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Thursday, August 11, 2022

KoushaRyouri ~C29


Chapter 29: Dragon Eye





"It's like a miracle."


Mildy-san and Richil-san's eyes widened.


The retainers of the Letivia family are cheering around them.


"Be quiet..."


The dignified voice came from a gray-haired old man.


He is tall and slender and looks elegant as he stands there.


Maybe he is an ex-soldier. His shoulders are broad, and he has a laceration scar under his chin. His tailcoat matches him perfectly, and his piercing brown eyes can be seen through his glasses.




"Mansion Chief...!"


The old butler glares at the retainers who still open their mouths.


He silenced the retainers with a single glare.


Apparently, he is the chief butler in this family.


Clavis-san appeared from the side of the room.


He slowly approaches the bed and speaks to the lady.




"Oh... Thank goodness."


Clavis-san holds Sophinie-san's hand and kisses it lightly.


His hand is trembling with joy.


"Lilith helped me----."


"It seems so."


Clavis-san pulls the still stunned Miss Lilith closer and kisses her forehead.


"Well done, Lilith."


He gently strokes his daughter's blonde hair.


Miss Lilith shakes her head and looks at me.


Her blue eyes stare at me, and I can't help but gasp.


"Thanks to you too, Luciel-kun. Thanks to your recovery magic."


"No, it was because Miss Lilith was determined to help the lady. I only helped her out."


"What exactly did you do? Looked like Lilith had put something into her mouth?"


Karim-san asked.


"Oh. That was something you may have heard of...... That was slime. The slime candy."


「「「「 Eeh! 」」」」


People around them were surprised.


The retainers and the lady are also surprised.


But the man called Venson-san seemed to have heard about the candy.


As he strokes his white beard, he gives a small nod.


"I had heard about it, but I didn't realize that a candy made from magical beasts could really cure my Lady's illness."


"Yeah. I am also surprised. I didn't expect my wish would be granted so soon....."


Clavis-san gulped.


"Clavis-san's wish?"


"Mm. Don't you remember? When I first met you, I said."



"I invite you to my home for a reason. I need your help."


That reminds me.


I had forgotten that Clavis-san invited me here for a reason.


"Now, my wish has been granted."


"Does that mean you wanted me to cure your wife's illness?"


When I ask that question, Clavis-san nods.


Then Karim-san explains further.


"As I said at the foot of the mountain, we had no knowledge about your powers. That includes the skill you gave to Fletty and his team and the medicine you used to heal Mildy."


When I asked him the details, he explained that his wife's illness was an incurable disease that couldn't be cured by any renowned doctor or pharmacist.


Apparently, Clavis-san has sent people to look for the cure. But in the end, they could not find it.


"Then you showed up, Luciel-kun. The medicine you gave Mildy is something that we didn't know about. We came to you with the hope that you could help us."


"But don't get me wrong. I went to see you also because I heard your story and was interested in your character. I didn't only go to see you for your knowledge."


Clavis-san added a follow-up.


I shake my head.


"No, I am not bothered about that. Anyway, it was because you overestimated me. But there is one thing I must tell you."


"What is it?"


"Your wife's illness hasn't been cured yet."


After I said this, cold air flowed through the room. It is as if the temperature in the room had dropped a few degrees.


Everyone's faces turned pale.


Both Miss Lilith and the Duchess couldn't hide their shock.


"No way! Even though Sophinie looks so stable."


Unusually, Clavis-san raised his voice.


It was Sophinie who stopped him.


"Dear... Maybe what Luciel said is true."




"Somehow, I know. My chest is still aching. Right now, it's being suppressed by that...... slime candy, but it will probably... return."




Clavis-san holds his head. Miss Lillis also hugs Sophinie-san.


The atmosphere is heavy.


I am aware of this atmosphere, but I continue my story without hiding anything.


It is more important to clearly convey the facts than to give people false hope.


"Unfortunately, I have to say that is true. What I gave her was Care Slime. It stimulates wound regeneration but can only slow down the symptoms of illnesses and poisons."


"So, if we keep feeding her that candy, will it suppress the symptoms for the time being?"


"That is possible. But I don't think it will cure the disease."


"As Luciel-kun said, Father. It won't solve the root of the problem."


"I see..."


After hearing Karim-san's words, Clavis-san hung his head in disappointment.


Yes. It is true that if we feed her the Care Slime candy regularly, the pain caused by the illness can be suppressed.


But if we use it too often, her body will likely develop a resistance to it.


If the Care Slime and painkillers can no longer suppress the pain, the next time an attack occurs, Sophinie-san's body may not be able to handle it.


Miss Lilith comes into my field of vision. Her blue eyes are wet, and I can almost hear sobs from her trembling lips.


Richil-san's, Mildy-san's, and the retainers' faces also looked sad.


As I thought, I couldn't just let it go like this.


After all, they had come to ask for my help.


"Clavis-san, would you allow me to examine Sophinie-san?"


"I wouldn't mind that, but....."


Saying this, Clavis-san looked at Karim-san.


"The doctors and I have used [appraisal] so many times, but we couldn't find the cause."


"Then, I will use [Dragon Eye]."


"Dragon, [Dragon Eye]...!"


"That skill is higher than [Appraisal]...! Luciel-kun, do you have that legendary skill that could only be obtained by making a contract with a dragon?"


I silently nod and stand in front of Sophinie-san.


"Please stay still."


"Yes... Please help me."


Sophinie-san closes her eyes.


I use the [Dragon's Eye].



Sophinie Gran Letivia

Age            Race               Status

41               Elf                   Slightly bad


[Strength] F           [Strength] F               [Speed] D

[Magic] C               [Intelligence] B         [Luck] E



[Fire] [Recovery] [Mist]



We can get about this much information by using Appraisal.


But with [Dragon Eye], I can get more detailed information.


"More details about 'Slightly Bad' status."


I increase my magic power.


Then words appeared in my field of vision.


[The subject is currently under a high-level curse but is being suppressed by a powerful sedative medicine. However, there is a risk of death if the curse strikes again.]



"So it's a curse...."


Actually, I have a feeling that is the case.


I increase my magic power on [Dragon's Eye] even more.


"More details on the high-level curse."


[A dragon or comparable creature's curse was likely used.]


Just as I thought.


Perhaps this is the [Dragon Fang's Curse].


It's the same illness I was suffering from.





  1. My guess is it has to do with being born while under the curse and of the Sword Saint bloodline that he became as OP as he did! He was his bitch demon stepmother's "miscalculation" as she assumed he'd died in seconds when abandoned and only saw his birth, even if born weak as a minor sidetrack! Boy would she be pissed that she just created her races final doom after all the planning they did! (Bad enough after everything the gods got in the way and they lost everything but the nation they build with the traitorous humans!) Maybe this is a connection to someone connected to the witch (or the witch herself still active! I want her to be a demon and be alive just to feel livid when she see's MC again! Good part of him becoming a child again is she's the only one who would recognize him on SIGHT!)

  2. Excuse me , but the Status read Strength stat Twice..
    Is it a Typo?


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