It was the first time he had seen Atou so distraught, and the first time he had seen Atou so depressed.

It was clear that a crisis had occurred. It is possible to guess the content from the words that Atou uttered earlier.

However, even if he was can guess the reason, his heart was never believe it.

That's why he had to hear that word from Atou.


"Isla ..."


The name of a hero known to everyone on that place came out.

At the same time, he can guess the content of the next word.


"Isla died"


 With a look of bitterness, the words were finally squeezed out.

 The death of Isla, the hero of Mynoghra.

 The defeat of the hero, the sword of the nation and the symbol of the power of Ila-Tact, the king of destruction.

 Everyone on the place couldn't accept the fact.




"............ eh?


At that moment, Takuto let out a surprised voice.

The place where he is in Mynoghra city, in a corner of a building that looks like a government office.

He came to this building near the evacuation site of the citizens because it was difficult to defend the palace where he usually lives.

Fortunately no one heard his word.


“No way, it can’t be.”


The sudden change in the situation was so fast.

Tact was watching the situation with the twins.

In order to fully demonstrate his ability as an SRPG player, he checked the battle situation one by one, assigned and instructed soldiers, told Isla the characteristics and skills of the opponent, and taught the strategy.

The battle was progress as he expected. A number of actions performed like a chess finally assemble a puzzle in the form of Isla's victory.

Eventually, as expected, a safe and natural victory was brought to him and Isla without any problems. He was going to hold a meeting after that battle.


Contact with Isla is lost, and the twin girls on her side also disappear...

Everything was over when he realized that something unexpected had happened.


"Isla. Replyme..."


Communication is interrupted.

Sharing of vision, which is normally possible without problems, is not possible either.

In the last sight, the twins are summoned to that place. He is well aware of the disturbing conversation that was taking place.

Mynoghra leader, Ira-Tact, can share vision with all of his people.

Of course, he also can share vision with the twins, his maidservant...

In a hurry, connect his field of vision to the twin sisters.

No response was returned.

Next, connect to the other sister.

Still no response.


"Hey, hey ... I'll use emergency production to create and send medic.Everyone, please wait. Im, impossible, I didn't expect this to happen."


His voice trembles. Believing it just a mistake, he hope it is.

He tried to talk to Isla with telepathy again.

He also tried to contact the twin girls with telepathy.

It's going to be okay. Theywon’t die in such a cruel way.

First, he had to check on them then he must ask them to forgive him for hurting them with his carelessness and inadequacy.

Then he must immediately organize a rescue team to help them.


= Message =============

<! >Communication error

The unit does not exist.



"It, it can’t be......”


 But the past never comes back.

 The consequences of the decisions he made hadreturned to him.


“Isla, Cearia, Mearia......”


Pathetic, it’s just so pathetic.

This world is not a game. It's not the world of Eternal Nations.

There is no reset or load.

If you die, you will remain dead.


So this was a reality that Takuto should take.

It was a reality that could not be changed.


――On this day, the existence that Takuto loves was lost from the world.


= Message =============


“Isla, the Queen of All Bug" has been destroyed.

-One threat has been removed from the world-



  1. Are you not edited this one and just copy paste it from google translate? Because its similiar with the raw

    1. My translations:
      "I have been ordered by the king to advance together with you. Even if I can't help, I can't go against the king's orders."
      "Hmm, then keep up with me."

      Google translate:
      “I have received orders from the king to march with me."
      "Hmm, then follow me as long as you're not late."
      Those dialogue from this episode.
      Is this enough to answer your question?
      If you still not satisfied.... feel free to your own translation


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