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KoushaRyouri ~C33

  Chapter 33: The taste of a family       "This is excellent!"   Clavis-san raised his voice when he tasted the cheese pork beans I made.   Sophinie-san is sitting next to him. She looks relaxed.   She feels much better, probably because the pain caused by the curse has been suppressed by the Care Slime candy.   She came out of her room and said she wanted to have breakfast with her family, even though she just got better a few hours ago.   Sophinie-san has been suffering from the curse for a long time. This must be her first family reunion after a long time.   Even if it is only for a short time, the Letivia family's cheerful smiles are back on their faces.   Miss Lilith and Karim-san are also in a good mood.   Their casual family reunion looks a little dazzling to me.   "Hey, hey... Luciel-kun."   Mildy-san speaks to me.   This breakfast is also a send-off party for the knights who will challenge the tria

Infinite Gacha: Ch 2 - Ep50 Nemumu's Story

  Side Story 2 Infinite Gacha:  Ch 2 - Ep50 Nemumu's Story     --One day. Nemumu has returned to Naraku. She's working as an adventurer to assist Raito in the surface world.   "So, Nemumu-sama! Did you sleep in a tent with Raito-sama?"   "Yes, I thought it was disrespectful. But Raito-sama said, Nemumu and Gold never had this experience, right? This is part of your training to be an adventurer in the surface world. So we slept in the tent together, taking turns to do night watch."   "I, iii, I'm jealous! I am so jealous!"   In the cafeteria inside Naraku, Nemumu is chatting with 4 fairy maids who are also on their off day. Today Raito has to return to Naraku to do some paperwork and other miscellaneous tasks. So today, Nemumu and Gold also get a day off.   She also wants to be with Raito-sama for as long as possible. Still, the environment in Naraku is much better than on the surface world. She can enjoy deliciou