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Thursday, September 15, 2022

DeokuTeima ~ C40


Chapter 40: Bear? Bee?



An hour has passed since I started waiting for the egg to hatch.


I've finished my herbal tea experiment, and now I've just peeled the acorn and put them in water. In real life, they only need to be left for a day.


The egg has already 90% cracked and is about to hatch.


I checked the in-game bulletin board and found that the necessity of attending the hatching is still under debate.


Some said it doesn't matter, while others said it might have something to do with the level of affection in the mask data. Well, unless you're extremely impatient, it seems like it would be better to attend.




"Oh, is it born?"


Orto's voice brings me back to my senses. I stare back at the egg and see that the crack has just circled the egg. The egg and the incubator emit a faint blue-white light.




I can't help but cover my eyes. But still, what kind of monster will be born? Because it is Honey Bee and Little Bear's egg. Is it a bee or a bear? Or is it something completely different?


As the light fades, the eggshell and incubator disappear, becoming glittering grains of light. All that remains is a monster.


"A Bear..."


Is that Little Bear? But the Little Bear introduced on Amimin's page looked like a brown bear cub.


However, this bear in front of me has round eyes and flashy yellow body hair. The yellow bear does not look like a metal bear that might say, "I want to eat honey," but a perfect teddy bear. The monster born from the egg looks like a yellow teddy bear.


It is a little bit bigger than Orto. Even though it is a bear, I don't think it can be the vanguard...


[Servant Magic level has been increased.]


[Enlist level has been increased.]


Oh, so hatching eggs give experience? Well, in a way, it's the biggest action I can take as a tamer. But now my follower magic is at level 10. The number of monsters I can use has increased to 5.


Also, when I reach level 10, I'll be able to use Monster Heal, a recovery technique that's only available to my followers. Sakura and Ortos defense will become even higher.


Oops, now the yellow teddy bear in front of me is more important.


"May I pat you?"




I gently touch its fur. It completely feels like a big stuffed animal. It is fluffy and feels different from Rick's.


"Oooh, new fluffy!"




It's so cute. But it's the appearance that really makes me wonder if it can fight. Anyway, let's try to appraise it.


Name: Undecided                       Race: Honey Bear Basic Lv1

Contractor: Yuuto

HP: 27/27 MP: 18/18 

Strength 10           Constitution 8           Agility 5 

Dexterity 8             Wisdom 4                  Spirit 3

Skills: Charm, Gluttony, Sense of smell, Cultivating, Claw Attack, Climbing, Poison resistance, Fragrance, beekeeping

Equipment: None


I've never seen this monster before. Honey bear? Because it's a combination of Honey Bee and Little Bear? I mean, yellow, bear, and beekeeper, it seems like a perfect combination.


But it's not bad. It has the stats and skills to be a vanguard, and it can do production too.




"Oh, what?"










My followers are talking about something. The bear, in particular, gently places his stuffed hand in my hand and stares up at me. He seems to be trying to tell me something.


"Hmm? What's wrong?"




Is he angry about something next? Oh, I see.


"Could it be a name?"




"Hmm. That's right. Loose...? Winnie...?"


What should I do? I didn't expect such a cute big stuffed animal to be born. I can't use Akakabuto (Red Beetle), the name I had in mind for a bear.


"--Okay, your name is Kumama!"




Oh, he's happy. Just like that? It's okay. A name is an inspiration. The name I like is the best! Because I'm the one who will say it the most.


"All right. Once again, nice to meet you, Kumama."




I pat his head and then his whole body. Kumama doesn't mind being patted, and he stands on his knees and lets me pet him.


Still, he's fluffy. If Rick is a short-haired, squishy velvet-type fluff, Kumama is a slightly thicker, toweling-type fluff.

Like Rick, she smells like the sun. Forget about the common story that the smell of sunshine is the smell of dead mites. This is inside a game, after all.


"Come here!"




I can't take it any longer, so I hug Kumama leans my head on his stomach.


"So cute."


I can't hold back! I buried my face in Kumama's yellow belly hair.






"Oh, such blessing..."


God, this is addicting. I think I can understand Kemoner's feelings.




“―― ……”




Haa! I got a little too excited! Orto and the others are staring at me with enlightened eyes.


Oh my God, my dignity as their master is...


"No, now! Kumama had some beekeeping skill, so let's go get some information!"




“―― ……”




I managed to fool them-- no, not really. Ah, kids! Don't give me that stare! For once, I hate high-performance AI!


Translator's note:


A kemoner is a person who likes kemono (beast/monster).     


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